Thursday, September 29, 2011

My hearts a stero, it beats for you

Blog blog blog. So much to blog about but just not into it. You ever get that way? Losing my steam I guess. I wonder if the readers are losing their steam as well? Maybe it will pick back up after the holidays? I know this time of year is stressful for a lot of people. Me especially. I have a full October. A birthday, my graduation, a crop, my sisters baby shower, another crop/sleepover, AND cant forget Halloween! I mean sheesh. BUSY! November and December are no better. I also have deadlines to finish. YIKES. LOL! The whole point of that was, if I am THAT busy then surely you all must be too! *wink*

I am participating in a halloween blog hop.Yay! I really want to make some cute stuff this year. Now to find the time. Haha! Oh don't worry I will squeeze it in somewhere. Have to get my Halloween mantel decorated. That is my favorite part.

I did happen to create something halloween for Scrapjacked. Here is a tiny peek at that.

I got to have a girls weekend-ish with Ashley & Kristi. We had a blast! Laughed, scrapped, ate...Ashley made us dinner from pinterest. OMG the food was delish. I will be making the same thing soon and share the recipes of course. I did a little bit of scrapping. Finished my creative type layout just in time. Love it.

I also planed our dinners for a month! I am sooo proud of myself. I have to thank pinterest for that one. I mean I always spend at least a hour on there and think why am I doing this, what a waste. But seriously its not. It has given me so much inspiration and recipes that I cant stand it! LOL! Seriously, I love that site. I will post the weeks menu in October with recipes (I hope). I have good intentions.

Don't forget to come back soon for the new Scrapjacked and the new Creative Type.


Monday, September 26, 2011

GCD Technique sept

Summer is officially OVER at my house. Yes it is still hot, but we have had a lovely hectic month preparing for school. Our summer ends when school begins! When school begins we don't only prepare the kids but we prepare the teachers. Last year my son's teacher was a little upset that most of the kids would lose their pencils. He was always supplying the kids with new pencils every day. I know that teachers don't make a lot of money and show we as parents care I decided to fix that little issue.

I came up with this little jar full of pencils that the kids can take, use and return. The perfect gift that hopefully keeps on giving. Here is how I made it.

First gather your supplies. Above I have pictured all the tools, glues and ink I used. I also used the Elementary My Dear 48 sheet collection pad designed by Heather Tozzi.

Firs start out by punching your shapes. I punched the tag shape out of the alphabet paper and the medallion shape out of the apple paper.

Ink the edges of your punched shapes to make them pop.
Cut off the top 3 inches or so of the pencil sheet.
I then ran the strip through my paper crimper to add texture.

Place a glue on the underside of the strip on either side. One will anchor it to the jar and the other will close the strip on itself.

Add foam squares to the backs of your punched shapes.
Adhere to the front of the jar on the strip.
I really loved the sweet little pencils and had to cut one out to add to my tag on the front.

I wanted to set the pencils apart from any of the kids pencils so I came up with these little banners to add to them. Hopefully this will insure they get returned. First cut stripes of paper. Mine are 5 inches long by 2 inches wide.

I then fold in half and cut a triangle out of the center of the ends so they match up.

Write your teachers name or please return on the banner.

To adhere them to the pencils I used a very strong glue.Run a bead of glue along the crease in the middle.
Position the pencil on the glue.
Then apply more glue to the end of the banners and join together. The kids wont be able to get these off all that easily.

Add your sentiment to the tag and you are done.
A quick, useful and cute gift to give the teacher.

I hope I have inspired you to create something sweet and useful for one of the important teachers in your life.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This melody was meant for you

Fall is almost here and I cant wait! I love fall. The weather, colors and activities. For my color inspiration I picked this beautiful pallet.

It is simply gorgeous. It reminds me of leaves on the trees as they are changing from green to yellow. The streets get piled with them and my kids and I love taking walks during that time.

A while back my sister and her husband stopped to smell the roses. It was such a sweet moment. So candid, so beautiful, I of course snapped away.

I adore this little bird. I have used her on a few creations. She is just so sweet.

