Saturday, April 9, 2011

People always told me be careful what you do

I have a bunch of A Million Memories stuff to share with you all today. I created a countdown calendar for my kids. Used plastic eggs and my April Amm kit. You can make a whole flat of them but I have 4 children so I wanted to keep it simple.

So here is how you make your own.
white glue
crepe paper streamers
PP paper
glitter of choice
Empty egg carton
Styrofoam plate
plastic eggs
scallop punch

1. Make a mixture of 2 parts glue to one part water.

2.Tear crepe paper streamers in to bits. No need to be precise, you want a chunky look to your eggs.

3.Begin by brushing the eggs with the glue mixture.

4.Place your crepe paper bits on the egg coated in glue. I use the straight edges at the opening of the egg. Make sure to not make it perfect, a little chunky never hurt anyone. :)

5.Smooth out the crepe paper with the glue mixture. I find my finger worked the best for this. Add your glitter while the glue is wet. Set aside to dry.

6.Punch scalloped circles from PP. Roll edges in glue and cover in glitter. Add your nbrs.Add pop dot to back and glue pop dot to egg above opening. Viola!

I am filling mine with bible verses and candy of course. Enough for each of them to have a piece.The grass is just streamers cut into stripes to make it look like grass.

The pages I made using the kit.

My hubby and I. This is my take on our dt sketch. Come play along with us!

This page was about a street performer in SF we got to see. I loved his act. One of my favs in the city.

Me and hubby on Valentines day. Used the crate paper in the kit for this simple page. My girl...thats what he calls me.

Lastly this page of my bike. I love my bike. This page is showcasing that love. The kit is so beautiful and filled with lovely stuff. I still have a TON of things to make with it. Michelle really puts together some awesome kits. :)

I have so many creative things swimming around in my head, amongst deadlines. I hope to get to them all soon.


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