Friday, September 9, 2011

The best thing you never had

Already September. Does life ever slow down? It seems like once you hit your teens everything just flies by and the older you get the faster it goes. Gotta start living life a little better. Less stressed. Make that one a goal I guess. *wink*

Guess what? I counted the layouts I have that are almost finished and there are 5! I mean those are just the ones I have done in the last month. There are more somewhere that have been like a year in the making! WTF? I know! And when I say "unfinished", I mean all they need is a bit of journaling. Yes my arch nemesis. Gah! They will get done. Sounds like another goal.
I will finish them. Maybe not today, maybe not tmw, but they will be finished.

Speaking of finished. I started this page at the crop last weekend with Kristi and Suzy over at AIS. I love my crop time. I don't get much done but it does release stress and brings me great joy. As I said I started this page. I didn't glue anything down. Last night I started to realize I hadn't posted a blog post in a bit. I had nothing "finished" to share with you all so I quickly remembered this page.

Nothing was glued down, as a matter of fact everything was scattered in the bag. I put it all together and realized I needed...DUN DUN DUN! JOURNALING! Grrr. I ran it out to the crafty cottage and typed away.

I couldn't believe it. SO simply, so easy. Yay! FINISHED! The picture we took with Kristi's instax and it came out, well terrible. She challenged me to use it. I did. This page is about how imperfect life can be but I am glad I have friends like Kristi to go through it with.

On Wednesday I had a house guest arrive. My 86 year old grandmother.

She is a lovely lady. I adore her. She is like my second mom.

Because she is here I have been making many recipes from Pinterest. One is this delish potato soup. Totally to die for. YUMMY!

I use fresh potatoes and onions. It is really really good.

I will share more recipes that I tried soon. How bout you? Tried anything from pinterest?



cococricketsmama said...

what a nice post! Hope you have a great weekend!

FerrellGraph-x said...

Such a beautiful picture of your grandmothers hands!
Someday you will be so glad you had that picture!
Kindest regards,
Jennifer Ferrell

Ashley Newell said...

I love this layout! Why isn't there a layout of just the two of us?!

The Sonboul's said...

first... I love that layout :) so cute! Second- I love those photos of your grandmother. I really miss my grandmother and wish I had better photos of her. Make sure you keep cherishing those moments with her :)