Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm dreaming of you tonight

Dreaming. Of winning the lottery. Gonna start playing. Should really go buy a ticket. Today. *wink*

This is on my list. My "when I win the lottery" list. Of course I would love it in Ice or pink but a smart designer once said "keep your appliances simple. Trends come and go faster than appliances break." Oh how I want the ice tho. IT would really SUCK to get ice and then a few years down the line my kitchen colors change and I am stuck with a $300 appliance that is just the wrong dang color. Yeah I will stick with white. It IS the smart thing to do. Hehehe!

I have been dreaming. Of my own business. You know the cupcake/scrapbook store. Or maybe the scrapbook/cupcake store. I have a name. Glitter & Sprinkles. Maybe Sprinkles & Glitter. Not sure what one sounds better yet. Need funds. That's where the lottery comes in. Hehehe! I even have a place picked out. It is for lease. Beautiful brick. Old. Just awesome.

One of the cupcakes I would sell is this one.

Frosted with creme cheese frosting (homemade all from scratch). I brought it to the easter potluck sunday. Everyone seemed to love them. I am going to make another batch to thank the girls at "work" for all their help. Oh the ease of making it with that lovely Kitchen Aid up there. Need one. *wink*

Next on my cupcake list is Boston Creme Pie cupcakes. I am making those for my mommy for Mother's day. I am super excited about those. They look so delish. They honestly are more like mini boston creme pies but hey we can call them cupcakes.

I really need to think of something FAB to buy and make my mom. I should be thinking of these things a lot sooner. At least I have no work right now. I have other things to do too. Like play with this box of goodies from GCD. 35lbs of lovelyness!
Isnt it lovely?!? Oh the beautifulness that is in that huge box. Assignments have been assigned. Need to get on that.

This week is super busy. Filled with lovely things. I am finished with extern so I need to go take care of that with school. My cousin is coming over tmw to scrap with me! Yay!!! I miss our little get togethers. Need to get this house in order today. Then Friday I am meeting with Jennifer Tucker, CP, Lisa Rainbow pants, Tricia, and Vernoica for a fun filled day of...well fun of course! They are all meeting up here and we are gonna paint the town pink and mint green. Hehehe! I cant wait!

We had a lovely easter. I have so many lovely pics to scrap now. A few of my favorties.

~Crystal, Tiffany, Me, Janna, Nicole~

~Raven and Hubs~
Just a few. The rest are on FB. We had such a good time.

Hubby and I are going to go to the movies tonight! 5.00 tuesday. My fav day.

So off I go. Things need to be started. Prepared. Done.


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Ashley Newell said...

If you opened that shop, I would drive to it ALL the time. I'm just saying! And I have a pink Kitchenaid that you are more than welcome to come over and use any time you'd like.