Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cant make it easy on you...

So I am donating a prize for this lovely cause...

You can read more about it here. I am donating one of my owl mini books. (I encourage you to make this woman's day and make a card.)I think I will let the winner pick which one they would like since they are going to be forwarded to me anyway... Here are some Ive made so far.

This one is for Kerry Lynn because she is cool like dat.

I am fast approaching my first year with blogger and was looking back at my old posts. April 9th is my "anniversary" and i will be having a rak that day. So look out for that. Its almost been a year since hubby went through his nightmare (my nightmare too). I thank god its over and that he performed miracles for us. I love each day he gives us. I have it all documented on this blog and am kinda thankful for that. Sometimes I tend to forget how things made me feel or the impact it had on me. I read those posts and begin to cry. I love him very much and and to almost lose him like that makes you realize life is short and to enjoy everyday you have with ur loved ones.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why can't I forget the past...

Wow a whole week since I blogged?!?! Whats up with that? LOL! Just been busy I guess. I've been so excited and overwhelmed it's ridiculous. Cant share what it is till May but hey it's all good. So worth the wait. Anyway I finally picked the girls who will be joining our Mojo Team...SHould be announcing them soon. In the mean time Mojo 9 is up...Here is mine.

And some other stuff I've been busy doing.

Qtea kits quest dt...For the rest of the pages go look on my flickr.

OLW My son with a drawn on mustache and goatee...I was the tattoo artist lol!

My last OLW made it to the favs! WOot! Always a brides maid never a bride lol! JK! Anyway hope your weekend is wonderful! Oh and thank you Holly and Liz for the sweet comments! I hate posting pics of myself and your comments really made my day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

If youre gonna start a rumble dont u try it all alone...

OMG I had the best time at the Kerry Lynn class! She is so sweet and so awesome! Loved her! I would have to say the best part is that I met her and MJ! OMG MJ couldnt be any nicer! LOVE HER too! We had a blast. It was sad because she had to leave so quick. But we did manage to take a few pics and here they are...

She was holding my butterfly but u cant tell. hehehe!

How cute are we? LMAO!Look at her cute little owl shirt! OMG love it! I took a few of me and Kerry...Again she was super sweet! We even shopped a little together. hehehe! Be jealous all you Kerry Lynn fans! I know I would be! LMAO! here are those pics.

I dont know why but I love this pic. I was trying to pretend to kiss her cheek like in the above photo and we had to take it like 4 times because it didnt take or it looked like this lol!

I also met Nikki Peterson! She is a super doll! Her work is amazing! She has a class coming up that I hope to go to.

I also met the Scrap for a cure girls there! Ok how many ppl can I love? A lot apparently! I loved these girls. I talked to Ginger on the phone and we laughed and laughed and laughed it was great! She is soo fun! Sadly I didnt get a pic of her...Im a slacker I think she was off talking to ppl most of the time lol! But I did manage a Pic of Diane who is super cute!

I have some super news to share but I dont know if im suppose to share it yet...So I'll wait. Maria Grace abuzman was there. I dont really know her work but Im told she is super fab. The girls from the store are so nice! Loved that place. Here are some pics...

So that was my adventure. It took about a hour to get there and a hour to get back. So worth it. Did I mention Kerry Lynn has another class in April! Ill be there! Yipee! Oh and as for the cute book we made...well lets just say I didnt get very far due to my yappy mouth lol! Pics of that coming soon. Hope your weekend is as fab as mine!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I like you better framed and dried...

Well Blah! I feel like doo doo. This cold has got a Strong hold on me and I just don't wanna blog or do much of anything. My kids are sick and they seem to just keep getting it over and over. Grrr! Yesterday I went and got my hair did. I went back to black. Ill have pics soon. I really really need to get ready for Kerry Lynn's class tmw! AGH! I'm meeting up with MJ! YIPEE!!! She is soo cool I cant wait to see her. Also found out the scrap for a cure girls are gonna be there! Woot! So I have a new outfit and a new hairdo so I wont feel quite so ugly lmao!

I see so many posts about cha and I have to confess Im so jealous! I wish I coulda went! Booowhooo! Ah well maybe next year.

So how was ur Valentines? Well as i stated before I went and got my hair did and then came home gave the kids their Valentines and hubby his card. He gave me a beautiful card and cute soft bear with some candies in it. We actually bought each others presents a few weeks ago. We shared some yummy See's (since we arent going to be able to eat it anymore). We usually hand pick each other a box but this year we went together and just got one box. YUM! My gift was Harry potter (video game) his was a video game he had wanted...Fun!

