Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wouldnt you like to see something strange

I have lots to blog about but my mind just doesn't know where to begin. Hmph! Well first off I went to a Halloween party thrown by my lovely friend Erika and her family. Hubby and I dressed up.

He was a Dog (wolfman) and I was a kitty. I must say I really love the Internet. I mean anything you can think of is on here. I thought I would look up some cat makeup ideas and well I found one. My makeup is based on that video. Don't have the link right off hand but I like how the makeup turned out.

Hubby's makeup I did also. His was a little harder. As you know we are pretty strapped for funds. We had to improvise on our costumes.

Mine cost .99 in total and his cost 1.50. Pretty good eh? I had the dress,tights, shoes, hair, makeup. I need the ears and it came with a tail. Hubby need fangs. I used my makeup and a black makeup crayon we had from last year. We also had a big jug of blood we bought from Spirit last year the day after Halloween. Got a deal 1/2 off. Tore up some old clothes of his and Viola the wolfman was born.

Our friends Mark and Erika had some really cool costumes. Doesn't Mark look like Zack from Hangover? I think so.

Share the last bit of my Halloween craftiness. I soo wanted to make more but time and me being lazy just didn't allow it.

I love these flowers. Used the dollar store streamers to make these crepe flowers. They are quick and simple to make. You can also make fabric ones. Which I did and will share along with the link soon.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I tell myself not to think about Christmas until it is over. Very hard. I totally forget about thanksgiving once Halloween is over. Really they should just move it to like may or maybe august? LOL! I need 2 months for Christmas honestly.

No but I do have some lovely Thanksgiving crafts coming up made with my PSA stamps. Keep a look out for that.

Carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, made choco chip cookies, hot apple cider, and finished up some craftiness sat (pics coming soon). Today is Halloween so it is filled with candy, walking, and whining. Yes my kids love to whine about how their feet hurt and their hungry and can they please have one bit of candy?!?!? ACK! Good grief. On that note I must prepare, find a happy place and put my whistle on.

Happy Halloween all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Browned Leaf Vertigo

Little sad because I had to say goodbye to Mojo. I just couldn't give it the time it needed. My DT girls are sooo amazing. I hope to work with them again soon. I know there are other scrappy adventures out there for us.

Speaking of other adventures I have been working on lots and lots of scrappyness. I have really cool news to share soon. Was really super happy when I got the email.

Have some more PSA dt work to share.

Hair clip

Door hanger

cupcake toppers

There are so many things you can do with these stamps and they are super easy to use. The sets are soo adorable you have to check them out.

October is such a lovely and wonderful month. Looking back tho it always seems to fly by. Maybe because it is always filled with so much. My son, mom, and grandmother all have a birthday in October. Then of course there is Halloween. Trying to cram so much in one month gets really challenging.

One of the things that has become a tradition is taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. Not just any pumpkin patch but Delloso farms. It has a haunted house, corn maze, zip line, Rope obstacles, pumpkin shooting (hehe), jumpers, train rides, petting zoo, bike races and my goodness lots more. It really is a cool place. Only downfall is almost EVERYTHING costs. A family of 6 well you can see how it would get very very expensive. One day my goal is to be able to go and do EVERYTHING with the kids. I hope that goal will be able to be met soon.

This is the first time we have went so late in the day. We decided to go on Friday since the forecast for the weekend was rain, rain, and more rain. It started to sprinkle while we were there and towards the end it was getting pretty wet.

We had a lovely time tho.

Going to school is very challenging. Not just the work and time but the fact that I have no money and no job makes it the most challenging. I am praying that when I am done it will all be worth it. I am sure right away I wont be making a whole lot but in the months to come there is great potential. Just hope that it comes my way.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm gonna be an emo kid for halloween

I have to start out by saying I am super proud of myself. I have been posting quite regularly to this ol blog. Yay me! Ha.

