Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tonight we drink to you

Feb has approached like a speeding train. Why oh why does time continue to go so fast but yet so slow lol! I know that probably didn't make much sense. In my weight loss it seems like I have been doing this forever...8 months on the 6th and I have lost a total of 113 lbs. I have been keeping a food journal and been doing more exercise. I looked at my before pic the other day and almost fell out of my chair! How is it that we see ourselves a certain way then come out of the fog and see the true us? I fooled myself for so many years in thinking "I m not that big"...Boy was I wrong! I am very thankful for this surgery and the life it has given me back. This addiction was and is a tough one to kick.

On to some really cool news. I applied to be a garage girl...If you don't know there is this cool store in Freemont run by a super cool lady named Suzy West. I am sure you know her one way or another. She is so funny and sweet. I am super excited to work with her and all the dt. My lovely friends Kerry Lynn and Nikki teach there! I miss them. Haven't seen any of the girls (ginger, Diane,) in a while now and I need my scrapn girls day fix. I hope to make it out there this Friday to pick up my assignments.

I wish I had some scrappyness to share...But alas I have none. I am working on the next mojo. I'll have that one up the 20th. I will however leave you with a pic my cousin took of my son and I.

Yep that's how I roll! Have a wonderful week!