Monday, August 31, 2009

Boom boom boom!

Ok so I have a whole other post written and just waiting for my lazy butt to upload the pictures. I will eventually do that but the key word up there is lazy butt lol!

This is a quick post to let you all know I have climbed back on the scrappin horse once again. Suzy's closed and that kind of did me in. I was already fallin off the horse but hanging on for Suzy..then got news she was closing I kinda just let go and fell. I am glad to say tho I am back in full force.

So I am teaching a class here in stockton. Remember my boo banner? Well we are gonna make that on Sept 19th at 1 pm! The cost is 20.00! We will be using the errie line from basic grey so it will be a little different and as soon as it comes in I will post a pic of the new banner but for now here is the one I made last year.

If you are interested email me at and I will give you all the further info.Oh if you can not make it there will be kits with instructions so let me know!

Tata for now lovelies!