Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feels Good To Be Bad!

I am sooo excited to tell you all that I am a BAD GIRL. Yeah that's right I am officially one of the Bad Girls elite artists. What what!!! I was sooo stoked when I got the email from Wendy asking me to be a part of the team. I get to work with some really awesome people and play with some totally wicked beautiful kits. Have you seen these things? I mean they are jam packed with EVERYTHING you could think of. So many wonderful artistic inspo and tools. I seriously cant wait to play. You all come over and say hi on the boards. We are going to be posting lots of inspiration for everyone. Oh and there is a giveaway going on over there. Come check it out! Bad Girls


Friday, February 26, 2010

Begin to hope

Things on my mind....Time. Time is something that I seem to never have enough of. I wish for more. Sometimes I wish it would go faster only to want it to come back again. I know I have said this many many times but I cant help it. It really is a plm that weighs heavy on my mind everyday. Maybe for you too?

I did some scrappin. I got some totally awesome happy mail. Jenni Bowlin kits, Maya Road goodies, and new Cosmo. I made a few things with some of the stuff. This I especially like.

I love the old saying keep calm and carry on and the craft just popped in my head. I am sure I am not the first to think of it but I was the first to put it on this little plaque. LOL!

I finished this page the other night. Had it started a while back but it sat and sat for a few months.


I am finally getting a cell phone. Not just any cell phone a iphone. YAY! I have wanted one since they first came out but couldnt even fathom affording them. Now they are much more affordable and I have job. I still really cant afford the plan but I'll have to scrape and pinch for that luxury.

We went and saw Shutter Island on Sunday. I really liked it. I would give it about a 4.75 stars. I really love going to the movies with my hubby. We are gonna have to take a break from that soon. We are hoping to see The Crazies this weekend. We took some new photo booth pics. I really love doing that. I'll share soon.

Make sure you come back Monday for some wicked cool news. Can't wait to share.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny the way it is when you think about it

}Made with the Kenner Road Feb Kit{

Hey bloggy friends! Sitting here watching Lost trying to multi-task. I wanted to continue my valentines lovelyness...Hubs and I came back after eating and had a little fun. I fell asleep around 10 ish because I suck! LOL! I woke up around 630 am we took showers and went down to eat breakfast. We havent ate breakfast with each other out in a very long long time. We just arent really breakfast people. I ordered the french toast and he had a breakfast burrito that looked fab. It was soo nice. We then went back up to the room had our last hoorah and got ready to go see Valentines Day. We had bought our tickets the day before so no waiting in line and we got great seats. The movie was good and when we came out there was a line waiting to get in. We totally picked a perfect time to go. After hubby and I got back from the hotel and watching Valentines Day we decided to take the kids to the park. I got some great shots of my lovely babies.

I have to say this was one of THE best Valentines Days ever! I printed out the above pics and will be making some crafty goodness soon.

Speaking of crafty goodness I need to share the book I made for my hubby.

I really loved making it. Totally free in this book. Used whatever I wanted. It all came from my heart. He really loved it and just told me to bury it with him when he dies lol! I told him if it will last that long and I dont die first he has a deal ;). Oh and it made the catwalk! Woot! Thanks Jen!

I got some happy mail and have already tore into it. Jenni Bowlin kit. Yumo! I should also be getting some scrappy goods from BlueMoon scrapbooking on sat. The new maya road stuff. Man it is lovely and some new Sass and Cosmo eeeekkk! I will have so much fun playing. I shouldnt have spent so much money and am gonna have to watch what I spend from here on out. Bad bad girl!

I am getting my stuff organized and ready for tmw nights crop in Oakdale with ma girls. Gonna play with my new stuff and my new pics too! Woot! What you doing this weekend?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just grab your sharpie and write your message on the wall

{little felt hearts made by me :}

Omg my Valentines weekend was beautiful! It was a fairytale.This is what I was wearing. Lil black dress and a bow in my hair.

First we went and saw Wolfman. Excellent! We both loved it. We were smart and bought our tickets for the next day showing of Valentines day. We took a few photos at the photo booth there. One of my fav parts of going to the movies. I did say 1 lol!

Then we headed to our hotel room. Beautiful hotel! I was pleasantly surprised. It was only 50.00 a night! I brought my camera and took a few pics. Wish I woulda took pics of the lobby because it was really wicked gorgeous.

We had a wonderful time in the room of course *wink* hehehe! Who wouldn't with this handsome man.

