Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm starting to drink and I'm to numb to think

Man do I have a lot to post! So I have been feeling a bit better. I hurt my knee the other day. I have shallow knee caps and well i slipped and caught myself but my knee cap went the other way, man did that hurt. That was 3 days ago and its still really sore. But my energy is up a bit.

Thanks for all the lovely comments! I loved each and every one of them and if I could give you all a prize I would. But I have to choose one...I had my daughter Raven pick a nbr and that nbr was...

MandieGirl said...
Ooh...looks like fun. Thanks for the chance to win some great goodies!
(pls email me your address at and I will forward it to Rachel)

On to other things. I finally started my surgery blog. It is private and if you would like access to it you must email me at mariescorner@myctmh so i can send you a invite. It is called The adventures of a shrinking Big girl. :)

I am hosting a challenge over at Red Velvet Kit Club. Its super fun and I hope to see you all participate. ;) Rachel has some awesome Journal prompts too. Go check it out!

Speaking of challenges...The new Mojo is up and our guest designer is my dear sweet friend Kerry Lynn. Love her to bits. Her page is awesome. I do have one to share but its not finished. SLACKER is my middle name.

Here is one of the pages I did last month for RVKC but was to sick to post. I have about 4 more but need to finish them lol! Bad girl!

I just did this page last night and finished it today. It's not great but I'm getting back to my old self I think. BTW thanks for sticking with me while I get my scrap groove back because I know these aren't the best pages lately lol!

Last but certainly not least is some sneaks for Scrap For A Cure. The vintage yummies in this kit are bomb ladies!

Oh and I almost forgot. Elsie faved me on my dry erase board and my Reno page (on flickr)! WOot! That made my week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, July 21, 2008

You're so pretty the way you are...

I did it! I actually scrapped! I got all my pages done for RVK and the project. YIPEE! You wanna see? Well that's ok if you don't but I'm gonna show them anyway lol!

I'm gonna post the rest of the book on flickr but gotta show u this back page...Its the love Elsie package and I glued it to the back. Now it is a dry erase board! Hehehe I have to say one of the coolest ideas I have come up with yet.

Since this is my garden journal it comes in handy to have the grid, that way i can plan out my next garden.

Oh and on the fabric I stitched these lil daisies. My mom use to do embroidery all the time and these were one of the things I admired. I had to find the stitch for them online.

They are super simple. Here is the link.

BTW you still have time to win the rak. Make sure you leave me a comment on the post below this one. I'll be picking a winner soon!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've got a pocket full of sunshine.

Reality check...when you get back from a wonderful weekend and come home you expect life to be as wonderful as it was on vacation...NOT! Hahaha! Bills are still there, still have to yell at my kids, still have a messy ass desk that I need to clean. BLAH! I will admit I am not a big gambler. In fact its pretty depressing. Kind of boring. My husband made it all worth it. He was the sweetest the whole time. It was like when we were first together. That made the trip so special. I didn't get ANY good pics.

(So smokey!)


Driving thru the mountains to get to Reno was wonderful. It reminded me so much of the happy things in my childhood. Sometimes as adults we lose sight of them. They tend to overshadow and take over our brains. It was nice to actually find some happiness in trips with my father and his many girlfriends. My dad wanted to be a mountain man and so when and if I saw him he was taking me to Sonora/Jamestown or Knights Ferry. I was telling my hubby about my aunt living on the side of a canyon and how neat it was. He didn't seem to understand the magnitude of it and I realized he is a city boy all the way. He hadn't been camping until I took him. I felt a little sad for him and told him so. He was fine with it. I guess if you weren't subject to it then there is nothing to miss.

(outside our hotel window)

(In Boom Town)

(On the way back home)

Back to the surgery...I felt crappy pretty much 85% of the time due to this damn surgery. I was telling my husband I had more energy being a big girl. That's one of the main reasons I got this surgery to have more energy. I'm hoping it changes soon. It HAS only been a month.(For those of you who have asked about the blog, well I haven't started it yet. I will be doing that either tonight or tmw and then post the link in the next post. You wont have access until you email me. I know some have so Ill be getting that all taken care of soon.)

I have a giveaway to share! We are giving away a set of the fab papers by Kim Smith. They were in the RVK this month and are super wonderful. I am having so much fun playing with them. If you didn't get a kit and would like the papers leave me a comment and Ill pick a winner. Rachel will send you 2 sets of the collection! (You can also buy the collection here.)

I have one page done and others in the works so I will have lots of examples to share! Thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think to myself what a wonderful world

Ah life is returning to normal kind of. My desk is still a horrible, horrible mess. This weekend we are planning a trip to Reno for our anniversary. Should be fun. I am pretty excited actually. Wish me luck to win some big money ha!

Its been freakin hot here! 108 today and is suppose to be 110 tmw! BLAH!! Oh well least my ac is working a bit. Now you see why us Californians are in a energy crisis hehehe.

I don’t have any scrappiness to share *gasp* but I do have something rather strange that has to do with scrapping to share. I was featured on this blog...Not in the usual way either! WHAT? WOW! I mean I seriously was waiting for the day the vultures ripped me apart. I mean who is perfect in this scrapping world? Certainly not me. So when I seen that I was pleasantly shocked. Now don't get me wrong its not that I don't like this blog, because I do, but the comments from some of the ppl I don't like. I’m a firm believer in "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." With that said Iam also a big believer in free speech sooo say what you will I just wont read it lol!

Anyway I am in need of some major inspo and this just arrived in my email and let me tell ya I think it did the trick.

Main kit


Yum-o! I cant wait to get this in the mail! I get both this time around so that should be fun. Go here if you want yours.

Oh and did you see these? I know I am being a Elsie whore but seriously these are great!

Ah Peter Pan one of my fav children's stories. That and Alice. I think I identify more with the peter pan one at this stage in my life. I wish i could go back and be a kid. Ah well. In my mind I do. ;)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dont make me take off my belt...

Yes I AM alive! LOL! Sorry if I've worried any of you. Let me explain...I went to be taught by my lovely friend Kerry Lynn and (happy happy birthday my sweet lovely!!!) stayed till almost midnight. I had a wonderful time but wasn't feeling real great. I should have left earlier. The next morning woke up with a terrible pain in my side like something was going to burst. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I paced around the house for a while then laid down and prayed my heart out lol! Finally the pain went away and I fell back to sleep.

I'm TRYING to balance out this surgery with my life. Its been a struggle. It could be much worse tho. I know this, so I am thankful for all of it. The pain the struggle the frustration. Its been one month and I've lost 30 lbs. Only 500 more to go! JK!

On to other things. I made this for my dear friend C. (paint and ink chick). She had wanted a painting of a little black girl and well I tried my hand at one. Not the best I've ever seen but I think she is cute. My daughter loves her. I named her Harriet.

The new Mojo is up! Elsie Flannigan is our Guest Mojo girl. She is super fab and I am so freakin stoked she agreed to be apart of my lil challenge blog. Make sure to check it out. Here is my take on it.

I do have much more to share but Ill save it for another day. Hope you had a wonderful 4Th of July!