Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My fake plastic love


Last weekend ended up making these freakin awesome cookies.

They are one of the BEST peanut butter cookies ever! Yum.

Went to see "Devil" Sunday with my hubby. I was really expecting it to be bad. I didn't want to waste the tickets on it really. I mean the preview looked really good but so many movies have disappointed me lately. I am so glad we did go. It was really good. Not my typical horror movie. I really enjoyed it tho. I don't like elevators and this elevator made me wanna hyperventilate lol! Oh and I will never get in a nbr 6 elevator again. Just FYI.

I started a new MOD last Monday. This mod is the longest and it is a lot of hands on lab work. I have learned how to do a Rubber Dam, Calcium Hydroxide cavity prep,& Toffelmeyer matrix band. All interesting but a little hard. Good challenge.

I finished some Halloween fun stuff.

(inspo found on google from rawbone etsy)

I have so much more to make. Many Ideas floating in my head.

Halloween coasters
Haunted houses
tree ornaments
Door hangings
and the list goes on and on...

Now I just need the time to make them.

Taught the girls how to "sew" this weekend. We made voodoo dolls. Very fun. They really had a good time creating. I was not feeling great at the time but they really wanted to learn. Here are our finished products.

(Ravens;left Mine;right)

My son's and my little girl want me to teach them now. It was hard enough teaching the 14 yr olds! LOL! I am not sure if I will be conquering that with the lil ones.

Think I am gonna have to find a different Halloween goodie to make with them.

Last but not least I think I will be making this sweet lil one soon. How cute is he or she!

I really love Halloween. I love fall. I am going to start decorating today. When do you start?


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Be whoever you have to be, I won't judge you

(love this old food label)

Time for another fun filled blog post. Maybe not so fun filled but none the less a blog post. Labor day weekend. Ahhh 3 whole days off. Loved it! The most awesome part is I get another one this weekend too! I am sooo super stoked. I have crafting shoved in there somewhere.

This weekend I did a whole lot of nothing. I would say I was very lazy. I went grocery shopping. Winco one day and Costco next. Did some other blah stuff in between. We re-watched Legion with my daughter. She loved it. As do I. Great movie. I also watched a few shows on tv.

Sunday I set up a little virtual crop with a few girls. It was originally suppose to be CP and Vero. Then I thought how fun would it be to get a bunch of FB chicks on there. I invited anyone who wanted to chat and scrap with me in the girl cave. Linda joined me and my cousin Crystal. I gave them a sketch to do and we worked on stuff chatted and laughed. CP showed up later in the night and the fun continued.

This crop was actually not like others because I FINISHED a page! Woot! From the sketch I provided.

I had such a good time I am thinking of making it a regular thing. Anyone else interested? I had my cam set up and so did my cousin. If you have a cam that makes it even better. We show our fav products and what we are making. Really fun.

Then Monday hubby made his world famous BBQ. I swear he is a grill master. I wish I could let you all taste the goodness he cooks up. Mmmmm so yummy.

And that my friends was my labor day weekend. Lovely. Simple. Great.


Friday, September 3, 2010

No regrets just love

Man this poor little blog gets neglected so bad. As do many things in my life. I say I am going to change and try to be better. Yes that lasts for a bit but I always fall back into my old ways. Can you truly teach a old dog new tricks? I would like to think so. I mean so far with school I am doing way better then I did in high school. Not that I didn't have the potential to be a straight A student it was just I was lazy and wanted to be more social then anything.

(made these in class)

Speaking of school I am as I stated above a straight A student. So far. It seems to me to get harder and harder as time progresses. That's ok I just have to look at it as a challenge right? I am hoping to get hired on at the jail when I am done. Yes I said JAIL. The money made there is insane. No joke. That would be so awesome to make that kind of money. My family would be well taken care of and we could finally afford to fix the things that need to be done on this falling down old shack. *sigh*

I started a daily goal over at FB. I think I will make it last 365. HOPE. I start these things but very rarely finish them. I am on day 4. :) You may all join me if you like.

The new prompt is up over at Simply ArTistiC. Here is mine.

I love Alice in Wonderland and I am so enjoying making these sweet cards.

I got my special package in the mail and I am sooo excited to create with it. I have made a few Halloween things but I have so many ideas. I have to lock myself in the girl cave one day this weekend and just knock them out.

There are a few things I really want to do and hopefully I can get to those this weekend too. I have to study for my test on Tuesday and then our final for MOD C is on Thursday! YIKES! BUSY BUSY! I will make time for everything. I must.

3 day weekend and then another one coming up! Woot! Have a wonderful Labor day weekend!