Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I dont give a hoot about what you think

How was your weekend? What fun things did you do? I went to Nikki's class on sat. Oh man we had a blast. My cousin Crystal went. We rarely get to scrap together. She had this cute dress on that i loved. I wish I had her legs so I could wear cute dresses lol! Anyway so I actually scrapped all 4 pages! Usually I go to these things and don't finish because I talk way to much but Nikki had everything in little bags and she was chugging along and we all were really into it. I was so proud that I finished! Here are those pages...

I really like the pages they were fun! Ginger and Diana were there from Scrap for a Cure. We all laughed and talked and I actually talked Diana into giving up her Elsie Recipe book to me...Hehehe for a price of course! I love it! I need to send Rachel all her cards so she can sign them for me! She is a Rock Star!

Cousin has me hooked on glimmer mist now...Anyone use it? Its been out for a while but I just didn't think it was that cool...Until I tried it lol! Its beautiful! I love it. All my pages coming up have it on there somewhere. You know me and the shabby chicness well this just adds an even more lovely vintage feel to it.

I cleaned my desk yesterday! YAY! It was a mess! OH MAN! I couldn't even scrap without knocking something down lol! Its not all the way clean but its mostly clean. I still have a stack of papers that I need to go thru. The stack is like 3 ft tall, no lie. I'm itching to get over there and mess it up lol! Well scrap anyway.

Sunday we went to my Mom's and had a BBQ and the kids and hubby went and swam! OMG it was cold and the pool was only 70! I was not about to get in. They had fun tho. They did admit it was cold after they all got out. All I could think of the whole time watching them swim was those old men who go up to Alaska and ice swim. YIKES!

Only 2 more weeks till my surgery! I'm so excited and scared and ready. Just keep praying for me.

Ill leave you with my fav video of the moment.

Make sure to the music off at the bottom of my page so you can hear this. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Its ok if you cant stand to let her dance

Well girls I am in a blah lazy mood. I just "cleaned" my house. Picked up really. Hubby has gotten the house pretty clean (which is very cool and much appreciated) and i have been going behind the kids and picking up messes. Cant find the broom to sweep the kitchen floor and it really really needs it. GRRR! Must be the troll that steals our socks. It has been hella windy here! I mean insane! Trees breaking, falling down....Man! Like 3 days ago it was in the 100's! I tell ya the weather gets weirder and weirder.

I received my Scrapperie kit in the mail the other day...OH my goodness it was soo pretty! I love that kit club because i would probably never get to play with the papers that Sandy picks. I wouldn't pick them for myself. Man tho I'm so glad that that is the case. Sadly this was my last month to dt for her. She is holding a dt call so EVERYONE go try out! She is soooo awesome to dt for. Anyway here are the pages I made with this months kit.

See I told you those papers were beautiful! I hardly added anything from my stash to these pages. I like a lot of stuff on my pages and this came with a lot of stuff lol!

Mojo is up! Are you playing along? I hope so! Here is my take on this challenge.

My daughter Aria jumpin on our trampoline. I love how it looks like she is just floating in mid air.

Well girls I need to vacuum and clean my really messy desk and then get ready for Nikki Peterson's class on sat! YAY! My cousin Crystal is coming with me! I'm so happy because her and I don't get to scrap together very much and honestly we are all we have around these parts. I'm so excited! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doesnt take much to rip us into pieces

My goodness! I have some fun stuff to share. On tues went and checked the sis catwalk and found my layout had been chosen by Adrienne. So totally cool. Then I look again and I see another and another and another! I made the catwalk 4 times in one week! WHAT?!? How freakin awesome is that? I couldn't believe it! I almost passed out. Every time I start feeling blah about my work something like this picks me right back up! I am so grateful for the scrapbooking online communities!

A few days ago hubby and I went shopping and guess what? I got my camera!!! YAY! Its the Rebel xsi EOS 450d. Its beautiful! I love it soo much. I have been reading the book and man the things this camera can do!

We also bought a laptop so i can be on the computer when he is on the PC and he can also take it to school and do his I T work on it. Yay!

Then I got the Scrap For A Cure kit for next month in the mail! YUMO! Ive already started 4 pages with it. Its really fab!Here is a sneak of some of the layouts...

This is one of my fav kits the stuff in it is just beautiful! Seriously you wont wanna miss it.

