Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'll follow you into the dark

Ok should I start this post off on how time goes to darn fast and bad blogger I be?? Nah! I have been super busy. When I say busy I don't mean doing fun stuff either. Just work basically. Once I get home from work I watch TV, referee kids, eat, shower and go to bed just so I can do it all over again the next day. Then I usher my days away so I can have 2 days of peace (yeah right). I have been trying very hard not to wish and wish the week would go by fast and the weekend would get here but I must say it is REALLY hard!

I got a creative bug up my butt last weekend and did a few projects here and there. Mainly played with cupcake liners. Fun. Pics coming soon.

I have been so into messing around with my living room I kind of put scrappin on a back burner. I did however manage to throw 2 pages together. I'll post those soon too. In the meantime I made this little frame thing. I used a prima refill canvas page and a dollar tree back of a frame. Really like how it turned out.

My living room has been ever changing and I got a few new pieces to share. I am STILL not satisfied with this room. It is a work in progress and I hope one day I can call it done. I am sure my husband hopes that too.

Isn't that pillar lovely?!? Its all chippy and cracked and shabby. May paint that fabulous pumpkin color turquoise. I really love the pumpkin but not sure it matches to well. Debating.

How bout that pic? It is a TTVF pic using my new/old Kodak brownie. I went to this lovely craft/vintage shop and I was in heaven! She has vintage buttons galore. I sooo scored with this place. Not to mention these fabulous vintage cameras to start off my collection. I have been wanting some for a while now but never seen them in any antique stores. They were a good price too. 10 each!

I have some other scores to show but I will wait till next post! You have any cool finds to share with me? I would love to see.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Like those soft little secrets that you tell to yourself.

Happy {i}NSD!!!! What are you doing? What did you do? I want to see some craftyness ladies! I was thinking of going to Oakdale to get my scrap on with my cousin but we ended up not going. I just get so lazy on weekends anymore. Oh well I can get my scrap on at home. Wish my cousin lived closer tho. Love to bitch and laugh with her.

I must make some stuff today. I mean it would be like a travesty if I didn't right? Seeing as its NSD and all. I will start as soon as this blog post is done.

I have made a few things here and there. This rag wreath is one.

I made it for my door using vintage fabric and a old wire hanger.

I also made a coffee filter light globe. I have no where to put it tho. I can't find the perfect spot. My house is sooooo small. Oh well I am sure it will find a home or get tore up lol! I am thinking the entry way. That is my next home improvement project as soon as the living room is fin. I have a few things in mind for that tiny place. Already have my light switch cover from anthro.When I took off my old one tho it was a big ugly hole and now I have to patch it. Just one more thing I can learn how to do on the internet. Hehehe!
(Pics will come soon.)

I am thinking of painting the tile black and white checkers. I can't really afford to replace them so that's the next best thing. Slap on a coat of paint (not sure what color yet) (really wanna do something with chalk board paint tho) and paint the door robin egg blueish and viola think that will be done. Then on to the rest of the house. Kitchen really needs some tlc. I think that will be a huge project and will be loooooooooooooooong! Need new cabinets, the whole shebang.

Living room is coming together. I have my frame wall up.

I stare at it through out the day and think "do I want that one here or there." I don't know that it will "officially" be done but that's ok. Think I need a coffee table and a area rug.

Thinking of painting the tv stand. Its black. Has glass doors that we took off because the ps3 gets to hot. I asked hubby to take off the back so we can use the doors again and I am thinking fabric curtains in the doors so you cant see all the dvds and electronics. Not sure if I should paint it white or turquoise. Hmmmmmm. Thinking turquoise.

Bought some pillows and am gonna doctor them up. Need a few more tho. I am still working on the wall above the big couch. It just seems so bare. Not sure what to do with it but I'll figure out something.

I bought this bench at Beverlys and painted it white.

Put some kitschy stuff on it and call it done. I wish it woulda been a old garden bench a little bit bigger but this will do till I find one *wink*.

Enough with the home improvement talk it is time to get my craft on! Stay tuned for the Kenner Road blog. I have a tutorial coming up on how to make stamped candles.

Oh and come play with us over at Mojo. My page I made for the challenge.

(used part of the Kenner Road April kit for this)

The blue flower is from Daniela's shop The Art Life and I made those pink fabric flowers for the second part of the challenge. Speaking of fabric flowers here are a few I made that would make good mom day presents.

and the link to the tutorial on how to make them! :)

Mama's day is coming up and every time someone says how creative I am I cant help but be grateful for my mom. She is why I am so crafty. My fondest memories of my childhood is her showing me how to embroider or us going shopping for ceramics to paint. Thanks mom!