Friday, April 29, 2011

Like a diamond in the sky, how I wonder

Man being home all day long drains the life right out of you! Here I thought I would have much more energy to do the things that NEED to be done. Boy was I wrong. I don't even wanna get up off this couch. I think the couch has life draining powers. Ha! Here it is Friday and not one thing has gotten done. I too have noticed the week goes by so much faster. I mean this shouldn't be anything new I was a sahm for many years but I guess I just forgot. I did more when I worked. I must change that. Starting today.

Must mention the Royal Wedding. There I did. Honestly don't know what the hype is all about nor do I care. If I lived in England (and I myself am 1/4 British) maybe I would care more. I don't. My daughter said she thought it was neat to have a queen and wished we had one. I think it is neat as in fairytale neat but I like that we don't have to have the same person mucking up our government. I mean we have someone different to do that every 4 years or so lol! No but really you don't get to choose your king or queen. You are stuck. Maybe that is a good thing? Cant blame the voters for who they have...Hahaha oh well whatever.

New cupcakes made this weekend. Irish car bomb cupcakes. They are super moist. They are a huge hit for adults. I personally think they are ok. I can taste the alcohol and to me that is no bueno. It has baileys Irish cream in it and stout beer. I left out the whiskey.

The baileys is in the frosting and the ganache. It doesn't cook out. Not a whole lot for 24 cupcakes. You can sure taste it tho. If I was to make them for just me I would cut down the baileys (the recipe I had used 8 tbs hubby wanted me to use all 8 so I did). I HIGHLY recommend for adult parties. Like I said they are super moist and everyone has loved them so far.

My next cupcake adventure will be the Boston creme pie ones for Mothers day. I cant wait for those because I LOVE Boston creme pie. I hope they turn out delish.

On the crafty front I have managed to get one page done. It was for a GCD assignment. I will share a little peek with ya.I have been slacking on my 15 mins a day and my girl cave is FULL of spiders AGAIN! I went out there with my cousin the other day and we both got the creeps. I need to figure out a solution...Maybe tear it down and build new?! Hahaha gotta win that lottery first.

Oh I did play too. Didn't win of course. I will not give up. Off to buy 2 more tickets bahahahaha!


Crystal said...

yup you cant win if you don't play..Cousin Ihad a lovely time at your house doing nothing but yapping. I suppose if I ever want to scrap with you I need to go to a crop with you LOL

kim c said...

i hate it when i zone out at home. sometimes when i have a long to-do list, my brain just shuts down and nothing gets done. oh well.

those cupcakes look so freaking sinful. don't think they would are weight watcher approved though.

have a great weekend.