Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When you find you, come back to me.

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my last post. Things are never as bad as they seem and I was just wishing I could share details of my life here but knowing I couldn't. I appreciate all you who actually take the time to read my words and leave me wonderful words in return. It really makes my day.

This Sat we had a little shindig for my husband. He turned 40 as you may or may not have read in the last post. It was him and his 2 best friends he has known since he was a child. We all hung out and they had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed their antics. They made me laugh. Got some great pics I posted a few on my facebook if you wanna check them and all the shenanigans.

Hubby and I went to go see Legion Sunday night. It was excellent. I really love going to the movies with my husband. Truly is the highlight of my weekend. There are many many movies that I must see.

I have been a scrappin queen as of late. Made a few Valentines decorations for my house. I never decorate for Vday but have wanted to for a long time. Here is what I've got done so far.

I bought this little wooden heart thing at the dollar tree. I didnt know what I was gonna do with it and almost passed it by but thought no there has to be something I can make out of it. I didnt want to do the same old paint job so I decided instead to glimmer mist it. Easy and the look is pretty. I glittered the wings and made the flower out of cupcake liners. I need a million cupcake liners now. :)

This frame I also found at the dollar tree. It was a shadow box-ish type frame. I knew I wanted to do something with it for the badgirls blog and it had to be romantic. This is what I ended up with. I really like how it turned out and it looks very sweet on my fireplace.

Lastly is my banner. This is going to go above my fireplace on the mirror since it is smaller then what I usually make. I made it very shabby chic. For some reason when I think valentines stuff I think shabby/vintage. I like it and am now just wondering what else I can create lol! You can see close ups and details on my facebook.

I am currently working on a small Valentines day tin (like my others), the next Mojo prompt, and something fun and exciting! I will be able to share the news on friday. Until then here is a peek of whats coming.

Have to mention I am super jealous of all the girls at CHA. Wish I coulda made it out there. *sigh* Someday I guess. Someday. There is soo many cool new things coming out that I really really want. Guess I better keep my job eh? lol!

TTFN my bloggity friends!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why, oh why can't I.

As I sit and think on what I want to type, my only wish is to be real. To let you come into my world. To share every detail of my life with you. As much as I would like to be candid like that...I cant. I wish I could say I don't care what other people think. I cant. I wish I could say I don't mind being judged. I cant. I CAN however share a few things in my life. A few things that make me sad. That make me who I am. My children and my husband are my world. My saving grace. My everything. We have been through it all together. Today was a rough day. Work, crisis, worry, frustration, more frustration. I got through it. I survived. It wasn't as bad as it could be or has been or will ever be. It was mild to say the least, but it was. I hope that when life hands YOU days like mine that you get through them and that you have someone who loves and adores you to hold your hand through it all.

My husbands birthday is today! Woot! He is 40. Happy birthday my best friend, soul mate, my knight. Without him I would be lost.

We went and saw 2 movies. Youth In Revolt and Lovely Bones both were 3 out of 5 stars. Not great but not bad.

Ok enough with the deep, mushy, serious stuff. On to the fun crafty goodness. I cleaned my desk, organized it a bit, then scrapped my little heart out. Well as much I could find time for. I joined in with Kristi and MJ over at Everything Scrapp'n for their all weekend crop. Really inspired me. Here is what I accomplished over the weekend.

My husband and myself on one of our many date nights at the movie theater. We stop at the photo booth every once in a while and snap a few. Love doing that.

One of my most fav little spots in my most fav city. Musee Mecanique in S.F.

Door hanger.

This is my gradmothers granfather. Not sure his name or if it is really him. The reason I say that is because grandma wasn't sure either lol!

I have been in a crafty mood and just haven't had the time to do anything about it. I hope to craft some more before this all goes away. I got happy mail and I should get more. Can't wait. I really really need to get some pics printed out.

Speaking of pics here are my photos from self portrait tues.

I also have some fun eating bug pics to share and some wicked cool scrappy news to announce but I think I will save those till next time. Till then! Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

If you're wondering if I want you to...I want you to.

One of my New Year resolutions was to try to be a good blogger. So far so good. We shall see how long it lasts. I am watching A.I. with hubby. Sad to hear Simon is leaving next season because he is the only one who has a brain or a opinion that is real. I don't think I will be watching it next season. We shall see.

I went on a crop with my cousin friday and the scrap store had the 7 gypsies printer artist trays. I really wanted one but at 20.00 bucks for something that wasn't even wood I just couldn't break down and buy it. I made a trip to my local dollar tree and wouldn't you know it I found something similar...

I about jumped up and down in the store. I bought 2 of them. Hubby said I wouldn't make anything with them so of course I had to prove him wrong. I told him "all I have to say to you is Boooya honey." When I showed him the finish product. LOL!

I made the catwalk with this little beauty. Woot woot! I really liked making it. I am thinking of buying 4 sticking them together to make one big one. We shall see how that turns out.

I have seen sooo many beautiful things to inspire me lately. Thank god for the internet. It makes me want to lock myself in a room and just create. Sadly work and life gets in the way of that. I did start on a book that I am really excited about. I hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head.

What is up with all the spam comments lately? It is soo freakin ridiculous! UGH!
On that note I must be off. Work is calling my name and sadly I must answer promptly. Have a wonderful weekend blogger friends!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe in the future youre gonna come back

Well I have a few crafty pages to share. Sadly they were started months back but the other day I sat her and it took me all of 5 mins to finish them lol! Here those are.

I have been super inspired but just no time really to do what I want. Of course the vision in my head is 100x better then what will actually come out. That is usually how it happens anyway. I am gonna (hopefully) start on a little book for Valentines day. Something special for someone special. I am really excited about it.

I ordered me some scrappy happiness. It has been a long long time since I got happy mail. I am really looking forward to that. Subbed to Kenner Road too. Woot woot! I ♥ me some Kerry and her kits. Can't wait for that one to come. The peek makes my heart skip a beat.

I took a self portrait for FB the other day. I kinda like the pic but I hate the background. I am actually smiling with my teeth lol! Don't really like to do that because my teeth arent pretty like I'd like them to be. I do love clothes and shoes and necklaces and hats and love to show them off lol! Now that I am thinner it is fun to get dressed up. I DEF have more pics of me now then ever. Sad but true.

Sherlock Holmes was pretty good. I was expecting more but it was nice to go see a movie with my 2 oldest littles.

The next day hubby and I went and saw Its Complicated.

Man was that a good movie. Seriously laugh out loud funny. I want to see it again.I love going to the movies with my husband. The best time ever.

Kids are fighting over if boys are better then girls and vice versa. Fun time in the Ramirez household! Off to watch shows and referee. Till next time my lovely blogger friends.