Monday, April 30, 2007


Well..*sigh* things aren't looking to much better...I have FINALLY found out what it is he has...But let me first recap the events...He had his ct..Doc didn't come in to tell us what was up all day. I kept asking the nurses what was wrong with him. They didn't know. One nurse i talked to said they knew but couldn't tell me because they didn't understand it. He was on antibiotics all night long. The next morning 6 am the doc comes in to tell him they are going to perform surgery to cut the infection out. IT is not responding to the antibiotics....I'm devastated....But not as devastated as i was when i found out just what it was we were dealing with...Anyway, he has the surgery the doc comes out and tells me "Well it went pretty well..He is sever diabetic...The infection has went up into his abdomen so I'm going to have to go back in several more times...As I told Ron this disease is life threatening...A lot of people die from it."

1. He had already been there for over 24 hours NO one had said he was diabetic..
2.Nor did they test his blood sugar....
3.nor did they give him any sort of medication for it..

Well I still didn't understand what was going on. I went home changed my clothes and waited for him to go to ICU...I went to see him in ICU and to my utter amazement he looked so awesome! I mean u would not know this man was sick. I had such high hopes when i seen him. He was in good spirits talking to me laughing!

Then the nurse came in....She asked if we knew what it was that he had...Of course we said no. She then began to explain it in detail....Necrotizing fasitis...To put it bluntly "the flesh eating disease"....My heart sank...She said " And MOST people die from it, its a nasty nasty bug. It will eat you from the inside out"

I cried...
He cried..

But she said you are healthy and u are gonna make it thru this. I was truly devastated. I came home looked it up on the Internet and 30% of people die from it. That is 3 in 10 people! The only things that are keeping me from not breaking down and losing it are ...My 4 lovely children... The fact that he is a healthy person and i know his body is going to fight. He is strong.....And damn it I cant be left here with 4 kids to raise all alone. He helped make them he has to see how they turn out!

The doc came in this morning said no surgery today. All they can do is remove the dead tissue and hope it doesn't progress. I'm praying...They will most likely go in again in a few days...He is going to have to have a colostomy bag so it wont make the infection worse....*sigh*

I love him he truly is my world. We fight and i get mad and he gets mad but i cant imagine my life without him. Ive always felt god put us together because we were perfect for each other. Ive always felt he is my soul mate...And to be without ur soul mate...Well its just a life that's always gonna be missing something very important,if i didn't have kids it wouldn't be worth living...So i wont let him go, and I will MAKE him fight even if he wants to give up I WONT let him! And we WILL get thru this.

I took my oldest Raven to go see him today. She has been begging and i really wanted her to get to tell him she loved him. I think it made her feel better to see him because he looks so good. She drew him this pic on his white erase board in the room...It made him smile.

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I typed this yesterday before i went to see him...LAst night I went back...Had high hopes that he was going to get better. Came home and got another blow...They are for sure closing the chocolate factory here by the first of the year...Means Ronnie has no job...Im speechless..

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts and luck and whatever else u send my way. We need it now more then ever before!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


So it has been a VERY stressful past few days...I would appreciate any prayers you could send Ronnie's (my soulmate) way. I took him to the e.r. last night at 1130 p.m. and he wasnt seen until 654 am this morning. He was in such pain. I felt so helpless. They have run a bunch of tests on him and he is going in for a ct as we speak, because they truly dont know what it is. Im just praying that it is NOT cancer. Pls do the same. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


So I'm tagged twice by jess...Fun!

Here are 7 random things about me...

1. I'm a shop-a-holic...Really truly i am. I need help i think. But i really don't wanna change lol!

2.I love ice cold water. Even as a kid i wouldn't drink soda or juice it was always water.

3. I love fruit and veggies...I could eat a basket of fruit and veggies in one sitting.

4. I ♥ My grandma...She is the bestes grandma in the world.

5. I love music...And also i cry about everything. You know dumbo? Well i always cry when she sings baby mine...I'm a big baby!

6. My mil was the most awesome lovely women I have ever met in my life and i was truly blessed to have her.

7. My kids make me laugh everyday.

Weird things....

1. I cant stand to touch raw meat. I hate it it makes me wanna puke. So needless to say i don't cook to much of it. If i do i wear gloves. When i grab meat in the grocery store i have to put the bag over my hand and double bag it so that it doesn't have any way of leaking on me and I'm not actually touching the packaging.

2.Ok i forgot this one...I would love to time travel...I love history and would love to go back in each decade and wear the clothes and live like them for a month. That would be sooo awesome!

3. I ♥ salt...I eat it on lemons, green apples, and i love the limon salt packets that u get from Mexico.

4. I use to hate onions but now i love them cooked.

5. I have a weird hiccup burp thing that sounds like a small dog is stuck in my throat.

6. I love to read and often get so lost in books that it feels like i am in the story.

7. I believe fairies, monsters, unicorns, and other such mythical creatures are real...(or wish they were).

8. I hate being told what to do. If u tell me what to do i probably wont do it...hehehe not really weird but ya know.

9. I ♥ horror movies...Even cheesey ones. I cant get enough.

10. I have an obsession with bettie page...Im sure most would think this weird but i dont. She was truly a legend she dared to do what not to many other women would do. Gotta love someone who goes against the norm.

There ya go. OK i have more but it said 10 lol!

So now i have to tag 7 people...

Im gonna try to do ppl who havent been tagged...Umm micayla, kristi, cathy, melissa, misty, kelly, and happy amy. Have fun girls!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Choco-berry surprise

So i got this cupcake recipe off of Here And thought it sounded simply to die for! Hope you all enjoy and give Valerie some props yo! She is super cool and i love her hybrid kits!

