Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well I had a lovely weekend with my hubby. Here are the events that took place. Hubby fooled me into thinking I was going to get hair done. Blind folded me and drove me to a hotel. (NOTE: Being a passenger blindfolded is a hard thing to do lol!) He then left me in the room blindfolded saying there was a note in a bag for me. When he left I could take the blindfold off and read it. Well it was simply lovely and lets just say there was candles, roses, strawberries and whip cream involved...Tehehe! We later went out to eat and then caught a movie. Observe and Report. Funny!!! We had such a wonderful time. Once we came back home we wanted to go back to the hotel lol! I asked if we could run away and he said yes but we never did. I think maybe in June for our wedding anniversary. My only regret is I didn't bring my camera! Grrrr!

The new Mojo is up. I love love love this one. I have always loved peter pan. The movie the play the book. I could probably do a whole art journal using stuff from peter pan...Hmmm sounds like a idea lol!

Here is my take on the challenge.

I took that pic of a feather at the park. I think it fits nicely with the title. Trying to use some of my stash up. Old anna griffin paper. The frame is a record sleeve I keep cutting on.

I also made these little guys a few weeks ago. I must say I ♥ them dearly.

As I was taking his picture I kept singing "crazy little thing called love." That ended up being his name...Love. No name for the rabbit yet.

It has been hella hot here! the other day it was 98 but has cooled down. I want to swim so bad. I should go see my mama but 45 mins is to far to drive for a few hours of swimming. The kids were out in the sprinkler.

We had our tea party last sat. OMG the girls loved it. I made them wear some vintage hats I had. I gave them invitations and told them they had to talk in a British accent. I gave them new names...Aria was Elizabeth Lola, Raven was Emma Elizabeth, and I was Lola Emma.

Ha! My 13 yr old wasn't talking so I knew she didn't want to talk in a British accent. After about 5 mins of me asking how the weather was, if they heard any gossip and if there were any boys they liked I told them they didn't have to talk in a British accent anymore. My 7 year old thought it to be wonderful tho. She ate almost all the berries and drank a ton of the green tea. We had so much fun. We will for sure be doing that again! I want to get them some vintage gloves from the antique store for our next tea party.

I went to Suzy's on Friday with cousin. We had a good time. We always do. Met up with Mj and Kristi and Sandy. Good times.

Gosh dont I looke thrilled? UGH! I hate my smile so then I try to play it down. I look tired (well I was).

This pic just sums up the fun that we have at Suzy's. Yes that is Suzy on the table...Don't ask!

Turned in my projects. I will post those soon. I will be back over there on May 3rd for nsd. Should be a hoot. Kerry Lynn and Nikki will be there. I'm hoping my girls Ginger and Diane are coming too... How bout it girls?

Ok now I am off to clean my desk and take the tent down in the back yard. Have a wonderful week!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was sleeping by the wasteside of tmw

How was your Easter? Mine was nice. The kids dyed eggs and had a messy wonderful time.

I may have made one too. *wink*

The kids woke up to a treat from the Easter bunny. We had "dinner" and hid the eggs. I of course was to busy helping the kids find the eggs that I completely forgot about my camera! Grrrr! No hunting pictures here. Bad bad mommy.

I am currently working on my next Mojo page. I really love this challenge...wait don't I say that about all of them? Ah well I do love the challenges. Anyway it goes up the 20TH so I know you will want to play along.

You remember in my last post I said I wanted to do something pretty and vintage and throw in some sewing...Well I kind of did that. I found this pattern on spool. I loved the mobile they made and I had to give it a try. Here is what I made.

I used some vintage fabric I got from my beautiful friend Kerry Lynn. I almost feel bad poking pins into its tail but I do love how she turned out. I have made more birds for different reasons which you will see soon.

The page I couldn't find a title for is now the page I found a tittle for. Thank you OLW. It went perfect with the picture. Some might say "why would u scrap that pic it is messed up" but I just loved the way it looked and then I found that quote that just went so well with the water stains.

My daughter Raven. Something I wanted to tell her. No man is worth her tears. Right now she need not worry about men though lol!

