Monday, July 30, 2007


So I am having a bit of a scare...Saturday evening I noticed some redness and swelling on Ronnie's abdomen...I called the nurse and the Dr they both seem to think it will be ok. I called today to get him in but the Dr he usually sees is not there. I believe it to be cellulitis. Which if his sugar gets to high can turn into the flesh eating disease. So I have been watching it making sure it is not spreading (which it is not). His aunt came by and she had some antibiotics for the very same thing so he started taking those last night. The Dr wont be in till tmw so we can go see him then. I told him the second it starts to spread he goes to the e.r. Its been a rough weekend. Just when u think your out of the woods something like this comes and gets you lost again. His wounds look great no infection in them almost healed. So discouraging. But the bright side IS the fact that its not spreading and it just staying in the one spot. I need all the prayers you can give that this horrible disease does not return. I don't think he could go thru more surgeries and more healing. That's all i have been doing this weekend. I don't really understand why we are going thru the things that have been happening to us but I'm trying to stay positive and know that it will get better.

Thank you so much in advance.

ETA: I will be posting the winners of the rak hopefully tmw after the dr if everything goes well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well i have been churning these pages out like crazy....My question for you is when u make a page are u really in love with it then as it goes along do u end up hating it in the end? That is how i feel about my pages. I think they have a good start but in the end they suck. The more i look at them the more i hate them lol!!! Anyway here they are.

So tell me what you think and tell me how u feel about your own pages. I would love to know.

BTW...I will be picking a winner come fri for sure but it maybe sooner! Thanks for all the lovely comments!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Ok as i said I would be doing a rak...Im really bad about getting stuff in the mail...SO you've been warned lol! It may take a few weeks to get to you but i will get it there even if i have to drive to you and bring it lol! JK! Anyway...How do you store ur little one set stamps or 2 set stamps? I personally had a clear pencil bag that i put them in. Then I found these lil lovelies at the dollar store...I thought they were adorable and bought some not knowing why. Once i got home right away i figured it out...something so cute has to hold something just as or more. Sooo my lil lovelies go in my big lovely. That is ur rak..I picked up a few extras just for this reason. If you like this idea leave a comment and ill have the kiddos pick a winner.

They hold A LOT!

You will also get a handmade hair pin/shirt pin. I will make a custom one for the winner with their fav colors.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today is a lovely day. Kinda gloomy kinda sunny...Did that make sense? All i know is its not to hot. Anyway back to the msg at are some things i made with rvak. Rachel totally inspired me with her 6x12 l.o. and i thought but how the heck am i gonna store them. I came up with this lil book. So fun to make.

These are my 4 babies....Raven Noel 11

Rowan Zane 6

Aria skyy 5

Aeden Layne 3

I'm not done with this book by any means...but i get so antsy i cant wait. Im like that when i buy people presents too. hehehe.

And a l.o.

I was going to go to ozzfest tmw but Ronnie and i decided it was to soon for him and maybe to hard on him... So we canceled. I'm kinda bummed but kinda not. There wasn't a whole lot of great bands playing this time. Still is a nice escape from the kids. Oh well hopefully sometime soon him and i can get away.

In case you didn't know Rachel totally gave me a shout out on the rvakc blog. Go check it out!! I was sooo excited!!!

I promise next post is gonna be a rak lmao!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hits home...

You know with all that has happened and is still happening with Ronnie and I this email really made me stop and think. I know this is out there and i know these people are hurting more then me...My mom always use to say "Someone out there has it worse then you." I hated hearing it and even now when I tell myself that, I choke on the words...but it is soo true. We get so caught up in our lives that we forget other people are struggling. Say a prayer for the world around you and thank god for the blessings you do have in your life.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I hate coming up with titles...sometimes its easier then others. Anyway here are my journals I've done...Let me know what ya think.

Ronnie went to the dr today and he says everything is looking good he couldn't be happier. So that's wonderful news. He does however have him off of work till sept 1st. Longer then i thought. Not that i want him to hurry up and go back but living life on disability you gotta tighten that belt past that last hole if ya know what i mean. We will get thru it we always do. A little bruised dirty and battered but we make it lol!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Again RAK coming soon. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth

So who watched it? How awesome was that? I mean the bands were so great. What a great mix and what a wonderful cause! Red Hot Chili Peppers were wicked as usual oh and cant forget Foo Fighters!! To many bands to mention but it was really freakin cool to see the Police, Roger Waters, and the Smashing Pumpkins!!!

Did u pledge to do anything? I am always trying to do things here and there and sadly i am a busy girl with 4 kids. I need to get out of that mind set and start doing more. I love our lovely green earth and i wanna keep it that way. I recycle and try not to use our car to much. I don't use my ac at all just fans. I've been going behind the kids and turning off the lights and in the day i have to remind them we don't need them. I also just bought a butt load of the greenlife bulbs at the dollar store of all places!!! I was sooo happy to find these there.

So i guess I'm doing my part...How bout you? Pledge here.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!