Monday, March 31, 2008

Says they all know her name...

So today has been busy! Trying to get the kids on insurance and take my daughter to the dr because I believe she has a uti. UGH! I hope i can this fixed soon. My poor little one. Her birthday party was this weekend.Instead of the traditional cake we bought a big cookie cake from Mrs Fields. As for gifts we gave her the handheld leapster for her pressie along with a princess game. SHE is a real life princess no joke. No one could tell her differently. Here she is...

I cant believe she is already 6! AGH the time goes way to fast!

Some cool news...I made a fav over at scrapjacked! That's pretty neat. I didn't win but I lost to a totally awesome chickadee. Melissa. Her layout was beautiful! I knew right when i saw it she was gonna win. I'm so glad she did.

New mojo is going up in 5 days so stay tuned for that one. I have a little scrappyness to share so here we go.

The inside is on my sis gallery. I didn't wanna bog down my blogger with the pics.

This is of my cousin and myself playing dress up. Check out the blue eye shadow! LOL!

Ok my secret is out...My first name is Opal and my middle name is Marie. I haven't went by Marie since the 5th grade when my mom asked what name I wanted to go by. I happily said Marie because I was teased to no end with opal. Of course my family still calls me Opal but everyone else in the world calls me Marie. I don't mind Opal as much now but it just seems weird when ppl call me that who aren't in the little Opal circle lmao! Anyway I did this for my girl Fauve and her awesome inspiration blog. I love the movie and had to participate.

Have you seen the Scrap For a Cure peaks for april!?! YUMMY! I cant wait for this..

I think that will do for now...Only 9 more days till my 1 year bloggerversary! YAY! I am gonna start putting together some cool stuff to rak. Hope you will all join me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You been struck by a smooth criminal

So today I feel blah. I really have no reason to feel blah I just feel blah. I hate when I get in these weird moods. Maybe because my husband and I have been talking about the past and things that Id rather just bury and forget. That's the only reason I can think of for feeling the way I feel. Anyway how was your Easter?

Ours was nice. A little smaller then usual. Seems like our family becomes smaller and smaller every year. Someone moves away or someone passes away :( Last week seemed to be so filled and this week is too. My grandmother was in a car accident. Her sugar went down to 40, she ran 2 stop signs and rear ended someone. She has a few broken ribs and a broken ego I think. I've told her time and time again she should not be driving. I live far away so I couldn't help take her anywhere. I'm just glad she is ok and that no one else was hurt.

Then I was sick or still am really. I don't feel as bad as I did but the nose is real stuffy. I managed to scrap a lot last night. I kinda hate doing it because my desk is sooooo messy now. I had just cleaned it the day before Easter! GRRR! I need a bigger house lol! I would just make a bigger mess I'm sure!

Ive been taking a class with Kerry Lynn...Man that woman is talented! I am so enjoying myself. She has inspired me to do all kinds of things...Here is some of them.

She really inspired me to use my sewing machine on this one.

and this one.

This one is all inspired by her. You should see the one she made. I love it.. On flickr Celine made this a fav! I mean that made my day because that girls got mad skills.

Here are some other pages I have done...

Whew there is a lot i hadn't shared. I am hoping to have at least a couple hundred layouts done by the end of the year...It would be awesome if it was like 500 but I don't know if that will happen. As of right now I have 70 from the beginning of the year till now. Hmmm maybe. I doubt it. LOl!

Well not to much longer and I will get to announce my BIG news!!! I cant wait! Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Never find a love like this...

Mojo 11 is up and its a fun one! I encourage you all to go check it out. The girls of course did an amazing job. They always do. Here is my take on it...

And some other stuff Ive done over the last week or so...

Elsie and Rachel both made this their favs on FLICKR! How cool is that!

I am so sooo sooo sick! BLah! I hope it passes soon I have so much to do. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was a very nice day. I bought some cool stuff.

Thanks to Martha who posted this pretty lil bird stand that I HAD to have.

Well while I was in my fav store I found a couple more things I HAD to have. This being one of them...

Love it! Its gonna go on my desk. Not that there is any room for it! I hope to one day own a large old victorian and have my own room with wood floors...Hey I can dream cant i? So wish me luck and pray for me girls! Anything is possible!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Somebodys Heine is crowdin my ice box.

Ok I really have a lot to share but have been just blah to share anything on this blog. I don't know whats wrong with me really...I get that way... BLurg I hate feeling like that. Anyway I do have some pretty exciting news! One is that I was asked by Scrap For A Cure to be on the dt! YIPEE! Love those girls! They are so super awesome! I cant share the other as of yet. Sorry!

Last week was hectic I took Ronnie's Aunt to the Dr because she was sick and she ended up in the er. So crazy. So I spent all day Tuesday in the er and then all day wed at the doc and getting prescriptions. YIKES! She is doing much better now tho.

My Mom planned a trip to S.f. for my birthday (my real bday is tmw the 16th). Just Me and her. It was wonderful. We didn't bring a map...Big mistake! I know I've been there at least 30 times but do you think I remember how to get to anything! NOOOOO! So we went to the pier..Took some pics walked around then ate at the rain forest cafe.

OMG Hollywood Usa has the cutest shirts...I wanted to take a pic but was to afraid. One said I hella ♥ San Francisco and then this one...

The other was something about cali and gangster but I cant remember it! GRRR! I must have them!