Before I forget my sass pin and magnets were featured on the blog! I was beginning to think they didn't like me over there lol! It's all good.

I have watched many many movies. I really need to try to keep track of them all. Here are some I remember.

Doubt- Not bad.
Splinter- pretty good.
The Grey Man- Strange but worth the watch.
The Ten- Lame.

That's all I can remember. Any lost fans out there? ooh wee, I am loving this season. Of course I am just as confused as ever lol!

I was inspired by the protest that has been going on here (they are having tea parties). No higher taxes. I decided to plan a tea party for my daughters and I for sat. Expect lovely pics from that. They are thrilled, as am I.

I am going to rip out my carpet soon and maybe paint my walls in the living room. This old house needs some beautiful things. a makeover of sorts.
I'll be taking pics so you can tell me what u think.

One more thing. Hubby and my anniversary (been together for 16 years on Sunday) is coming up and he has something planned.Shhh it's a secret... I can't wait.

NSD is coming up what do u have planned? I will be over at pmp. If you're that way I would love to see ya.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The dream makers gonna make you mad

Sun where did you go? Why are you hiding? The sun has decided to take a vacation for the next few days and let the rain take over. Actually it looks kind of pretty outside. Not to cold, not to warm. I cant go jump on the trampoline though. Booo!

I am working on a page. Have it almost done but am looking for a title. I was going to do one of the challenge blogs but couldn't find any that fit. I'll keep looking. Need to get started on my next mojo page. It is one of my fav's. I feel like I need a new kit or something lol! I haven't got one since rvk shut down.

I did however throw this little one together. Used the new sass for this. I dont think i need to say again how much I love that company do I?

My cousins little boy Markie. Isnt he adorable? I think so.

I have been feeling like I want to make something pretty. Something with sewing and fabric and vintage stuff. I love to scrapbook but sometimes I just want something different. The banner is kind of hitting that spot but not quite.

It is not that I don't have enough junk to actually make something it is that I just don't feel THAT creative. Ah well I think I miss poppy ink. Heather always inspired me. ETA: I found it! Something beautiful and not to hard. Hits that spot quite nicely. I'll share next time.

Oh my crochet necklace (totally spelled that wrong last time lol) was featured on this site. How cool is that? I made another one. All vintage buttons on there. I am thinking of sending it to my friend Rachel because I miss her and am thinking about her. Now to get to the post office lol! That place is my arch enemy.

(my daughters friend)

Ohhh I have sprouts in my garden! The beans and watermelons are coming up nicely. I also planted a herb garden in my window and it has sprouted too! Yay me!

Well I should have a lot to share next post. I think I am on a roll for April. On that note...How's the weather in your city?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Help, I have done it again

(My Monster kitty)

Made a new to do list today. Lots of stuff on it. I actually crossed off everything but 2 items off the other one. Ohhh so proud. Kind of sucks tho to fill a whole new page with crap I don't really want to do! hahahaha! I think I am losing my steam...Maybe I should take my vitamins better. UGH!

So as of April 4th (my 10TH month) I have lost 130 lbs. Finally got below a point I wanted to get below. Makes me so very happy. I just have about 50 ish pounds to go to get to my goal. I WILL get there.

Posted the New Mojo. Go check it out. We have a wonderful sponsor with a wonderful kit. Love love love these kits. I need to get my hands on one. Here is my take on the challenge.

I used a old record sleeve as the base of the page. Loved the way it looked...

New sass again cuz that's how I roll. I told you I love it. Don't be surprised if my next one is sass too lol! Gotta get my desk clean again! I swear I make something and then the next minute it is a total disaster! Grrr!

Cousin came over last night and taught me some more moves...Ok stitches and I made this...

and this...

Ooh la la! I love that girl. She is super talented and she made my daughter this...

and me this...

I called her my crotchet slave lol! I have a order in for a headband too. I should try to make one but yeah I am no where near as good as she is.

Here are some spring flowers around my house that I was telling you about in my last post.


Bleeding Heart

Well I think I'll save my banner till next post. Gotta have something to look forward to right? LMAO!

Hope your weekend is filled with happy thoughts and lots of sunshine.