Monday, August 23, 2010

I love the way you lie

(Erika, Zack G and Me)

My weekend seemed super busy! Friday night after school hubby and I met up with some great friends and watched a few bands play at the Fat Cat in motown. I laughed with my girlie Erika and we headed to Denny's after where we laughed even more. Loved it.

Then Saturday I spent trying to clean the house to get ready for my scrap day with Christina and Veronica. I did manage to clean a bit up but I mostly sat and watched a few movies with the hubby. Stan Helsing was one of the ones I watched and I must say it was Stupid funny! Hubby and I laughed a lot. If you haven't seen it look for it on one of your movie channels. In between that I did my homework like a good girl then it was off to bed to get ready for my day of fun!

Woke up at 8 and had all my little cleaning fairies and elves help me wash the walls and what not. I mean it IS only fair since they are the ones who like to so lovingly put their dirty little hands all over the walls. They actually enjoy it. I know crazy right? I am waiting for the day that changes and I know that day is a commin.

I put some swing music on and busted my butt and got everything decent. The girls ran a little late so I got the table set up. Veronica was first to arrive and shortly after came CP. It was time to get down with our bad selves and scrap. I busted out some 7 layer dip and my all time fav sabristos.

We chatted and CP kept challenging us with "We have to scrap some pages." We did.

They loved my frame wall and CP decided we should all do a page inspired by it. We did.

These girls are fabulous. Veronica was kind enough to bring me tags from her wicked cool shop!

I was totally stoked to play with them.

I cant wait for our next get together.

This past weekend another busy one. Dad's birthday BBQ sat and bands in Sac Town. Hopefully some lovely things to share soon.


Friday, August 13, 2010

They made a statue of us

Let's slap the bad news bear horse in the rear and get it the F outta here! LOL! I had my first final Tuesday. I was sooo super worried because really didn't know what in the heck to study. I studied it all. That. Was. A LOT. LOL! My brain has a hard time retaining all of it. I mean seriously. The final was 175 questions. YIKES! I thought the best I would do is a b. I surprised myself. I got an A! What!!! I was so freaking excited. I got the highest score in my class. I missed 8 out of 175! *deep breath*

We had Wednesday off and I had to go get my first Hep B shot. OUCH! Not fun. Then after that I didn't feel like doing a darn thing. Not one. I actually sat around and missed going to school. I organized my backpack and did my vocab words for the next MOD. Yeah I am a nerd like that.

Yesterday I started my new MOD and it is gonna be super fun. Mixing all the fun junk we get to mix. Making cast and what not. Fun fun fun! Got a little taste of that yesterday. Mixed some composite and some cement. I really am loving school.

On to some craftiness. I got a totally cool email. I will share with you soon-ish but it made my week. I can't wait to play with this new company. :)

Sunday my lovely friend CP is coming to play and she is bringing Veronica from Shabby Chic tags. Double Woot! I can not wait! I have fun with CP and I know I will have fun with Veronica. She maybe bringing some tags for us to play with too. How cool is that?!?!

I made some things here and there and now I am going to share.

This is my hubs and me. Just a bunch of stuff layered together.

Used the Jenni Bowlin kit for this and it was inspired by Amanda I believe?!?!

This one I made up at SB Territory. Loved that bird. Loved the yellow and I actually like the pic. It all just kinda fell together.

I miss going to the sb store and scrapping with my girls. I really could use some scrap retail therapy. *sigh* Hopefully soon.

Working on the new prompt for ArTistiC. Hopefully some Halloween crafts soon because you all know how much I love me some Halloween craftiness!

Lastly I am wondering who inspires you? Who is that person that gets your creativity going when you are in a slump? Share!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

I swear to god we're gonna get it right

When it's good it's good but when it's bad its oh so bad! That is what I feel my recent posts have been reflecting. I was so hoping 2010 was gonna be our year...Doesn't look that way, but hey there is always 2011 right? haha! Things COULD be much worse so I just thank my lucky stars they aren't. There is ALWAYS someone out there that has it worse then you. Always.

I HAVE had some wonderful things going on. My husband and I got away for our 3 year wedding anniversary. We went to a local hotel and had a very nice time. We watched Get Him to the Greek. FREAKING HILARIOUS! Loved it. I didn't think it would be as funny as it was but I was wrong. We hung out at the pool and had a lot of alone time.

I started school and I am LOVING it. I love making up for my grades in high school, having goals and hoping life will be better after all this hard work. I have a long way to go but I know I can get through it. So far I have got all A's except one B on one of my homeworks. That really sucked. I just keep trying harder I want to graduate with a 4.0.

Finally finished some wedding pages for a lovely girl. Now I feel like I can create freely again. Speaking of creating I am now a part of this super neat project. Have you heard? I know ATC's aren't every ones forte but sometimes making tiny art gets the juices going. The first prompt was be inspired by Alice in Wonderland. One of my fav. I had a lot of fun with it.

Our first guest designer is Tara Anderson and I LOVE her work. Beautiful, layered and usually vintage goodness. She knocked it outta the park with her atc's. Sooo lovely. You gotta check them out.

I have another prompt to work on and I am sooo gonna use her work for inspo. Come play along with us!

A page I forgot to share with ya. I made this a little while back with the Jenni Bowlin kit.

Gonna lock myself in my girl cave this weekend at some point and create away. :)