Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well i have been churning these pages out like crazy....My question for you is when u make a page are u really in love with it then as it goes along do u end up hating it in the end? That is how i feel about my pages. I think they have a good start but in the end they suck. The more i look at them the more i hate them lol!!! Anyway here they are.

So tell me what you think and tell me how u feel about your own pages. I would love to know.

BTW...I will be picking a winner come fri for sure but it maybe sooner! Thanks for all the lovely comments!


Mika said...

Hai, I know the feeling. I think just do it and don't look back.
Sometimes it is great stuff and sometimes it SUCKS!!!! I think your pages are a little sweet (just like a lolly pop) It can't be good or bad just what you like!!! Hope I see you sometime on my blog? www.mikascrap.typepad.com

Micayla said...

Girl your pages totally rock! Dont put yourself down, but at times I feel the same I must admit!!
Have a fab weekend!

michelle said...

i love your pages. i think that we are our worst critics. personally, i have these visions in my head of how i want my pages to look and they never come out like that, but i'm ok with it.

Michelle said...

I adore your forever lo. I think you are just too close to your own stuff to realize how amazing it is!

I do know that feeling. I usually have to be convinced by others that my stuff is decent. Sometimes its because you picture it amazing in your head and it doesn't quite go according to your plans.

Keep up the great work!