THEN I went over to the Red Velvet Kit Blog and found this beautiful sneak! Cant wait to get my hands on this and play! Such fun summer colors. Rachel always does a fab job putting these together.

There will be some kits up in the etsy but I suggest you secure a sub and not have to worry about trying to grab one early in the am. I assure you they wont disappoint!

Last but not least my Mojo sneak. Goes up on the 20th!

It was super fun! I hope to see you all playing along with us! Our Guest is wicked wonderful!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Snow can wait I forgot my mittens

Well I get to post my pages from my Red Velvet Kit! I'm so happy! This kit was beautiful! If you missed out then I suggest you click as fast as you can to get your sub over there because these kits are well worth it! So here we go...

I'm so sad that photo is sooo dark but we were in Starbucks and that's as good as i could lighten it. :(

There is sooo much more I could do with this kit...But I was so busy this week. Nothing new I guess lol! TFL!!

I hope you all had a very very Happy Mothers day!!! I had a very nice one. Hubby cleaned the house and we had a BBQ and I may be getting my Rebel...I cant wait! I did get a mp3...Yes i know you are saying omg u didn't have one. I kinda thought they were pointless. This one is really cool tho and I love it. Plays video and games and songs and displays photos. I hope your day was as wonderful as mine!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The sea of love

Wow! I am just elated by the comments i got! That is sooo awesome! You really know how to make a girl feel loved! It's nice to have someone to share my excitement with. So thank you!!!!

How was your NSD? Mine was ultra fab! Seriously it was. I got lost on the way to Ginger's house but its all good. Once i got there it was smooth sailing. She has to be my all time fav person! I'm serious we have so much in common and I feel like god put her in my life. Love ya girlie!

We got to Suzy's and were instantly greeted by none other then Suzy herself. She is sooo sweet and friendly she really does make you feel welcome. My excitement grew as I headed toward the back because I knew who was sitting at my table...Yes that's right Kerry Lynn and Nikki Peterson! AGH! I so heart those girls. So i got to sit for ohhh over 8 hours and chat and scrap with those 2 girls.

I also met Brenda and Pattie. Those two are wonderful also. Pattie had me laughing my butt off. Her and Diane went to see Duran Duran the night before and she kept impersonating Simon and his "kick box" dancing...Oh and cant forget the driving the car. She had me laughing so hard.

Diane was so fun to be around. I took a pic of her NOT scrappin just to remind her of how it is when we all crop lol! Diane and Pattie both pooped out on us early.

Ginger and I stayed till Suzy kicked us out! This was the only pic I took of my dear friend Ginger. She loves her IPhone lol! I think I love it too! I want one that's for sure.

I did happen to get 3 pages almost done. 2 Of them for Red Velvet! YAY! I will be posting those soon. The next day my neck was hurting so bad I couldn't even look to either side of me. Hardcore scrappin injury lol! All in all it was a wonderful day!

I would like to share some scrappyness with ya...Here is my Scrap For A Cure work.

The may kit is lovely! They have very few left so get on over there! Oh and guess who the guest is...Kerry Lynn! YAY! She really made some amazing stuff.

Mojo is up. Its a really cool one. Make sure to check it out.

I have some other things I forgot to share. I am a little absent minded at times. 4 kids will do that to ya.

Only 17 days till surgery! Are you praying for me? Thank you if you are. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seeking a friend for the end of the world...

Ok so are you ready for my big news??? I know i have been dying over here all day to spill the beans...Ready??

Rachel Denbow asked lil ol me to join the Red Velvet Kit Club dt! AGH!!!!! I jumped up and down when she asked! I made a few goals for myself this year and one of them being to be a guest for her this is by far meeting that goal! LOL!

That is a pic of this months kit and I believe there are a few still left. These kits i have felt are made for me. Love everything Rachel has ever done and just thank her for this wonderful opp.

My fellow dt girls are super wonderful I couldn't have asked for better girls to work with. Michelle and Theresa are a-maz-ing! Seriously! Love you girls!

If you go check out the blog right now and leave a comment you will be entered into a giveaway. Pls pls go show us some love and sign up for this way awesome prize.

I also have some wonderful nsr news...I have been for the past 6 months on a "diet" so I could get the gastric bypass...well i found out today my ins has approved it! YAY!!! May 23rd for me lovelies! Pray everything goes well and for a speedy recovery!

Alright my lovelies I am off to go get ready for NSD on sat...Ill be back soon with my Scrap for a cure work and some great pics from sat! Love you all!