Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Somedays arent yours at all.

First I would like to share a little banner I made using the PSA stamps. I used my fav little voodoo guy. He is soo freakin cute!

Super quick and easy to make. Used crepe paper streamers from the dollar tree for the ruffles on the sides and the circles.

It is hanging above my fireplace which I will soon share with you all. I have a few more things to make for the mantel deco and it will be complete!

Elvira is back on tv! Loved her as a kid and she still looks smokin hot! She is almost 60!! Her show is freakin funny and I get to watch some scary old ones that I may or may not have seen. Check your local listings for times and channel.

Halloween tv time! I have watched a few scary movies (none worth mentioning). The kids and I watched Beetlejuice and spookley the square pumpkin (very cute). I have the Halloween Towns on DVR and Hocus Pocus somewhere watiting. Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before christmas, Corpse Bride, Halloween and many others are on the list of must watch. Do you have one you must watch every year?

I have a life lesson to share with you all. Yes I feel like an idiot, but we all make mistakes and maybe I can share my stupidity with you all and you can learn a thing or two lol!

Well we had a nice learning experience this weekend. My son's birthday was sat. Fri night we took him to go pick out his super cool bike that he wanted. He was so very excited and couldn't wait to ride it. Wal mart didn't have a proper helmet for him so we were gonna go after the part and buy him one. Uh yeah. Anyway getting ready for the party son asked to ride his bike a min. We figured it was ok right in front of the house as when WE were kids we NEVER wore helmets and he wasn't going only about 40 feet.

I went to the store to pick up his ice cream for the sundaes and as I am heading back I get a call. My husband " we have a serious situation." Me "What?" My husband "Rowan apparently fell off his bike and now has a concussion and needs to be taken to the hospital and he is a street over." Me "WTH?!?! I will be right there!"

I find the house my son is at and immediately wanna cry and scream. I try to compose myself. He is crying and has a ice pack on his head but he is conscious talking and walking. I ask him WHY he thought it was ok to ride so far and WHY he did not listen to us and WHAT it was that he was doing to hit his eye/head.

I really thought I was going to have to cancel his bday and take him to the ER. I got the boy home cleaned his scraped knuckles and assessed the damage. He says " I really wish this day was over. This is the worst day ever!" Felt really really bad. I asked him the questions you would ask someone if they had a concussion and he had no signs. I told him to sit relax keep the ice on his head and we shall see how he is doing. Every 5 mins I asked if he felt tired and how his head felt. He was ok.

I am glad to say the party went on and he now has a nice shiner to brag about to all the kids. I and hubby have learned a valuable lesson...None of the children will ride a bike (not even 1 foot) without a helmet! LOL! We all make mistakes and sometimes we learn a few good points from them. Oh and we got him a helmet that same day. Aria asked to ride his bike. I asked her if she had a helmet (because all the kids did at one point) and she sheepishly answered no. Well there is your answer kido! ha!



Christina Padilla said...

loving the banner. and i love how you can use a 20 item and a 1 dollar item and make it work. you go girl.

and as for evil kenvil, im happy he got a helmet and your story hopefully will help a parent out there as a reminder to please use the a helmet.

kids. and your so right, we never used them and we are ok. well cept for that time my skate got caught in the tennis net and well, thats another story! lol

Alexia said...

I'm 25 and I just got a new bike. You wouldn't believe the crap I get from my mother as she tries to get me to wear a helmet! Yes, not going to happen, Mom. It's as if she doesn't care what it would do to my hair!

Alexia said...

And I love the fact that I know the lyrics from quite a few of your post titles!