Friday, October 1, 2010

I've gone away don't call me don't write

Yay it is October 1st. I have only one request. Please please please linger a little October. Don't leave in such a hurry like September did. Take it slow and easy. Oh and lets have some really cool fallish days. At least 90% of the month. Ok?

Now that I got that out of the way...I have some really cool news to share. I am a member of the PSA dt! I was contacted in August by Libby to make some things with their stamps and if they liked what I made then they would invite me to be on their dt. Well I couldn't pass it up because they were sending me their hole Halloween line for free! Even if I didn't make the dt I still got some really killer stamps.

A little sneak.

I am sooo thrilled that I DID make it and am now going to be working with ALL the stamp sets making some really neat stuff! Can't wait to get started. I have lots of Halloween stuff to share with you but that has to wait till next week. The stamps are truly cute and easy to use so you must check them out. :)

Also the new prompt is up over at simply ArTistiC. Here is my little ATC.

Handmade those flowers out of book pages. I love how they look and they are super easy to make. Go check out what the other girls made! Lovely.

I am doing good in school. I coronal polished my husband and my daughter the other day! So fun. My son is next. Really weird to think I could be doing this to your teeth someday! LOL! Well if any of you come to my dentist that is. I really am looking forward to this career. It isn't my first choice (because like everyone else here I wish I could open up my own business(a scrap store) and be creative for a living) but it is really really cool.

Eeeee love these pics my hubby snapped of me. Makes it feel more real. ;)

Tmw is the Boy-o's 10th birthday! I am off to get ready for that and (hopefully) start decorating for Halloween outside. Have a lovely weekend all!


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