Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good lookin out

How is your scrappin life coming along? Do you feel uninspired? Do you need a little bit of a push to get those creative juices flowing again? Well have I got a blog post for you! I am now the DT coordinator for Scrapjacked! Yes that's right scrapjacked is back! Remember them? Such a great way to get you playing with paper. You don't have to think much. It's all there for ya. Just copy and paste. Literally! Here is my take on the first Jack.

So do you know who we jacked?

Any guesses?

Ok I will tell ya...Jen Jockisch. She is the queen of layers and paper goodies. I love her work and this jack was really fun. Her page was so girly and mine is so the opposite of that. I used Amy Tangerine for this page.

And the new Creative Type is up! You have to scrap your vice. Yes I know a vice is a bad habit kind of thing.
My bad habit is shopping...Shopping for scrapbooking supplies honestly. I had to turn it into something good.

Without my bad habit I wouldn't have my sweet wonderful friends! It's the little things that make it all worth while. LOL! You like how I justify? *Amy Tan also*

So there you have it. If you haven't stopped reading and clicked on those 2 blogs by now then I don't know what honestly will help you get your butt moving. Maybe I need to come over and kick ya in the pants? I'll be right over!



Amy Lynne said...

wow! I love both of these pages. :) I am fascinated with how you create a balance of layers, colors, and elements....without them overwhelming the page (I do that waaaaay too often). Beautiful work....(and I am off to see the newest Scrapjacked post!)

Ashley Newell said...

I love both these layouts! They are awesome! Aeden is so cute in his and of course, I love the one of all us friends!

Gina Lideros said...

these layouts turned ouf so cute. I love what you did for scrapjacked.

Michelle Hernandez said...

LOVE what you've done with the AC paper! FABULOUS! I'm sorry I haven't swung by in sooo long- I was away on vacation so long it's taken weeks to get back into the swing of things!
BY the way- this is random but your husband's comment on FB about joining you in the legion of the undead if you are bitten by a zombie (told ya- random) was CLASSIC! Wish I had thought of that!