Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lets have some fun this beat is sick

Happy New year! How was yours? Mine I fell asleep because I had to work my new job that day. My day starts at 4 am and I didn't get a chance when I came home to take a nap. We were watching 9 and I fell asleep. I had seen it at the theaters so it wasn't that big of a deal but still I tried to stay awake lol. Hubby was kind enough to let me sleep and wake me up at 11:45. Even tho I fell asleep for an hour it was a lovely new years. My dad came by for a while and we had a ton of snacks. Kids had a great time too.

I am hoping this year will be 100x better then 2009. It seems to be starting out better but we shall see. How cynical right? I try not to be. BTW my Christmas was wonderful! My hubby bought me my much needed wedding ring. Surprised me with it. It is beautiful. I had to go get it resized and when I got it out Thursday I just kept staring at it. It is soooo big. 3/4 ctw. I love it. Of course I got some awesome clothes that i was sooo in desperate need of and The Beatles rockband for our ps3.

My husband truly has been spoiling me lately. Since I started this new (crappy) job he has been amazing. Makes my lunch for work and leaves me little love notes in it every day. Makes dinner for the kids and sooo many other things. The best part is how much he loves me and showers me with hugs and kisses every day. I know barf right? After almost 17 years of being together I have to brag. I mean there isn't a lot of people out there that have been together THAT long that are still in love like we are. I am proud.

Alright I will stop torturing you with all that sappyness. LOL! I took Raven to see New moon AGAIN. Yes WE love twilight. I know I know. I resisted for so long but I must say when the movie was being made I had seen some clips on it and didn't know what it was. I had really wanted to see it. Then I found it was this whole twilight thing and kinda thought oh great! Never mind. Watched it and really really really liked it. Now I am reading the books and they are freakin fabulous. I'm hooked.

I am going to see Sherlock Holmes today with hubby, Daughter 1 and son 2. They are excited. It looks really wonderful. I hope it delivers. I went out last night with hubby and played some Texas hold em. I was doing really good was even in first place then got all my chips taken. In the end I was in 2nd place when I left. To bad it wasn't real money. LOL! I don't think I could play for real money. I don't like to gamble. My cousin and I always said if they made a slot machine that had scrapbook supplies coming out we would soooo be there lol!

I haven't done not one damn crafty thing since I started my job. I am sooo longing to make something beautiful. The kids got me this cool calendar and it has sewing ideas for each day. That is one of my goals for this year at least try to make half of the projects in this cool ass calendar. I m hoping to start on that one tmw. My other goals for 2010 are; 1. count calories...I don't need to lose anymore weight but I am terrified of gaining it back. I figure if I keep track of what I put in my body I will have a greater chance of keeping this weight off. Oh and to date I have lost 190lbs. 2. Get my living room up to par. I want to fix, paint and spruce up that tiny space. It has to get done this time around. It WILL get done this time around damn it! 3. Save up and plan for a trip to Disneyland with family. 4. Show my love to my family more especially my husband. 5. CREATE CREATE CREATE.

What is your goals for this year? How was ur new year? Christmas?


Thursday, December 3, 2009

What were all the dreams we shared...

Hello friends. I think my brain is working faster then my fingers. I keep making mistake after mistake. Anywhoo I made a video of me making my tin but I HATE it! I am tempted to make a new one but I don't think I can do a better job so maybe I should just post it in all its ugoness and bad sound. We shall see...

My goal is to get 25 handmade ornaments on my blog and links or tutorials on how to do them. After all this is the season for sharing. Right? I have one felt one almost finished and many many more in the works. For now here are some I actually started before thanksgiving.

This is another tin. I call it Christmas in my pocket. I think this is my new fav thing to make. So fun and easy...says me anyway.

Made this ornament and gave it to my cousin because she really liked it. You can get those little tins at the dollar store. 3 for 1.00 they make great handmade gifts.

I went to the girls night out crop a few Fridays ago and had a wonderful time. Ginger, Diane, Crystal, and Kristi were all there. Woot! Love scrapin with those ladies. It is soo cool when you meet people on the internet become friends and actually get to hang out with them IRL. My cousin and I tried our hand at a jar scene. Holly totally inspired me with hers and just made me want to do it even more. I wanted to light mine up tho and talked to my cousin. She went and bought a glass drill bit and we began on our adventure. It took us FOREVER to drill a hole into the pickle jar. It wouldn't have been so bad if the bit was bigger but it wasn't big enough for the lights to fit in we had to kinda drill the sides until it got bigger. NOT FUN! Here is the finished jar.

Then I made a small one that doesn't light up. I wanted a place for my little dear that has been sitting in my junk for over a year now.

He IS a little creepy but cute. Love it. The next GNO crop is Dec 11th. Come crop with me!