Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Atom bomb!

Many of you might be wondering where in the blog is the winner to Marie's Rak already...well here it is. I had Raven (my daughter) pick a nbr between 1-40...The nbr she picked was 37...The lucky person on 37 is...AJA!!! Come on down! You have won this...

Ignore the crappy pic and the not so clean desk. The house book is missing the pages and back but Ill get that finished up for ya real quick like. Send your address to me at!

On to some more stuff. I went to the doc today and also took Ronnie to the doc. He is doing fab thanks for all your well wishes and so on. We appreciate them.

I got some love this week. I made fav over at olw again...Always a bridesmaid never a bride lol! Still really cool. I made some pages with Kerry lynns line ( i love that girl) and got some sweet comments from Celine N, Kerry lynn, Jody, and Joanne. Love all those ladies. They make me feel special ;)

Here are the pages...

Yes that is Kerry Lynn I had to scrap her on her own paper! LOL!

Kerry and myself.

My sister Tiffany. This is for the scrapjacked challenge.

My sister Janna. I love her pics.

I also got a shout out in the Sis newsletter. Pretty neat! So all in all its been a good week. I did get my MOJO back. I feel like it anyway.

Not to much longer and I get to reveal my super duper news! AGH I am sooo excited!!! Now off to check your awesome blogs! ♥ ♥ ♥


dani said...

the layouts are amazing girl, for real. so glad you're feeling better about your work! and omigosh, that house is sooo cool, the winner is very lucky!

Ginajam said...

Congrats to AJA...I really love what you created!! And yay for all the love you've been getting for your always amazing work! Keep it girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh you so amaze me....I love your work.....really inspirational, you make me want to get out of bed and scrap!!!! xx

Lindsay said...

Congrats on the OLW faves (you'll win one of these days, I just know it!) and congrats on the newsletter mention...I saw that and thought it was wicked cool! Can't wait to hear the news (is it what I think it is?) and also, glad Ronnie is doing well and that you got your MOJO back (reminds me of Austin Powers, haha)


Edleen said...


love all yor layouts! so fabulous :)
glad to know that Ronnie is doing well.

take care and have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! you got your mojo back and then some! These are fab! i love them, especially the first one.


Chez said...

you are a scrappin machine girl! Love it as usual!

Michelle said...

Eeek..super duper news!! Can't wait! =) Lovin the pages...lovin how you rocked KL's awesome! Hope your weekend was fab!

Anonymous said...

seriously, loving your work!
congrats to AJA.

Michelle said...

YAY mojo back! i totally was feeling it! These are fantastical! Congrats to Aja.