Friday, April 29, 2011

Like a diamond in the sky, how I wonder

Man being home all day long drains the life right out of you! Here I thought I would have much more energy to do the things that NEED to be done. Boy was I wrong. I don't even wanna get up off this couch. I think the couch has life draining powers. Ha! Here it is Friday and not one thing has gotten done. I too have noticed the week goes by so much faster. I mean this shouldn't be anything new I was a sahm for many years but I guess I just forgot. I did more when I worked. I must change that. Starting today.

Must mention the Royal Wedding. There I did. Honestly don't know what the hype is all about nor do I care. If I lived in England (and I myself am 1/4 British) maybe I would care more. I don't. My daughter said she thought it was neat to have a queen and wished we had one. I think it is neat as in fairytale neat but I like that we don't have to have the same person mucking up our government. I mean we have someone different to do that every 4 years or so lol! No but really you don't get to choose your king or queen. You are stuck. Maybe that is a good thing? Cant blame the voters for who they have...Hahaha oh well whatever.

New cupcakes made this weekend. Irish car bomb cupcakes. They are super moist. They are a huge hit for adults. I personally think they are ok. I can taste the alcohol and to me that is no bueno. It has baileys Irish cream in it and stout beer. I left out the whiskey.

The baileys is in the frosting and the ganache. It doesn't cook out. Not a whole lot for 24 cupcakes. You can sure taste it tho. If I was to make them for just me I would cut down the baileys (the recipe I had used 8 tbs hubby wanted me to use all 8 so I did). I HIGHLY recommend for adult parties. Like I said they are super moist and everyone has loved them so far.

My next cupcake adventure will be the Boston creme pie ones for Mothers day. I cant wait for those because I LOVE Boston creme pie. I hope they turn out delish.

On the crafty front I have managed to get one page done. It was for a GCD assignment. I will share a little peek with ya.I have been slacking on my 15 mins a day and my girl cave is FULL of spiders AGAIN! I went out there with my cousin the other day and we both got the creeps. I need to figure out a solution...Maybe tear it down and build new?! Hahaha gotta win that lottery first.

Oh I did play too. Didn't win of course. I will not give up. Off to buy 2 more tickets bahahahaha!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm dreaming of you tonight

Dreaming. Of winning the lottery. Gonna start playing. Should really go buy a ticket. Today. *wink*

This is on my list. My "when I win the lottery" list. Of course I would love it in Ice or pink but a smart designer once said "keep your appliances simple. Trends come and go faster than appliances break." Oh how I want the ice tho. IT would really SUCK to get ice and then a few years down the line my kitchen colors change and I am stuck with a $300 appliance that is just the wrong dang color. Yeah I will stick with white. It IS the smart thing to do. Hehehe!

I have been dreaming. Of my own business. You know the cupcake/scrapbook store. Or maybe the scrapbook/cupcake store. I have a name. Glitter & Sprinkles. Maybe Sprinkles & Glitter. Not sure what one sounds better yet. Need funds. That's where the lottery comes in. Hehehe! I even have a place picked out. It is for lease. Beautiful brick. Old. Just awesome.

One of the cupcakes I would sell is this one.

Frosted with creme cheese frosting (homemade all from scratch). I brought it to the easter potluck sunday. Everyone seemed to love them. I am going to make another batch to thank the girls at "work" for all their help. Oh the ease of making it with that lovely Kitchen Aid up there. Need one. *wink*

Next on my cupcake list is Boston Creme Pie cupcakes. I am making those for my mommy for Mother's day. I am super excited about those. They look so delish. They honestly are more like mini boston creme pies but hey we can call them cupcakes.

I really need to think of something FAB to buy and make my mom. I should be thinking of these things a lot sooner. At least I have no work right now. I have other things to do too. Like play with this box of goodies from GCD. 35lbs of lovelyness!
Isnt it lovely?!? Oh the beautifulness that is in that huge box. Assignments have been assigned. Need to get on that.

