Thursday, November 5, 2009

You better wise up.

Yesterday was my sons Birthday. I had an appt so I was gone most of the day. We didn't get very good news so it really put a damper on my whole day...Scratch that, whole year. I went and bought him some cookies for his class and dropped those off and bought some cupcakes for all of us here at home to celebrate. Yes I know *gasp* they weren't homemade! LOL! When you have 4 kids and 3 of them are born around the holidays you tend to slack off a little. I asked my son Aeden (who turned 6 btw) what he wanted for his birthday. He had been telling me months prior that he wanted a bunny with a cage and carrots. Yeah not gonna happen kid. Anyway I asked him yesterday what he wanted and thought for sure I was gonna have to give the whole bunnys need care and we cant afford to feed it right now (and daddy hates animals lol) speech. To my surprise he said "You can get me anyding you want." I said what? Are you sure? He looked up at me and shook his head with all the sincerity in the world. I was sooo shocked that this kid didn't have one thing he totally wanted. I tried to give him suggestions and after running thru a list and him listening he said it again. Gotta love the little things that make your day.

I have so much to do this weekend. Friday is suppose to be my sisters bachelorette party. Sat is my son's birthday party and then Sunday is my Monstrosity class. UGH! So busy. Then next weekend I got a crop on Friday and my sisters rehearsal dinner on sat. Busy busy. Not to mention things that need to get done at my house for guests that are coming to visit. My husband just ripped out part of the carpet in our office because bad kittens have been peeing on the side of it. We were going to rip it out anyway but just never got around to it. We have lovely (ok not so lovely) hardwood floors underneath.

I have kittens running around EVERYWHERE I soooo need to give them a good home. Sadly one has bad back legs and can't walk around very well. He is gonna have to stay with me. I know no one will take him and I don't want to put him down just because his legs are bad. He is my Tiny Tim.

On to some scrappyness. I made a few projects for Dia De Los Muertos and I really love the little altered tin. I think it is one of my fav things I have made in a while. I am going to post a tutorial hopefully around mondayish. We shall see.

These skulls were made from dollar store plastic skulls. It was actually my husbands idea.

Oh and Mojo went up! Loved this prompt. I think Melissa came up with it. She is wicked cool. Did you know Mojo has been around for over 2 years now? Yep! Here is my take on the challenge.

I need to take a new pic because it is hard to see the details and I re-sized it pretty small. Boo. The girls did a fab job on this prompt. You have to check out all they did and play along.

I have so much stuff I need to share. I am trying to do the make something everyday thing that Julie is talking about. I mean it cant hurt right? I skipped yesterday tho. I hopefully can get back on track today. Want to make some stuff for my etsy and hopefully make a few extra bucks lol! We shall see.

Halloween was a hoot. We went to a fab haunted house and my lil ones screamed their little hearts out. I didn't think we were going to get thru it. I had to drag them. They wanted to go. I think next year they will think twice. Of course after they were home it was all talk about how cool it was and blah blah. It really was cool and they do it every year. No charge! I wish I was able to put one on. My husband and I live for that kind of stuff. Ah well someday. I posted some pics on my facebook. Here are a few of my favs.

Till next time my friends.