We went to target and oh my goodness! They have my camera. I told them that they could keep it on display for everyone to see but someday I was going to pick it up lol (ok i didnt really)! It was only 549.99 I mean wow! I dont care if it isnt the latest and greatest one (Cannon Rebel) I want it! I also wanted a Jack White Holga but looks like that ain't gonna happen. My birthday is only a month away sooooo maybe the cannon? LMAO! I wont hold my breath.

I did manage to do some scrappin soo here is that...

My son aeden.

My sister Tiff.

This was for the scrapjacked...My son Aeden again.

My cute grandma. Love her to bits.

My cousin and me! Hehehe love this pic.

Some Valentines Day cards I whiped up right quick.

They arent the best but they worked lol!

I think hubby and I are going to go to the movies today and see Juno and then go out to eat. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day! xoxox

P.s. I cant post links or spell check. BOOO! Anyone else having this plm?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Such an ugly way, something so beautiful..

Ive been struggling with the blahs lately. The sun is out and making me feel more alive. I dont like dark and gloomy days only because I feel dark and gloomy. I start to get depressed. BLah! So today I feel better. Yes it is nice to be debt free! So nice I did the paper adventure page about it! LOL! Here it is.

Kind of simple but I wanted it to be. Represents the way I feel now I am debt free...Less clutter=less stress! The wings are from the 2nd page I did and they were peeking out so I thought I might as well use them.

Mojo 8 is up...You need to go check it out! We have lucy as our guest Mojo girl. She is super sweet and talented. Loved her page. The girls all did a fab job of course. They never disappoint me or anyone. Here is my page for the challenge...

This of course is my hubby and myself...12 yrs ago lol! We dont take pics of ourselves now to much. Hopefully that will change soon.

I havent actually been in a pic takin mood. I did however take this pic of my cat yesterday stealing the picture of my daughter I was working on!! This cat loves pipe cleaners. She wont leave them alone.

She did not want to give that thing up either! I kept taking it and putting it back and she would run over there and grab it again! I had to hide it finally. Little bratt. LOL. I love that lil kitty. She is soo cute. You can see part of my messyness I call a desk. It never stays clean for very long.

I did another "daily" or maybe atc...I dont know whatever...I just know i did one! LOL!

I have 2 more pics if anyone wants to trade?!? Or we can even work out a atc trade? Im trading one of these with Gigi. I have a peewee one Im gonna work on next. Hehehehe!

Man I didnt know I had so much to share...Ok one last thing...I did the olw challenge. I love this picture my daughter Aria created. At first I didnt know what it was but I asked her and she told me a ballerina I seen it right away. I love it!

I wanted to showcase it and I hope thats what I did here.

So I think Ill stop there. Makes it seem like I have been creating so much lately but I dont feel like I have. Hmm oh well lol! Happy creating!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

He's in the jailhouse now..

Hello everyone...How has your weekend been going? I have some wonderful news...I am officially debt free! I couldnt be happier. It was stressful but finally its done. YIPEE! Also I wanna say thank you to Sara for allowing me to be the guest for Jan over at Paper Pixie. I re-did the Alvin page. It seemed like it was saying "I'm missing something" to me...So here is the completed version and a page of my cat using the kit.

I used a line from the Regina Spektor song Braille..."So she named her baby Elvis, to make up for the royalty he lacked.." I thought it perfect. The heart on there my cousin made. We are gonna be selling them in our etsy soon! Stay tuned!

I also want to thank Sandi for picking me to be on her dt! I love it! Here is some more things I made with the jan kit...

Book for the postcards from here blog...

First "postcard"

My sister Tiffany.

A bettie "daily" Although I dont do them daily. I have 3 more of these same pics if anyone wants to trade me maybe a atc or something for them I will gladly. :)

Ok so I watched LOST....Oh my what a cry fest! My daughter and I were balling everytime they mentioned Charlie or seen him drowning or seen Hurley cry... I mean I cant wait till thursday to see the next one! That show is like crack hahahaha! So addicting. I cant say to much because Im more confused then I was at the end of last season lol! I thought it was BEN in the coffin but then towards the end of the show I started thinking it was Locke so now I just dont know. MAN!

Today the winner over at Mojo...Gotta go post that now. Man there was a lot of wonderful entries! Then tmw will be the guest Mojo reveal. Oh and you still have a few days to submit to be a Mojo girl! Dont forget that one!

I've got even more scrappyness but Ill save it for another day! Have a wonderful week!