This week is super busy. Filled with lovely things. I am finished with extern so I need to go take care of that with school. My cousin is coming over tmw to scrap with me! Yay!!! I miss our little get togethers. Need to get this house in order today. Then Friday I am meeting with Jennifer Tucker, CP, Lisa Rainbow pants, Tricia, and Vernoica for a fun filled day of...well fun of course! They are all meeting up here and we are gonna paint the town pink and mint green. Hehehe! I cant wait!

We had a lovely easter. I have so many lovely pics to scrap now. A few of my favorties.

~Crystal, Tiffany, Me, Janna, Nicole~

~Raven and Hubs~
Just a few. The rest are on FB. We had such a good time.

Hubby and I are going to go to the movies tonight! 5.00 tuesday. My fav day.

So off I go. Things need to be started. Prepared. Done.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

You played it to the beat

I made my nutella cupcakes last weekend.

OMG they were sooo yummy! Definately making these again. Next on my cupcake list...Oreo cupcakes.

Last day of extern...I am scared, happy, sad, excited. So many things going on in my head. I wish I could stay home and create. I wish I could find a good job so I dont have to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay this or that bill. I wish I could open up my own scrap/cupcake store and call it Glitter and Sprinkles. Didnt I tell you so many things going on in my head? *sigh* I need to win the lottery. I guess maybe I should start playing then huh? Bawahaha!

This past week many things came and went. One most important thing was my 18 year anniversary with my hubby. No we havent been married for 18 years but we might as well been. We have been together for 18 years and to me that is just as awesome. Not many people last that long these days. I know we will be celebrating 50 years in the future. Hopefully tho that one doesnt come as fast as the 18 did!

My hubby goes out of his way to make special days even more special. He cooked me dinner (lasagana), had it waiting for me when I got home. Bought me 12 long stem red roses, monkey pj's and slippers, a super sah-weet ring (just my style), and a jumbo reese easter egg. Hehehe! Yeah he is freakin awesome, I know. I think I love him. *wink*

On the crafty front I have one more page made with the AMM April kit.

I also forgot to share my little easter wreath I made for my front door. Everything bought at dollar tree.

I was thinking some plastic eggs covered in music sheets added to it would be fab. Maybe next year. Not much time left!

I should be getting my DT box from GCD stuidos tmw! Soooo excited!

Time to get ready for our easter. What are your plans?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

When somethings cold, let me put a little fire on it

As I sit and try to type out this blog post my kids are fighting. Constant. I need to make myself a referee shirt. Sheesh! Anyway stuff to share. After all that's what a blog is for right? Sharing. Reminds me of show and tell as a kid. *wink*

The new ATC prompt is up at Simply Artistic. I have to tell you I wasn't much of a ATC fan in the beginning of this little adventure. Doing these prompts has made me love them a little more each time. They are so easy to whip up and so very cute. Wouldn't you agree? Come and play and be inspired! (*used the April AMM kit*)

Kept forgetting to post my flea market finds from a few weekends ago.I finally remembered. The books were .25 each. Awesome deal. The little milk glass dish= 1.00.Love it to bits.
These glass door knobs were 2 for 7.00. That was the most I have ever spent at the Flea market for something vintage BUT they are at least 10 each in a antique store so I got a really good deal. I am going to use them as curtain tie backs.

& lastly I made these strawberry shortcups for work last weekend. They had a potluck and I wanted to show off my baking skillz.I got the recipe off Martha Stewart. I wasn't really impressed with them at first. I felt they were missing something.
So I added my own special spin on them. I cut a small circle out of the top and filled it with homemade strawberry puree. This of course is why I call them Strawberry shortcups. They were delish. Sweet. Perfect.