The greens, yellows, and greys really compliment the photo.
My sister looks so beautiful in her dress. I wanted to make a page that was almost as beautiful as she was. These papers helped me do that. (FYI the sunflower doily is from the dollar tree.)


Monday, September 12, 2011

What goes around comes back around

Check out the amazing September kit of the month GCD put together!

You could win this awesome kit...Here are the details.

I hope you love this months kit as much as we do! It's packed with school themed papers and happy bright fall embellishments. To enter into this contest, simple create a back to school project. It can be a layout, card or even a gift for a teacher. Please use 50% of GCD Studios product to enter. Then email your project to me at by Sept 26th 2011.

The top 3 projects will be posted here and the voting beings (just like last time :). The winner will have the kit of the month sent to her or him and will be featured in our next months news letter. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter, you should! It is packed full of creative ideas and art. To sign up for the newsletter simply contact us at

Good luck everyone.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

On this day 10 years ago I was sitting at home with my small children wondering what the heck was going on. The news was showing the first building on fire and everyone was in a panic...I remember the live coverage and seeing the 2nd plane hit the 2nd building. My heart just sank. Couldn't wrap my head around why it was happening. The cities were so silent no one would come out of their homes. I hugged my kids tighter that day and mourned for all the families that were affected.

What do you remember about that day?


Friday, September 9, 2011

The best thing you never had

Already September. Does life ever slow down? It seems like once you hit your teens everything just flies by and the older you get the faster it goes. Gotta start living life a little better. Less stressed. Make that one a goal I guess. *wink*

Guess what? I counted the layouts I have that are almost finished and there are 5! I mean those are just the ones I have done in the last month. There are more somewhere that have been like a year in the making! WTF? I know! And when I say "unfinished", I mean all they need is a bit of journaling. Yes my arch nemesis. Gah! They will get done. Sounds like another goal.
I will finish them. Maybe not today, maybe not tmw, but they will be finished.

Speaking of finished. I started this page at the crop last weekend with Kristi and Suzy over at AIS. I love my crop time. I don't get much done but it does release stress and brings me great joy. As I said I started this page. I didn't glue anything down. Last night I started to realize I hadn't posted a blog post in a bit. I had nothing "finished" to share with you all so I quickly remembered this page.

Nothing was glued down, as a matter of fact everything was scattered in the bag. I put it all together and realized I needed...DUN DUN DUN! JOURNALING! Grrr. I ran it out to the crafty cottage and typed away.

I couldn't believe it. SO simply, so easy. Yay! FINISHED! The picture we took with Kristi's instax and it came out, well terrible. She challenged me to use it. I did. This page is about how imperfect life can be but I am glad I have friends like Kristi to go through it with.

On Wednesday I had a house guest arrive. My 86 year old grandmother.

She is a lovely lady. I adore her. She is like my second mom.

Because she is here I have been making many recipes from Pinterest. One is this delish potato soup. Totally to die for. YUMMY!

I use fresh potatoes and onions. It is really really good.

I will share more recipes that I tried soon. How bout you? Tried anything from pinterest?


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good lookin out

How is your scrappin life coming along? Do you feel uninspired? Do you need a little bit of a push to get those creative juices flowing again? Well have I got a blog post for you! I am now the DT coordinator for Scrapjacked! Yes that's right scrapjacked is back! Remember them? Such a great way to get you playing with paper. You don't have to think much. It's all there for ya. Just copy and paste. Literally! Here is my take on the first Jack.

So do you know who we jacked?

Any guesses?

Ok I will tell ya...Jen Jockisch. She is the queen of layers and paper goodies. I love her work and this jack was really fun. Her page was so girly and mine is so the opposite of that. I used Amy Tangerine for this page.

And the new Creative Type is up! You have to scrap your vice. Yes I know a vice is a bad habit kind of thing.
My bad habit is shopping...Shopping for scrapbooking supplies honestly. I had to turn it into something good.

Without my bad habit I wouldn't have my sweet wonderful friends! It's the little things that make it all worth while. LOL! You like how I justify? *Amy Tan also*

So there you have it. If you haven't stopped reading and clicked on those 2 blogs by now then I don't know what honestly will help you get your butt moving. Maybe I need to come over and kick ya in the pants? I'll be right over!