Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Im just sitting on the shelf...

Yesterday my lovely girl kitty Priscilla gave birth to 4 new baby kitties! They are soo sweet! I have been up and down all night checking on them. I keep worrying she is going to take them under the bed and hide them and then they get cold and die. I actually had nightmares about something bad happening to them because they are so small. Sheesh! Here are some pics for you to say awwww too.

I have a few things to let you know about....

1. Scrap for a Cure is selling a kit called Baylee's Hope box. It is for a wonderful family. To ready more go here.

2. It's Bingo night over at scrapperie! We have a wonderful time! There are prizes to be had so hope to see you all there!

3. Tmw I get to tell you all my BIG news! I cant wait!!!! I'm so excited!

4. I made the catwalk! YAY! Joanne picked my layout i did of my sister! WOOT! Really really made my week!

5. NSD is only 2ish days away!!! YAY! Can you tell I cant wait!?! Hehehe!

I think that is all the stuff I had to tell..I feel like I'm missing something... Anyway I will leave you with some scrappyness.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do they play guitar in a latin bar??

How has your weekend been?? Mine? So glad you asked. Actually I have a funny little story to tell ya. Yesterday we told the kids to go pick up their messes in the backyard. I bought water balloons at the store the day before and didn't tell the kids. While they were out there I asked Ronnie if he wanted to play a little trick on the kids...Of course he agreed. I filled up 8 water balloons and Ronnie went outside and had them line up with their backs to us (executioner style) for a "PRIZE"...We asked do you really want this prize? They all were excited and said yes!!! So we counted to 3 and began to throw water balloons at them! HAHAHAHA!

My kids were laughing and screaming. My lil one tho was so funny because he didn't know what was going on (4). His face was priceless. To bad we didn't get a pic. Soo that opened up a can of worms they wanted to play with them of course. My daughter Raven filled up 12 and they went outside to throw them at each other. They wouldn't break!!! They just bounced off of them and hit the ground and broke. We tried everything! The ones hubby and I did broke instantly on them but after that they just wouldn't work. So i told them to just take turns holding them over their heads and breaking them. That is what they did and here are the pics that came out of that. (Whew long story lol!)

They really had a blast. I have more on flickr if you would like to see :)

I have been a scrappin machine lately! I love it! I almost feel like i better quit so i will have some scrappyness left for my dt's. LOL! Anyway here are some more pages I ve done the past few days.

Kerry Lynn put up my kisses for Kerry page on her blog! Sooo cool.

I am sooooo excited for NSD!!! Im going to Suzy's allll day with Ginger and we are gonna have a freakin blast! I cant wait till sat! EEEeekk!! What do you have planned for NSD?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Atom bomb!

Many of you might be wondering where in the blog is the winner to Marie's Rak already...well here it is. I had Raven (my daughter) pick a nbr between 1-40...The nbr she picked was 37...The lucky person on 37 is...AJA!!! Come on down! You have won this...

Ignore the crappy pic and the not so clean desk. The house book is missing the pages and back but Ill get that finished up for ya real quick like. Send your address to me at!

On to some more stuff. I went to the doc today and also took Ronnie to the doc. He is doing fab thanks for all your well wishes and so on. We appreciate them.

I got some love this week. I made fav over at olw again...Always a bridesmaid never a bride lol! Still really cool. I made some pages with Kerry lynns line ( i love that girl) and got some sweet comments from Celine N, Kerry lynn, Jody, and Joanne. Love all those ladies. They make me feel special ;)

Here are the pages...

Yes that is Kerry Lynn I had to scrap her on her own paper! LOL!

Kerry and myself.

My sister Tiffany. This is for the scrapjacked challenge.

My sister Janna. I love her pics.

I also got a shout out in the Sis newsletter. Pretty neat! So all in all its been a good week. I did get my MOJO back. I feel like it anyway.

Not to much longer and I get to reveal my super duper news! AGH I am sooo excited!!! Now off to check your awesome blogs! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thats hardly time to take a shower...

Well Im back...Oh I didn't know you were gone you say?!?! Well yes I was. I was in the hospital with Ronnie from April 15th to April 17th. Spent 2 nights on a lovely (not really) pull out couch in a not so dark hospital room. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep. Ronnie however is doing wonderfully!! YAY! I was so worried and sometimes found myself feeling like it was one year ago and he was in the hospital for that reason not the one he was really in for (he had an elective surgery). Sooo I haven't forgotten my RAK and I'm still working on the book. Not sure if it should be a owl or a house. What do u think...I have the house mostly made and part of a owl made. The key chain is ready to go. Then I must look thru my stuff for some fun vintage yummies. I think I will post the winner on wed after my Dr's appt. Sound good?

Well the new Mojo is up. If you are a big JUNO fan and ♥ The Dozens as much as I do you will want to check this challenge out. Here is my take on the whole shebang.

Not really lovin it but its ok...Your kind comments in my last post really helped my mood a bit. You guys rock and I send you all big hugs. I'm so lucky to have such lovely bloggy friends!

So now I'm off to check blogs and get ready to go somewhere and then Ill come back take some pics of some stuff and hopefully scrap some more. We will see. I hope your weekend is fab!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Take these broken eyes and learn to see

Man I have lost my mojo...I mean really lost it. Everything I have put out lately is CRAP! I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't know what it is I need to do to get me out of this hole I seem to have dug for myself. I want to create I sit at my desk and Im fine but the pages look like doo doo! AGH! I know we all go thru it at one time or another but man i cant get out of it! I got the new RVK in the mail and its sooo awesome but Im not liking the pages I did. I got my scrapperie kit in the mail and I am in love with the kit but not the pages I am making! AGH! HELP SOMEONE PLEASE! I even tried scraplifting some of my fav layouts by other ppl and blah!