Hubby and I went to the movies this weekend. Haven't been in a while and there was so many wonderfully scary movies out. We choose to go see My Soul To Take. Wes Cravens new nightmare he devised. It really screamed Wes Craven. Think Freddy and Scream mashed together. I liked it tho. Was a little disappointed with having to pay extra for 3-d. Most of the time I had forgot I was watching a 3-d movie. If you can see it do so in 2-d and save the extra money. The ending lacked just a little but all in all a really good movie.

We also watched Case 39. Excellent movie! I loved it. Great story line. Great acting. Must see!

There are a billion pumpkin/Halloween recipes I am going to (or say I am going to) make and will post the end results here along with the recipe. I know one I wont be making (would love to tho) are these really neat dexter inspired lollipops.

Really really cool. Maybe next year.

I haven't made much of a dent in the Halloween craft ideas. They are still sitting in my head waiting to get out. School just seems to take over and I cant get what I want done. Study study study. Made custom acrylic crowns, bridges, and preformed metal crowns. Really fun to make.

As I had stated in previous posts I have some PSA goodies I made to share. Here are a few.

Candy cones.

Halloween style magnets

October has not heard my requests. It is flying by with a vengeance. At least I have the kids costumes taken care of. First for us! Another one to be proud of! Haha!

I have a clown with blood, a scary mask dude (not real sure what it is) and a pirate or vampire or mask wearing 6 year old. Hasn't made up his mind but we have a few extras he can choose from! My oldest is going as a band member from a band I hate. Yes that makes me old-ish. Hahaha but oh well it was bound to come eventually right?

What are the littles in your life going to be? How bout the big ones? :)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Black as the Night Full of Fright

10/10/10 is the date today, so far so lovely. The weather is beautiful. The kids are at church. I got a few crafty loveliness' done. Managed to study just a wee bit, need to cram in some more of that and am watching scary movies. How can the day get any better? *Well money could fall from the sky so I can take the kids to Disneyland and buy myself a new camera with lenses and hubby what ever his lil heart desires, but I wont push my luck hahaha!

This is a fun filled post with a little vintage/spooky Halloween decor. Well it looks vintage-eee anyway. I finally finished my fireplace mantel. My daughter said it looked like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Aww she knows how to make my day.

The pumpkin platter I bought at target and the birds from the dollar tree of course!I used the psa essentials Halloween stamp set for the banner and the little medallions. I still have to finish my side tables and my cabinet. I need some printer ink to to do what I would like. Hopefully that will come soon.

I try to take pics throughout the month of all the things that I love so very much and can usually only find in October. Here are a few of those things.

Mmm Carmel apples, Halloween cookies and my famous pumpkin pie cake! Hubby bought me the Halloween cookies like the sweet sweet man that he is. Made the pumpkin pie cake and took some to school for the girls to try. I have yet to have anyone say they didn't love it. It seriously is to die for. Simple and easy to make too!

I already picked up our pumpkins at Safeway. They had the LARGE ones on sale for 4.99 each! I couldn't pass them up. I never buy them at the pumpkin patch they are way to spensive lol! My beautiful mother however bought the kids and I pumpkin patch tickets (the tickets are for the haunted house, corn maze and what not). Next weekend I am thinking?? Oh lovely pictures to come (fingers crossed).

I have been busy with some deadlines for thanksgiving stuff. It is hard to concentrate on all that when its Halloween. I have so many Halloween projects I want to do and don't think I will have the time to do them. Eeeee! Between tests to study for, kids to yell at, and deadlines for other things... Well you get the idea.

Lastly I would love to see your Halloween decor. Leave me a link to your blog or wherever you have pictures. If you don't have any send me some links of some that inspire you!

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Somedays arent yours at all.

First I would like to share a little banner I made using the PSA stamps. I used my fav little voodoo guy. He is soo freakin cute!

Super quick and easy to make. Used crepe paper streamers from the dollar tree for the ruffles on the sides and the circles.

It is hanging above my fireplace which I will soon share with you all. I have a few more things to make for the mantel deco and it will be complete!

Elvira is back on tv! Loved her as a kid and she still looks smokin hot! She is almost 60!! Her show is freakin funny and I get to watch some scary old ones that I may or may not have seen. Check your local listings for times and channel.

