Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I know this room I've walked this floor

Ok so I was playing around trying to take a new pic for Mojo and it didnt turn out how i wanted but I still love this one. It is hard to take a pic of yourself with one hand and get your glitter stash straight lol!

BTW Thanks girls for all the feedback on the banner. I now want to make one for Christmas but I am sure you will all be sick of looking at banners lol! I want to take that one down and start decorating for Christmas already. How bad is that? I hate when people rush Christmas but this year it is me! Bahh humbug!

I even have been watching Christmas shows. Here is my Christmas show check list.

A Christmas Story *you'll shoot your eye out kid!*
A Christmas Vacation
A Claymation Christmas
Garfield's Christmas
A Mickey's Christmas Carol
A Muppet's Christmas Carol
Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer (the old one I have the box set with frosty and Santa clause is coming to town oh and little drummer boy)
Jingle All The Way
Deck The Halls
White Christmas *Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye*
Holiday Inn *Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire*
emmitt otter's jug band Christmas
The Santa Clause 1,2 & 3
Fred Clause

I watched The Perfect Holiday (not that great), This Christmas (pretty good!) and Surviving Christmas (not bad). Got any movies that you must see this time of year?

On to scrap stuff. I had a pile of about 10 layouts that were almost finished. I would set them aside and then forget about them. Last night I decided to finish up some of them. Here they are.

My cousins great grandmother...Her name was LUCY FUR! Say it fast...Yeah sad! LOL!

My sister Janna. She is so crazy. I love scrappin her pics. I'm not thrilled with these pages but they are ok.

AGh blogger is making me so mad! It is turning half of my images on it's side! WTF?! I have to upload to flickr then shrink them down...I figured it out tho so now they are all the same size. WOOT!

Look at this!

YUM!!!! RVK of course.

Mojo is up. I really like it. Something very personal. I hope you all will join in on the fun. My lovely friend Theresa is our guest! She is rad.

Some of you may or may not know that I had gastric bypass about 5 months ago. I have lost 90 lbs so far. As I was going thru this weight loss journey and even before, I realized I was a addict. Yes I was and am addicted to food. Food I feel is the biggest "drug" out there and the hardest to kick. I mean a heroin addict doesn't have to give up half of his addiction. You don't tell them hey you cant shoot up a whole needle only half! Food you have to have every day for the rest of your life. I have learned to work thru my addiction and live with my addiction so I can be healthy and live longer. My statement is "your" not alone, this IS an addiction and we all struggle but we will get through it no matter what yours may be.

I started my Christmas light today...Hopefully will have them all up by wed!

Hope your week turns out wonderfully!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well I refuse, I refuse

I have completed my creations finally! I went to a crop last Friday night with my cousin and started the banner. I finished it a few days ago but then decided I wanted it a different way. I took it apart and re-arranged it. Like it much better now. Tell me what one you like best?

Fireplace banner or door banner (bottom). I personally like the door banner. Here is what it looks like on my door.

I want to do a garland type thing on the top of my door too. I think that will complete the look I have in my head. The banner was really fun to make. We go on walks every night and my son and I found those pine cones and sticks. When I think thanksgiving I think rustic. There is a tutorial for the banner up on the RVK blog. Go check it out. If you make a banner pls link it for me so I can leave ya some love.

I did other creations too with the kit.

My daughter Aria eating a cupcake. I love this pic and I love the colors of these papers!

That was me I believe in 82ish. Christmas time. Watching something one of my older cousins was doing.

My MIL and SIL. Love this old pic even tho you can barely tell what it is. Not really feeling this page...Maybe I'll take it apart and do it over. Hmmm...

My grandfather, mom and her cousin. I love how my grandpa has that Tom Selleck stash.

I really had no idea where this thing was going when I started it lol! I just knew it was going to be a wall plaque. Well that's what it turned out to be ha!

Ok so as I promised a mini tutorial on how to do the wall plaque above. First I traced my black oval paper on my chipboard sheet. I then cut about a inch out with my pinking shears to give it that boarder. I covered it with white glue and then immediately painted it with the brown (crackle technique). Glued my black paper to the brown painted chipboard. I used the green pp in the kit with the hambly rub on. pop dot the title to the plaque then added my leaves and buttons. Punch holes in the top for ribbon. Tied a knot at the end of the ribbon then threaded it thru the hole. Looped it over then stitched and glued it to the back of the chipboard. I added yellow stitched X's on the front to give it some decoration. I also glimmer misted my yellow leaf to mute the color. The "give" alphas look a little pink in the pic but irl are red. Find a fav stick to hang on and viola you have a nifty little thanksgiving plaque you can easily make with the kids!

Long enough post? Hahaha! Hope you all are having a wonderful fall!


Monday, November 10, 2008

She says I am the one

Short and sweet.

Working on RVK stuff.

Tutorial coming soon.

Playing LBP.

Passed it.

Creating my own level.

Kind of excited Christmas is coming!



How bout you?


Monday, November 3, 2008

Teach me how to lie

Where have I been?? I feel like it has been a long time since I blogged. I know it hasn't been THAT long but still. I have been watching scary movies. I need to get them off my DVR. How was your Halloween?

I went to a Halloween crop with my cousin. We played games and they had pizza...That was hard not to eat the whole slice. I just picked the topping off and ate it. I am sure people thought I was a freak lol! Oh well.

Did you see the RVK sneak? Man when Rachel sent that to me I about died! It was that good lol! Take a look for yourself.

Man I know I say this every time but I really cant wait to get my hands on that kit!

Some more horror movies.

Mirrors- Scare~ † Story~ †† Pretty good flick. Best part was when the sister died. Pretty gruesome.

1408- Scare~ †† Story~ ††† I really liked this movie. I know its older but I hadn't seen it. Made me jump once or twice.

The beast within_ Scare~ † Story~ † Ok well uhhh yeah this is hella old school. Kinda cheese.

House of Usher- Scare~ † Story~††† So this is a remake of a older movie and also it is a Edgar Allen Poe story made into a movie. I am a huge Edgar fan.

Subterano- Scare~ † Story~†† Interesting movie but not great.

Wicked Little Things- Scare~ †† Story~ †† Zombie children eek!

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield- Scare~ † Story~ †† I love movies about the real serial killers. This one was ok. I didn't think the guy who played Ed was a good match. It was kind of a love story more then a story about a deranged serial killer. I always think they should go into why these guys do what they do.

Well that is all for me. I gotta go work on my Mojo project and clean my desk and get ready for that fab kit from RVK. Woot!