Next on my Cupcake list...Nutella cupcakes. YUM.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

People always told me be careful what you do

I have a bunch of A Million Memories stuff to share with you all today. I created a countdown calendar for my kids. Used plastic eggs and my April Amm kit. You can make a whole flat of them but I have 4 children so I wanted to keep it simple.

So here is how you make your own.
white glue
crepe paper streamers
PP paper
glitter of choice
Empty egg carton
Styrofoam plate
plastic eggs
scallop punch

1. Make a mixture of 2 parts glue to one part water.

2.Tear crepe paper streamers in to bits. No need to be precise, you want a chunky look to your eggs.

3.Begin by brushing the eggs with the glue mixture.

4.Place your crepe paper bits on the egg coated in glue. I use the straight edges at the opening of the egg. Make sure to not make it perfect, a little chunky never hurt anyone. :)

5.Smooth out the crepe paper with the glue mixture. I find my finger worked the best for this. Add your glitter while the glue is wet. Set aside to dry.

6.Punch scalloped circles from PP. Roll edges in glue and cover in glitter. Add your nbrs.Add pop dot to back and glue pop dot to egg above opening. Viola!

I am filling mine with bible verses and candy of course. Enough for each of them to have a piece.The grass is just streamers cut into stripes to make it look like grass.

The pages I made using the kit.

My hubby and I. This is my take on our dt sketch. Come play along with us!

This page was about a street performer in SF we got to see. I loved his act. One of my favs in the city.

Me and hubby on Valentines day. Used the crate paper in the kit for this simple page. My girl...thats what he calls me.

Lastly this page of my bike. I love my bike. This page is showcasing that love. The kit is so beautiful and filled with lovely stuff. I still have a TON of things to make with it. Michelle really puts together some awesome kits. :)

I have so many creative things swimming around in my head, amongst deadlines. I hope to get to them all soon.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Or when the crazies say he hates us

My lovely friend Kerry Lynn shared a video. It inspired me so much. The woman said to get your hands moving and create at least 15 mins a day. Now she was talking about drawing but I made it fit my creativity and figured it meant the same thing. I love creating. It helps me de-stress from work.

I have ended up making a few things.

I made this one last night and I think it took me all of 20 mins. This is my hubby taking a picture of me taking a pic of him. Ha! We love taking pics with our phones.

This one was for the Lily Bee design challenge. My mommy in Columbia teaching the kids the olden ways. We had so much fun.

One more thing. I have a tutorial on the AMM blog. If you want to make a peep inspired paper garland then go check it out. :)

So my advice to you all is create at least 15 mins a day. Set that aside. I mean 15 minutes?!? Don't get frustrated if you don't finish. Set a timer for that small 15 mins, if you must, and go back to it tmw when it goes off. Try it for a week. Practice makes perfect. Don't forget creativity soothes the soul. :)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

If I think to hard I might lose my mind

April fools day came and went. Did you pull any epic jokes? The only thing I did was told the kids the ps3 was broke AGAIN. They totally believed me and were upset. LOL! I felt a little evil but it was funny.

I had a little adventure Saturday. Cropped with my buddies Diane and Kristi. We had a blast.

Can you tell?

This little moostash prop is from GCD.

Love it. I can't wait for my box of goodies so I can scrap these pictures with the new papers.

The huge mess I made. You would think with such a BIG mess something great came out of it right? Wrong...I did manage to start on a mini book and get one page done.

Wow really you are saying...Yeah really. How can one sit there for hours and hours and do so little. I have no clue. I just do not work well with others. Haha! I have to have my tiny little studio to get my creativity going. I go to crops tho not for the works but for the friendship. My girls nights. Love them.

BTW the new prompt is up over at Simply Artistic. Tara is our guest again. Here is my take.
Who wouldn't wanna trade with Tara? Come play and you might be lucky enough to.

One more thing before you go. The new AMM kit is up and it is awesome. Of course.
I can't wait to play with all those lovely Lily Bee papers and Crate goodies! Fabulous no?

NSD is coming up soon. Any plans?