Friday, April 13, 2007

Marie Needs...

So this has been going around on blogs and msg boards thought it to be pretty darn funny. Give it a go if ya like!
Go to google and type ....needs so mine is marie needs yours would be ur name needs and type what the first 10 are mine.

1. Marie needs your help :-) (even had the smilie face)(So true i do need help lol)
2.Marie needs a fun title (i can always use that)
3. Marie needs lots of patience! (uh oh someone is watching me lol)(hey i got 4 kids who wouldnt need a lot of patience!)
4. Marie needs some urgent acomotation in melbourne, like tonight!(ummm ok!?!)
5. Marie needs something that daddy cant give except a fat check to direct a true piece of garbage.(true dat!)(or yeah ok)
6.Marie needs cheerers for London Marathon. (Wow im in a marathon?)(awesome!)(in london no less!)
7.marie needs red bull the girls get comfy if only i could remember what em was laughing at vogue marie and emilie show em how it's done. (ah yes vogueing those were the days!)
8. Bruce suggests that Marie needs to “fuck him more” and it’s the one sign of life that he provide...(yikes!!)
9.Marie needs to come back!! (ok ok i will sheesh!)
10.Marie needs to drop the Mormon stuff and get wild like she wants to anyway. (LMAO priceless!!!)

Hope you all had a good laugh and if u do yours i would love to read them!

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