Monday, April 9, 2007

Here i am...

I am not sure what im doing or why but i thought id give it a go! hehehehe everyone else is doing it why shouldnt i right? I hear my mother say " And if they jumped off the bridge would u do that too?" ahhhh the good ol' days.... I suppose I will be posting mostly scrapbooking junk here. Im trying to get a page in here and there. Sometimes im so blocked. Forgive my lack of proper grammar and punctuation and my shorthand if u will....I use to work at relay (For the deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled). We processed calls and typed EVERYTHING the person said. We shortened what we could when we could just to make our lives easier. So there ya go. Old habits die hard right? Or something to that matter.

Thank god for spell check! Im a horrible spelling bee contestant....well actually never ever have been in one. But im sure if i had i wouldve lost. WINK.

Anywho speaking of spell check...check out this video one of my fav comedians and yes I am THAT lazy hahahahaha!

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