We then went out to eat at Outback. Yummy. I had a coca berry blast and a steak. My husband made the dinner extra special. I cant tell you how wonderful he is. We returned to our hotel room...Exchanged gifts. I gave my hubby his secret book I have been working on for a month or so now. He liked it a lot. I think I will post those pics later on tho.

Hubby surprised me with the necklace I really wanted. Ruby devil heart :)

I really love it. I am soo not a girly girl when it comes to jewelry. This is soo me.

He also got me the sock monkey I had my eye on. Freakin adorable!

Whew this post is getting long. I think I will have to make it 2 posts instead of one! TO BE CONTINUED!

I will leave you with a little tease...I have some TOTALLY wicked awesome news to share with you all soon. I am serious this news is da bomb. Wont be till March! ACK! Can you stand it? LOL! I know you can but I don't think I can!

Tell me about your Vday!


Monday, February 8, 2010

You may ask yourself...How do I work this?

Time just seems to be going soo fast. Why? I mean why is it when we get old it goes faster and faster. Remember when we were kids how slow time seemed to go? I mean at work I don't mind the time slippin by but at home slow it down just a little will ya? Sheesh.

Valentines day is almost here. Hubby is looking for a hotel room. We have 4 kids so we have to get a room to be alone lol! I love spending TIME with him. We will probably go see a movie and eat out somewhere nice. It really doesn't matter what we do I always enjoy myself. I truly love him to bits and couldn't imagine my life without him. I have been taking a lot of pics of him and I together lately so I had a lot to scrap. Sorry if you are tired of seeing us lol!

This page I made for the current dare...

Oooo and I totally need to share some cool ass SB news. Christina Padilla asked me to come join her for some debauchery here...How cool is that? If you love twilight come and play...If you don't come and play anyway! Here is the current challenge and what I did with it.

More valentines Day craftyness.

I am soooo in love with those paper flowers. I found the tutorial on Elle's blog. Beautiful and easy. I really like how the felt ones come out too. Gonna make some hair clips or something out of them.

Happy accident on that heart. I had ruffled the crepe paper and thought the white was to much so I was gonna glimmer mist it yellow. When I did it only glimmer misted it in stripes! I love how that turned out!

Last but not least some hair bows I have been making. I am in love with them and they are super super easy. I was gonna post the link for the tutorial but I cant find the dang thing. I guess I'll have to make my own.

Have been getting a little bit o sun these past few days. Just here and there. The sun, when it does come out, makes me feel happy and warm inside. Winter really starts to bring me down. I stepped outside my door and looked down in the flower pot to find this lovely peeking its head out. Spring is on its way! Best part is I got those bulbs at the dollar tree! So excited they came up.

I really really wish I could take real TTV pics but I will have to settle for digi frames.

The original.

Well I have so much more to share but man this post would be days long. So next time my bloggie friends. Now off to run errands and get ready for VDAY!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Promise I'll be kind. I wont stop until that boy is mine.

Yep another blog post. I know I am just as shocked as you are. It seems I have a lot of lovely creations to share lately. I went to a crop night with cousin, Christina, and Shelly. I really had a lovely time. Did I make anything? No not really. A few paper flowers but that's about it. Really I just love to talk and listen to the stories we share. I did manage to make a mess tho.

When I get home the creations just seem to flow out of me as I sit at my desk. I guess it is because of all the junk I have at my finger tips. When I am at a crop it seems that I never have what I want.

Here are a few of the things I have made.

I call this my pocket full of sunshine.

I bought this frame at the dollar tree and painted it. Got some yummy happy mail from Elle's studio and jumped fingers first in. Stamped the little cupcake on some handmade paper, cut it out and smacked it on one of those delish tags. Add a few bits and bobs and viola! Something cute for my fireplace mantel.

This page I made for a challenge Beth posted over at BlueMoon scrapbooking. I loved her take on it and I am sooo going to try her technique. I actually bought the paper from them and decided I should use it.

I have a few more but I think I will save those for the next post. Its nice to have something to share waiting.

Date night is up next and lots of crafts I need to work on. I also need to clean my desk of course! I swear I need a better system over here. I wish I had a whole room to myself lol! Yeah that will be the day. A girl can dream.

There is sooo many lovely things I really want but don't need. Keyword WANT lol! I get inspired by new things. It makes my heart race when I get happy mail. It is just like Christmas for me even tho I know what I am getting lol! My drug of choice.

Oh wait one more thing. New Mojo is up come and play along with us!

Ok enough for now. Time to clean, organize and maybe do some shopping? LOL!