Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Give you all my hours

Sometimes I am not sure how to start out these blog posts. I feel like I say the same thing over and over. In high school I use to be able to put my feelings on paper. I could write better then I spoke. Not true any longer. I dont know why that is. Am I out of practice? Yes. Am I lazy? Could be... I dont know the one main reason but I do know it comes a lot harder now then it did a long time ago. I do think that my feelings are better expressed in my pages. They arent as deep as my past writings but they do have lots of feeling.

Speaking of feeling, I just started a this is me album. I must tell you I thought it to be a bit selfish. I wanted to do one but I just couldnt justify it. I kept telling myself that no one would want to read a book about me. No one would care. My kids know me. Then I REALLY thought about it. I thought about MY mom and grandma and great grandma. I wished I had knew things about them. Little things. Big things. Things. I finally had justified it. Commence the book making!

If you know me, you know I love making mini books. There is just something about filling them with odds and ends that bring so much gratification. I love using anything and everything. I also love making my own base. I have bought my fair share of pre-made books but always get way more satisfaction in a handmade one.

Of course I had inspiration in making said book. The THIS IS ME class over at SC. Lexi came up with some awesome prompts and it has really got me thinking. I am really in love with doing this book. Ok enough of me talking about it here is the cover and a few pages.
The cover is denim and gold. It is made of chipboard and I just covered it in denim fabric I had laying around. I cut the chevron v from same said fabric and glued that down. Then I took some gold glitter ribbon and glued down a chevron v. Clustered a sc tag, Jenni Bowlin circle, vintage butterfly button and some leaves.

My title page...
My first two pages...Me.
This book is gonna be huge. LOL! Hopefully I stick to this and finish it.

I also got a really cool present from my hubby.
Canon Selphy cp900. This will help me in my scrappin journey. Love it.

For all my horror fan friends...

Went and saw Evil Dead on premier night. Yes I love horror. And I LOVED IT. Must see.