Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bad blogger

Ok slap my hands Ive been bad! Sorry girls...But I have been so busy...Ok I'm lying...I have been lazy. After i take care of Ronnie and the house and the kids and cook and blah blah i just wanna sit on my butt! I haven't even really worked from home to much like i should be. Ugh. My kids are out of school for the summer and we bought them a slip and slide...They had so much fun!

Oh and btw i got married. LOL! It turned out very lovely, cute and sweet. Sadly i have no pics to show. I was not taking pics of course and left it up to friends....If i have any to show i will post them. Ronnie looked so pale i felt so bad for making him stand there while i walked my happy butt up there lol!

Forth of July i go to my moms and we are gonna get our swim on! Love to swim. I want a pool so bad or that awesome spa i saw at costco! That would be nice too. Maybe next year. Here are some pics my cousin and I took with one of those disposable underwater cameras last year....Some came out pretty neat.

The only bad thing about those is the fact u cant see what or where u are shooting lol! We didn't think we were going to get any pics what so ever.

This is my daughter Raven hehehe.

I cant wait to scrap these pics. I will be having a rak soon. So keep an eye out for that!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well i finished this one on time but i didn't post it on time...Oh well...You can see a spot where my lil guy put chapstick on it..ggrrrr! LOL!

Its kind of hard to see but she has a drawn on mooooooo-stash and goatee. Very funny.

This is my lil guy aeden (the chapstick bandit) In his big brothers underpants. Kids are great.

I just got my red velvet kit and have already tore right into it. Rachel is da bomb ladies!

Oh speaking of da bomb my awesome friend Cindy Ellen Russell sent me some totally wicked stuff. I will post pics in the next few days...but my fav thing of all is the card she made. She is one talented artist. My fav by far. Check her out sometime. She is on Zingboom's DT among others.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well i posted these on my last post but they didnt show up so here we go another try...

This is for the olw challenge

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dun dun dundun....Dun dun dunnndunnnn....

Hahaha Im getting married on June 19th. Ronnie and I decided to go head and make it official in the eyes of god and everyone else. I never cared that we weren't married. We talked about it but I was the main one who kept saying ehhh not a big deal. His mom wanted so bad for us to get married. She passed away almost 3 years ago. So after all this craziness I decided it was time to tie the knot. If anything bad would've happened to him...Well besides being utterly devastated i would also be screwed. I would have no legal leg to stand on. So i decided june 19th would be a wonderful day for a small wedding....You see its his mom's birthday and I thought that would be a lovely way to celebrate her since she wasn't here to see it. I love her with all my heart. There is no one out there like her. She was the sweetest lady Ive ever known and I was truly blessed to have her as a mil. Her passing away is the reason i got into scrapbooking. So dun dun dundun!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I've done something...This is from the red velvet project kit...And man was i lovin that fabric. But the book was a little hard for me. I didnt know what to make it about...I have many many mini books and i wanted this one to be different...And given the life i have lived, well its pretty different.

Title page of the book...

The first page...

This is what it says.

You may think that as you read the title of this book, but i wanted the people who happened upon this to know that nothing in life is perfect...No matter how low you feel it WILL get better & you will make it through it, stronger, kinder,& a whole lot smarter. So count your blessings and remember someone out there has it worse then you.

Im going to write all the things i have been thru and of course all the miracles god has performed in my life and how he has helped me thru it.

Hope everyone has a blessed week!