Thursday, September 15, 2011

This melody was meant for you

Fall is almost here and I cant wait! I love fall. The weather, colors and activities. For my color inspiration I picked this beautiful pallet.

It is simply gorgeous. It reminds me of leaves on the trees as they are changing from green to yellow. The streets get piled with them and my kids and I love taking walks during that time.

A while back my sister and her husband stopped to smell the roses. It was such a sweet moment. So candid, so beautiful, I of course snapped away.

I adore this little bird. I have used her on a few creations. She is just so sweet.

The greens, yellows, and greys really compliment the photo.
My sister looks so beautiful in her dress. I wanted to make a page that was almost as beautiful as she was. These papers helped me do that. (FYI the sunflower doily is from the dollar tree.)



Ashley Newell said...

This is REALLY REALLY pretty! I love how you used the doily!

cococricketsmama said...

so pretty!!

Gina Lideros said...

this is gorgeous Marie, I love the color combo and that sunflower doily is so cute!