Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm poppin and lockin

My big news!!! I am an official ( and super excited) member of the glitz design dt!!

I couldn't be more happy! Love these girls and love all their lines! I'll be posting a lot more on this little blog of mine. 

During all this I have been renovating my crafty space. I haven't done any creating since tackling this job. My create everyday has been on hold. I don't like to do that. I'm glad to say its almost done!! Here are a few little peeks. 

Chalkboard door and scallops.

I can't wait to show you the rest. I will do another video tour in a few days so make sure to check back. 

<3 <3 <3 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You just gotta be strong

Hello lovely blog readers! Just a few layouts to share with you. The new Jack is up. We chose Stephanie Howell and boy did it draw inspiration.

I seem to struggle with the jacks but I like that. It makes me step outside my comfort zone. I really love how this page turned out. I love all the bits and dimension. I actually used brads! I haven't done that in a long time lol!

This one is just for fun. Used lots of layers and bits. Nothing new. Inspired by Pop off the page 2. My sis and her hubby Easter time last year. I used my slr to take this pic. I haven't done that in a while! I really need to pull that bad boy out. It is just so easy to use my cell phone. Who is with me? LOL!

Lastly this one was inspired by a card sketch over at Studio Calico. I really thought it would make a neat and unique layout. Love the Maggie Holmes lines. So pretty. That chunky glitter alphabet makes me giddy! Ha!

Lastly I have some really fun and AWESOME scrappy news that I can't share till Monday so stay tuned!!!


Friday, May 10, 2013

A cold sweat hot headed believer

Where did April go? That month flew by. I can really only tell you one major thing that it was filled with, my 20 year anniversary. My husband and I have been TOGETHER for 20 years. NO, not married but together. That to me says a lot. I take this anniversary way more seriously then our wedding anniversary. I knew when we met that we would be together forever. Yep. I think we are well on our way.

4 kids does not make that journey very easy either. I love my children. They are my heart and soul. BUT they do make me wanna rip my hair out of my head. Why just the other day I found my 11 and 9 year old swimming in my bath tub. Oooo cute you say? Yes they had bathing suites on and yes it would've been picture worthy until you found out in order to "swim" in said bath tub they shoved toilet paper down the drain. I was livid! I mean I live in a very old house (built in 1939 to be exact) and the pipes are utterly junk. Always getting backed up. I had just gotten said pipes some what clear. OOOOoooo nooo they didn't! I could not believe that these 2 had done this. I mean come on! I expect it from a 4 year old but not a 9 and 11 year old?! REALLY!!! Grrr. Needless to say they are grounded. I think they realize what they did was insane and will never do it again... Or so I hope.

Lots of wonderful things in my life... For one I am alive. No seriously. So many people leaving their families way to soon. It truly is sad. Children left without parents. Parents left with a hole in their heart from a lost child. I am thankful I am here to breath, to hug, to kiss, to love. It can all be gone in a heart beat. Sometimes we all need reminding of that. Stress, work, bills, kids, all get in the way and make us forget this simple thing. It's good to be alive.

I need to make more time. More time to do things I love. Play with my kids. Take photos. Love my husband. Relax. Go on trips. Sometimes I have plenty of time. It just ends up getting a way from me. I will sit on the couch watch tv and tell myself, in a few minutes I will do (insert said procrastination here). Minutes tick away and before I know it its time for bed. HMPH!!! Yes must put that on my list of things to stop doing. I say this often. It's hard to teach a old dog new tricks.

I stopped creating there a few days. I must tell you it really drained my mojo. I have found that even if I only create 10 minutes of the day, it keeps it flowing. I had a hard time getting started back up. Not till NSD did I start making again. At first not so much...Then I just kept going and going and going. Loved each page a little more then the last. The first was lack luster. By the end I was diggin it. You really should try this! Here are some of my NSD creations.

Oh I also had Studio Calico to push me along. Loved the sketches.

Note: I am in love with the Maggie Holmes line... In case you couldn't tell. Haha!

I sometimes forget to post things here or there... SO I posted a few older layouts to 2peas today and seen they pinned 2 to their board! Super neat...Then I found out one is a featured project! What!! Super cool. Totally made my night.

Lastly loving all my IG friends. I think IG has to be my fav "sharing" site. Ever.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

I cant change

The next installment in the lost art of blogging. Haha! Dying with so many social media outlets. I mean they are instant gratification, wouldn't you say? It is so much easier to share things without having to actually SHARE things. I am seriously the queen. I do not write handwritten letters, nor email. I hate talking on the phone anymore. Please just text me. Yeah I am one of THOSE. I will try harder. To share. To have a real voice. I love my phone. I need to learn to put it down and do something that I wouldn't normally do. Maybe just one day a week. I will try. Whittle my social networking down. Or manage my time better. Yes THAT really needs to happen. HAHA!

Anyway have many many pages to share with you! I am sure if you follow me anywhere else (there is that social media thing again) you have seen these. Maybe you dont. For that reason, here we go.

Beware it is a lot of eye candy! Haha!

First up is the page I did for the Pop Off The Page 2 class. Challenge. I lifted JJ. I really love her style. She has been inspiring me since the sis days. Yeah I have been doing this a LONG time. HA!

My beautiful daughter Raven. My daughter raven. She is 17. She sometimes feels life is hard, unfair, maybe it's not worth it. Teens go through this. She is beautiful to me. I tell her it isn't as bad as it seems. Life is beautiful even with all the heartache and sadness. She will be 18 in a few months. It's been a long (seemed short) journey to this chapter, but it's been worth every bump. She is my first born. I am looking forward to what life brings us next.

Me and the girls at cha. This is for the scrapjacked that went up last month. You still have till the 15th to play. Why not do so?!

Used lots of Whisker Graphics for this page. It is for the DT. I love those glassine bags. I layered bags on top of bags. Divine twine was used to stitch the tag.

All these next ones are made with the March Studio Calico kits. That whole lot inspired me. I love the Neverland kit.

So many different techniques. This one I cut my quote with my cameo. Layed down washi tape, misted then pulled up my washi tape. Laid down my quote and traced it with my gold pen. Viola. Title created. This was quite by accident. Haha!

For this one I cut that file (one of my fav) and I really wanted to make it pretty but subtle. I layered my washi tape sticky side up. Different colors. I then sprinkled it with glitter. Bam. Instant sparkle. Of course I used a transparent glitter so my washi would show through.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my cameo? Well I do. This one has a few cut files on it. The title, the frame, the butterflies. LOVE! I also like to cut my files a head of time so I usually do so in a nuteral cardstock. This one was a shimmery white, it didn't match the colors and I wanted it to pop. I misted it with the mister huey and now it looks awesome. Haha! I love how it turned out.

Last one for now. I misted a few doilies and then cut them up. I put them together with some staples and made my own pie chart. I also made my own frame for this page by cutting some cardstock by hand. Lastly I used glue and glitter on my clothes pins, spots and heart.

That is all for now. Today is NSD and I actually have it off. Not going to go anywhere. Sit at home and make something pretty. How bout you?