Then we decided to try to find China town. I drove around and around and figured ok Let's park here it's only 10.00 all day (that was on Harrison st). We will walk to Mission st. Little did I know Mission st was 9 blocks away. We start walking got about a block and It began to rain. I mean pour! We were under a awning and decided to run back to the car and sit and wait it out. We waited for about 20 mins and the rain stopped. We headed down 3rd street again... We finally get to Mission walk down stop at the cartoon museum and look around. I decide well Market is only a couple of blocks lets walk down Market. There were no vendors out. So I said well I don't think China Town is to far lets walk up Kearney and see...UH Yeah boy was I wrong. 11 MORE blocks! All in all it was probably about 2 miles one way but my goodness it seemed like 10! For a big girl that is a lot to walk!

There are more on my flickr so go check them out if you like. I am soooooo sore! I was gonna go to expo today to help out the girls from Scrap For A Cure and just couldn't hardly move! BOOOO!

I also took pics of my scrap room...

Lots more of those on my flickr.

And last but not least I was tagged by Kristi and Nikki so here it is...

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I don't like my food to touch and I usually eat one thing first then move on to the next thing on my plate. So veggies then meat then bread type thing.

2. Ive been with Ronnie for 15 yrs but only married for almost a year.

3. I break out in song a LOT. My own personal soundtrack to my life.

4. I love sour stuff and salt...Bad.

5. I'm not good at thinking on the spot but give me a day or two and I have some witty come backs.

6. I'm messy.

7. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

There ya go. I tag...Well since I feel like everyone I know has been tagged if you haven't then I tag you. I know that's a the easy way out but seriously EVERYONE has been tagged.

Hope you are having a wicked wonderful week all!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lets shed some tears of joy

Well the new Mojo challenge is up...I think everyone of course should go check it out. I had major fun with this challenge. The month of march is Dr.Seuss month! YIPEE! Here is my take.

OMG did you watch Lost?!?! YUM! Loved it! I totally think Vee is right now. Has to be Michael. No doubt about it. I'm so confused lol! I don't know what the heck they were doing at that chemical plant and what Ben's intentions are. I seem to not think as much as I use to about the hidden things on Lost. Like when it first started hubby and I record it on dvr and we would go thru the whole show and slow it down and look for little clues. But I guess since the whole nbr thing has been kinda on the back burner we don't really do that anymore. I cant wait till next week!

Ok who watches American Idol? Who was sad that Danny left? I knew it was gonna happen because America isn't ready for that much gayness. Sad but true. He had talent and I don't think he shoulda went home yet. I do have to say David A is my fav along with Carly s. I think they are a lot of ppls favs. I see them as the top 2.

I did this for OLW challenge...I had something completely different in my head when I read the word time on the blog. I was going to scrap my friend Alison's Obit. It has been on my desk now for 2 years I come across it and tuck it away here and there...Well this time I don't know where I tucked it away to. Grrr I hate when I do that and believe me I do that a lot. So I decided to type out my feelings about the people I have lost and how I felt that time really doesn't heal all wounds at least not the ones in my heart...Here is that page.

It's not a great page but it does get some feeling out that I have...It reads..

"It seems that at least one of my loved ones is on my mind everyday. Something will make me thing of them. The kids doing something silly and I would think of Linda and how I wished she was there to see it. My key not working every time I go to unlock the door, I cant help but laugh and think of Alison. When I talk to my grandma a pain in my heart reminds me my grandfather is no longer here. Yes I don't cry all day like I use to and I don't feel like my heart is breaking every min of the day but the wounds will never be healed. Not fully anyway. They only grow scabs that I cont to pick at. I miss them all very dearly."

So there it is. I hope your weekend is wonderful! Hug a loved one today because you never know what the future holds!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Well it wouldve been couldve been...

The new Mojo Girls are up and posted! YIPEE! They are all fab and am so happy to work with them!!! I love them all. They are oh so talented and wonderful! Love ya girls!

Oh my did u watch lost?? WOW! I loved it!!! I truly loved it! Vee said she thinks Michael is the spy on the boat...I think she is right! I never thought of that but that sounds like a great guess!!

I haven't done much scrappin lately...Been in a slump kinda. I did a few pages and our mojo challenge coming up...Will post that in a few days.

My scrapbook adventure journal..

The rest of the pages you can see on my Flickr if you'd like.

This page of my son Aeden inspired by Joann Te Raa who is sooo awesome and lovely and sweet! Love her and her work!

I got my scrapperie kit and OH MY GOODNESS it was beautiful!!!! I just kept looking at it and looking at it. Love it! I know i say that a lot but seriously this kit is gorgeous! Love the book that Sandi made! Yes MADE! She inspired me to make a new fabric book so look out for that. I'll have a ton to share from this kit. I think most of it is going to be stuff I make my mom for mothers day...I usually am a super slacker when it comes to making her pressies so I thought why not start early! They are also doing a jam packed march madness cool thing there...So stop by there is raks to be had and challenges to be done!

Other good news Ronnie has had some wonderful stuff happen that we have been waiting for but I don't know if he wants me to blab all over the Internet so ill just say THANK YOU JESUS! He is going today to take his entrance exam and hopefully be on his way to start a new career. I really admire him because I know how hard it is to do something so new and scary. This is man is soo smart and like I've said many times he can do WHATEVER he wants to do. I truly believe that.

My bday is coming up in a week or so (sigh). I will no longer be able to say I am only 30...Nope I will be DUN DUN DUN....31! eek!!!! Blah! I hate it! I'm hoping to get a screen printing kit so hubs and I can start our own "paper line" so to speak. We will see. I also want a new camera and a new laptop lol! I know high hopes.

That's all for now! Hope your weekend was fab and the start of the week is going wonderfully!