Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LIfe tried to keep us apart..

So Rachel is having a lovely giveaway over at RVK go check it out! I know I want that stamp set! YUMO! Isn't that kit delish? I think so. Sold out already! I hope you got your hands on one.

Sneaks are up at Mojo! OH ME OH MY OH!

I took aria to the Dr yesterday and am STILL waiting for the Dr to call about her test results. Yes I called them but they said they didn't have them yet. BLAH!

If you want a totally infectious song to listen to then go to my playlist and listen to My Rollercoaster by Kimya Dawson. She is sooo fun and quirky. Her songs make me laugh and get stuck in my head.

Does anyone watch Rob & Big? OMG I love that show. Just wondering if I am the only one out there lol!

On to some scrappy stuff. I cant blog without at least a teeny bit of scrappy nonsense.

I have been really blessed these past few months. Ronnie is going thru a time with the gov and school so just keep him in your prayers that everything will work out the way god has planned. I'm not worried but I know he is and I don't like to see him that way. I know whatever comes our way we will get thru it. We always have.

Anyway bloggy friends only 7 more days till bloggerversary! Yep! You wont wanna miss it!


dani j. said...

gorgeous layouts as always! you always bring such texture to your layouts... love that!

lol, sometimes I have Rob and Big on just for laughs while I'm surfing the net or scrapping, you know, background comedy!

aja said...

beautious stuff, as always!

and it makes me sooo happy to see you use my labels...i just adore your work!

dori.aleman.medina said...

gosh... love it all! you are too cool! keep rocking the LOs! left you a funny message... hee hee hee... dorkieness!

Chez said...

Super cute Marie. You can tell you are feelin spring! Don't you just love the new Sassafrass lass? It's so cheery! Hope all is well gf.

Dana said...

Love these Marie~~~ So different and so you!

Shelly Brewer said...

love all your scrappy goodness. hope your boy is better.

Michelle said...

Lovely pages! =) Annnd...I totally love Kimya. =) And I also totally love Rob and Big...he he. They're so funny! I love Meaty, too...=) Do you watch any other MTV? "That's Amoure"?.."The Gauntlet"? We're obsessed with it all!

michelle said...

these are so wonderful. love all the embellishments you use.