This is the best one I have done so far out of this batch and that was for OLW and it didnt even take that long...Used the RVK.

This one just seems so plain and just not lovin it at all.

Again just not enough on here i mean something is missing. (inspired by Michelle C.)

I just dont like this one for some reason cant really pin point it.

This is where it all began...I started feeling like i just couldnt scrap...It came out blah.

On a good note I got some Major love from you all about my RAK and I am gonna post a pic of the book and stuff in a few days. You girls are all awesome and made me feel so loved. I didnt know there were so many scrappers out there who loved the same music and I did! I love music all kinds so I guess its not hard to have some music in common with me lol!

Well I guess thats it for now. Gotta get ready for my daughter Aria's first friend birthday party at chuckie cheese. Yay for me...Not really lol!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey ohhhh listen what I say ohhh...

Sooo yeah how could I forget that it was my blogiversary today??? Well because I never know what day it is lol! Seriously I was sitting here going I know there was something I was suppose to do finally hit me at 11:16 pm what day it was! AGH! Sooooo here is the deal...Leave me a comment of who you are totally into (music wise) and I will give away something awesome and cool and all that. Like one owl key chain...One fabric book made by me...And how bout some vintage yummy goodness that i have in my stash?? I will take pics tmw and post them on this post so you can see what you are in for.

I got my RVK and was playing with that tonight. Ill post those soon. In the meantime here is one that I did but blogger was being a butt head and wouldnt let me post the other day...

Happy bloggerversary to me!!! Love all you guys even you lurkers! Come out of the woodwork ya'll!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Why dont you sit right down and stay awhile...

Wowie wow wow wow (In the words of the great Christopher Walken)! Why you ask?? Well I was able to meet up with Rachel Denbow last night and her awesome lil family. They were on their way home from S.f. and she emailed me and asked if I would like to meet with her and have some coffee...Boy would I! LOL! Sooo long story short I was at Starbucks last night with the sweet girl and her hottie hubs and oh so adorable son! They were the nicest sweetest ppl you will ever meet. I talked her ear off. She showed me some wonderful vintage things she bought and I showed her one of my finds while I sipped my water. I was soo happy that she made time to meet with me. Thanks Rachel! And thank you Brett for being a awesome hubby and daddy and letting your wife gab with a friend. Of course my hubby is awesome too for taking me and not caring how late I stayed out (have to throw that in). Hopefully before she leaves we will meet again. The lighting was terrible in the Starbucks but here are the pics that I will of course scrapbook! LOL!

That's all I can upload for now stupid blogger...I'll upload the rest to flickr if you wanna see the end of Sebastian blowin kisses. Such a doll!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

They say that things change my dear...

So many things to share but my mind just doesn't want to work...Hmmm...Well I got my scrap for a cure kit in the mail and worked on some pages for that...Wont share those just yet.

Oh the tests came back for Aria and she does have a UTI (which i knew) and the meds are going to cost me 107.00!!! That's with insurance! OMG! I about fell out of my chair when they told me that. One bottle for 10 days and without ins it cost 369.00! I mean this stuff must be made out of gold! LOL! I just need to get her well so whatever.

The new Mojo challenge is up! WOOT. I actually got it up early...Can you say midnight last night lol! Here is my page for that.

I'm really proud of Mojo and how it is growing every challenge. I love my dt and couldn't have asked for better girls. They inspire me with every challenge and keep me going.

I also did another Mini Mini for the lovely Miss Lisa's challenge over at sis.

It's less then 1". It wasn't hard to make really at all. I used those tiny pics you get in your costco pack. There is more pics on my flickr or my sis. Mine is a magnet but it could be made into a necklace or a key chain.

I have a birthday party to go to tonight and tmw is another party at my house soo this weekend is busy busy busy. I am gonna try to squeeze in a visit with the wicked awesome Rachel D. I mean how can I pass that up?!? No matter how nervous I am. She said something on her blog that totally was spot on.."I need to be vulnerable and brave and shake a hand. Because awkward is beautiful, right?" I love that! She is so amazing. I think that will be a title to the page I make with the pics that I take of her and I when we meet lmao!!! HAHAHA what a true scrapper already have it all planned out!

Hope your weekend is a fun one!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LIfe tried to keep us apart..

So Rachel is having a lovely giveaway over at RVK go check it out! I know I want that stamp set! YUMO! Isn't that kit delish? I think so. Sold out already! I hope you got your hands on one.

Sneaks are up at Mojo! OH ME OH MY OH!

I took aria to the Dr yesterday and am STILL waiting for the Dr to call about her test results. Yes I called them but they said they didn't have them yet. BLAH!

If you want a totally infectious song to listen to then go to my playlist and listen to My Rollercoaster by Kimya Dawson. She is sooo fun and quirky. Her songs make me laugh and get stuck in my head.

Does anyone watch Rob & Big? OMG I love that show. Just wondering if I am the only one out there lol!

On to some scrappy stuff. I cant blog without at least a teeny bit of scrappy nonsense.

I have been really blessed these past few months. Ronnie is going thru a time with the gov and school so just keep him in your prayers that everything will work out the way god has planned. I'm not worried but I know he is and I don't like to see him that way. I know whatever comes our way we will get thru it. We always have.

Anyway bloggy friends only 7 more days till bloggerversary! Yep! You wont wanna miss it!