They're way too good, and totally simple to make!! It's a boxed devil's food cake base with a chocolate chip cookie baked inside. The icing is a homemade raspberry-chocolate buttercream.


- 1 box of store bought devils food cake mix & everything that goes along with it
- 1 package of Nestle mini chocolate chip cookies (the break-apart variety)


- approx. 4c confectioners (powdered) sugar
- 1/2c shortening (I used Crisco butter flavored)
- 1 stick butter (not margarine)
- 1 1/2 tsp. clear vanilla extract
- 1 tbsp. milk
- 1/2 c. finely chopped Ghiradelli chocolate
- 1/2 c. fresh raspberries
- 1 tsp. meringue powder
- just a smidge of Wilton red food coloring (optional)


Preheat to 350' and bake the mini cookies first, they'll take about 11 minutes. Prepare the cake batter while the cookies are in the oven. Spoon about 1 tbsp. of cake batter into your cupcake cups, set aside.

When the cookies are done, remove them from the oven and place your cupcake pan in there with only the tbsp. of batter in each cup. Let it bake for a few minutes, just long enough to create a semi-firm barrier that will seperate your mini cookie from the bottom of the cupcake (get it?)

Next, place one baked mini cookie in each cup, and fill 2/3 of the cup with cake batter. Bake as per the instructions (usually about 25 minutes). Remove and stand to cool.

For the icing, you'll have to bear with me because I make my buttercream from scratch. All measurements are approximate! ^_^

Start by creaming the shortening, (softened - not melted) butter, and vanilla extract in a bowl with a hand mixer on low. Add meringue powder. Slowly start to add the powdered sugar, one cup at a time, scraping the sides of the bowl as you go. Add milk.

Once you're done with the frosting base, you can add the chopped chocolate and raspberries. Continue to blend on low with the mixer until thoroughly blended.

I used a disposable pastry bag to apply my frosting to the cupcakes, without a tip. I just snipped the end off to create a 1/2" opening. Dust with powdered sugar, and that's it!


On another note if u havent checked out Amy Winehouse u totally should! WOW!! Super awesome! She is playing right now on my player. She kicks major ass.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Well here is my take on the lovely heidi swapp. Love her to death....Not great but its ok.

And here are some past scrapjacks that i never did finish on time so i didnt submit them lmao!

So the other day when i went to the grocery store i locked my kids and i out of the house! LMAO! We have 2 cars and I took of the house key on my van to give to my man to put on the new cars key. I didnt even realize until we got home and my daughter said "uhhh mom?" LOL! She had to climb in a window and open the door for us. My son rowan was freaking out saying " I dont wanna stay outside forever! What are we gonna do?" LOL! But we got in and all is well.

Have any of you done the scrapjack yet? I would love to see! Leave me a link in the comments if ya have.

HOpe you all are having a wonderfully sunny weekend!

Totally insane

This video is crazy. I cracked up but was sooo shocked this tiny lil girl could say so much and at what she was saying! LMAO! Wow! If u dont have a sense of humor dont watch this please!

I was gonna post it right on here but it plays automatically and i dont want that playing for days and days! So go here to see it....

Funny video

More to come later tonight..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy anniversary to me!!

So today is my 14 year anniversary..No we aren't married but we have been together for 14 years, we have 4 kids together, and we love each other...That's all that matters. There has been some rough times. But we have made it thru them. I can say i love him more then i ever have. So happy anniversary to me! LOL!

I did 2 pages yesterday. They are of my lovely sister. Being different must run in the family. I'm so not the norm and either is she. I love her so much for that. Even tho my mom hates that we are that way i think its mostly her fault! LOL! She never told me what to wear or how to wear it. If you asked her opinion she would say, "You re wearing it not me!" LOL! But once we started straying to "the dark side" she says things here and there. hahahahaha! Anyway here are the pages i did of her.

I got to use my super duper fab stamp set from stampin up that i totally had to have because i love them so much! hehe. Oh and cant forget my lovely axe ha! You werent suppose to see that KRISTI! muwahahahahahahaha! (Private joke)

Its gloomy here today. I need to go make a anniversary card, go grocery shopping and give kids baths...Blah!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am a closet cartoon junky

Hi, my names marie....and i love cartoons! Hahahaha i realized this at 1:30 am...I went right to nick and watched rugrats....I love cartoons. Im just a big kid i guess. One of my favorite poets is Shel Silverstein lmao!! Im serious he does some awesome work! If you have kids go to this site or even if u dont still go...

The poem i used on the sidewalk ends layout is from him of course. I bought Raven (my 11 yr old) All his books and she loves every one of them. Im so proud she loves to read... I ♥ books.

Some pretty cool scrapbook news...I submitted my 3 bampop layouts i did to the gallery...And she wants to use all 3 of them! Pretty cool! I just gotta get scans of them instead of my crappy pics lol! Ill do that this weekend. Here are the 3 she wants to use...

I finally finished these two pages. That princess bling was just messin with me lol! But i finally finished it and it turned out ok i guess. Used the poppy ink kit. Yum!

Monday, April 16, 2007


So i did these pages this weekend. I wanted to try the corrigated cardboard that a ive seen a few ppl use(mcayla, stacy). I like it. I also used the jenni bowlin kit. Adorable! I had a very uneventful weekend! BLAH! Kinda in a funk. It was rainy and i think that puts me in a bad mood. Plus the kids were running a muck lol! Nothing else much to report. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got some scrapin done!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My tiny books...

I had so much fun creating these books I know most of you have seen them but there are some who havent so im posting them now....

The fabric journal is going to be things that make me, poems, little things in life...The other book is for the kids little pics like wallets and things like that as soon as i am done with it i will post what it looks like. Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! Very windy here in cali!