Halloween tv time! I have watched a few scary movies (none worth mentioning). The kids and I watched Beetlejuice and spookley the square pumpkin (very cute). I have the Halloween Towns on DVR and Hocus Pocus somewhere watiting. Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before christmas, Corpse Bride, Halloween and many others are on the list of must watch. Do you have one you must watch every year?

I have a life lesson to share with you all. Yes I feel like an idiot, but we all make mistakes and maybe I can share my stupidity with you all and you can learn a thing or two lol!

Well we had a nice learning experience this weekend. My son's birthday was sat. Fri night we took him to go pick out his super cool bike that he wanted. He was so very excited and couldn't wait to ride it. Wal mart didn't have a proper helmet for him so we were gonna go after the part and buy him one. Uh yeah. Anyway getting ready for the party son asked to ride his bike a min. We figured it was ok right in front of the house as when WE were kids we NEVER wore helmets and he wasn't going only about 40 feet.

I went to the store to pick up his ice cream for the sundaes and as I am heading back I get a call. My husband " we have a serious situation." Me "What?" My husband "Rowan apparently fell off his bike and now has a concussion and needs to be taken to the hospital and he is a street over." Me "WTH?!?! I will be right there!"

I find the house my son is at and immediately wanna cry and scream. I try to compose myself. He is crying and has a ice pack on his head but he is conscious talking and walking. I ask him WHY he thought it was ok to ride so far and WHY he did not listen to us and WHAT it was that he was doing to hit his eye/head.

I really thought I was going to have to cancel his bday and take him to the ER. I got the boy home cleaned his scraped knuckles and assessed the damage. He says " I really wish this day was over. This is the worst day ever!" Felt really really bad. I asked him the questions you would ask someone if they had a concussion and he had no signs. I told him to sit relax keep the ice on his head and we shall see how he is doing. Every 5 mins I asked if he felt tired and how his head felt. He was ok.

I am glad to say the party went on and he now has a nice shiner to brag about to all the kids. I and hubby have learned a valuable lesson...None of the children will ride a bike (not even 1 foot) without a helmet! LOL! We all make mistakes and sometimes we learn a few good points from them. Oh and we got him a helmet that same day. Aria asked to ride his bike. I asked her if she had a helmet (because all the kids did at one point) and she sheepishly answered no. Well there is your answer kido! ha!


Friday, October 1, 2010

I've gone away don't call me don't write

Yay it is October 1st. I have only one request. Please please please linger a little October. Don't leave in such a hurry like September did. Take it slow and easy. Oh and lets have some really cool fallish days. At least 90% of the month. Ok?

Now that I got that out of the way...I have some really cool news to share. I am a member of the PSA dt! I was contacted in August by Libby to make some things with their stamps and if they liked what I made then they would invite me to be on their dt. Well I couldn't pass it up because they were sending me their hole Halloween line for free! Even if I didn't make the dt I still got some really killer stamps.

A little sneak.

I am sooo thrilled that I DID make it and am now going to be working with ALL the stamp sets making some really neat stuff! Can't wait to get started. I have lots of Halloween stuff to share with you but that has to wait till next week. The stamps are truly cute and easy to use so you must check them out. :)

Also the new prompt is up over at simply ArTistiC. Here is my little ATC.

Handmade those flowers out of book pages. I love how they look and they are super easy to make. Go check out what the other girls made! Lovely.

I am doing good in school. I coronal polished my husband and my daughter the other day! So fun. My son is next. Really weird to think I could be doing this to your teeth someday! LOL! Well if any of you come to my dentist that is. I really am looking forward to this career. It isn't my first choice (because like everyone else here I wish I could open up my own business(a scrap store) and be creative for a living) but it is really really cool.

Eeeee love these pics my hubby snapped of me. Makes it feel more real. ;)

Tmw is the Boy-o's 10th birthday! I am off to get ready for that and (hopefully) start decorating for Halloween outside. Have a lovely weekend all!