Monday, January 28, 2008

I am a dash and you are a dot.

Well this was kind of a nice weekend. I did my last class for close to my heart. I will no longer be selling it. Just not feeling it anymore. It was sad because I love the girls in my class and they love coming but I said we still need to get together and just scrapbook, so we are gonna do that. I sold some of my old stuff to the girls and got enough to buy my plugs that I lost and now can replace. I also took my sister to go see Sweeney Todd...YUM! I freakin loved it! In case you dont know I love Tim Burton. He is the best director/artist out there. Of course I heart Johnny depp too. Helena Bonham Carter is super awesome so come on it was just wonderful. My sister loved it. We had a good time. I hear he is making a Alice In Wonderland! Oh cant wait!!!

My Paper Pixie kit was waiting for me when I got home that night...OH MY GOODNESS it was full of such beauty! Be still my heart. I made some stuff right away with it...

Valentines door hanging.

My mommy when she was a wee lass. Isnt she beautiful!

My uncle (Taco) Alvin. My real life peter pan.

I have more stuff to share but I think I will wait lol! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if you havent seen Sweeney Todd you best get your butts in gear!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Life aint easy for a boy named Sue.

So I have been lazy...In fact lazy should be my middle name lol! I feel like I have a ton to do. The rain gets me down blah. Anyway I got my Scrapperie kit! WOOT! I broke right into it that night and made two layouts. This kit was super fun! I love all the love Elsie and the ki! I had to use a sketch for the first one.

I finished this one last night..

I love my sister and her pictures. Her pictures inspire me to make the pages I make. She is weird but so am I and I love that! You should never be ordinary unless there is extra in front!

Ok I need to do the next paper adventure challenge and Overlooked and finish my postcards from here challenge...Sheesh! I didn't even do the olw one. I started but couldn't finish.

Oh and the kit I am guesting on is up at QTEA kits and it is awesome! I mean when she makes these kits she totally picks things I love! The best part is they are super cheap!! Her shipping is even awesome! I cant say enough about these kits.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking for a sign.

Ok the new challenge is up at Mojo and our Guest girl is super awesome. If you haven't been over there yet pls go check us out. I have been doing a lot to the site to make it look a little cooler. I LOVED doing this challenge. I had so much fun trying to use only trash or as much as I could fit in lol! Here is my takes on this super fun one.

That book I love. I don't love my work usually but that book I am in love with lol! I don't care if anyone else loves it or hates it. The pages are a work in progress I still have a lot to do to them.

I so need to scrap. I haven't done anything since the overlooked book. I'm waiting on my Scrapperie kit and Im hoping it will come today...Oh and I can reveal who I am guesting for... Paper Pixie Kits! Yipee! She is sending me this months kit which is beautiful! I totally have the pics I want to use with it. I cant wait to get it. I think on Friday she said. Oh and my mommy bought me a typewriter!!! I love her! Its electric so it doesn't do cool things to the letters but I still love it. I want to find a manual one too. Hopefully our thrift store will have one.

So with that you think I would be over there scrapp'n using the thing...Nope my desk is such a mess I cant even scrap. My cats knock all my stuff on the floor and then when i pick it up I just throw it on the desk...Now it is utter mayhem over there. I don't even wanna look at it lol! Ok ok Im going in...wish me luck I come out alive!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I can sing a Rainbow!

So I don't like to blog unless I have something pretty or scrappy to share...Today I have the pretty. Hehehe! This was really fun Anissa and Colleen had this on their blog.

My album cover:

Something fun and random to do...If you want to play here ya go...

The name of your band will show up in the title of this page:

Your album name will be the last 4 words from the last quote on this page:

The third image will be your album cover:

Pretty neat eh? Well I got some more good news! I will be the guest dt for QTea Kits! How fun! I love their kits. I didn't make the dt just a guest but hey i can live with that. If you haven't checked them out they have some funky cool weird stuff that I am sooo into lol!

That wasn't the guest dt I had mentioned in the last post. I will let ya in on that one soon. The guest Mojo girl is up today! I'm so excited because I love this girl! She has supported Mojo since we opened and she is ultra cool! Anyway go check it out! Tmw the challenge goes up so make sure you come back for that. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busta move.

Wow! This week has been kinda exciting...I got a fav on scrapjacked I don't know if I mentioned that and I made the catwalk again! I cant believe that one...I also was asked to be a guest designer at a kit that will remain nameless for a few days...Hmm what else oh and on my little book I just made I got this response from Ashely Wren...

jaw is on the floor.
i am in looooooooooove.


I mean how sweet is that? She made me a fav on her list so that was really cool too. I love when these big names in scrapbooking aren't snobby. So over all its been a pretty good week/new year!

Here is the book...

If you haven't stopped by overlooked you so should. Its really cool. I love the journaling part she has some great ideas and I am always stuck on the journaling.

The NEXT page in my paper adventure book...

The 2 surgeries that I speak of are for me and my hubby...I will tell all soon. The time isn't right yet.

I need to go get hubby some bday presents today...Shower time for me!

Just wanna say all my blogger friends are da bomb. I have a special place in my heart for each one of you...I love reading your blogs and your comments make me smile.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Black hair and the devils pitch fork.

Lots going on it seems this year already. My horoscopes said this year was gonna be a good one for me and it seems to be going in that direction...I keep asking myself what my word should be for the year. The only one I found was sustain. I know not a exciting word or inspirational in anyway..But seriously i feel like if all i do is survive and get thru another year then its a good one. Last year was terrible in so many ways...On the other hand it was full of miracles. (My husband was in the hospital with a life threatening disease. It looked as though I was going to go thru life without him. That was hard. I couldn't imagine my life without him. Against all odds he DID make it and he DID recover. So 5 months out of last year spent worrying, loving, crying, and being relived. While in the middle of all this we find out his job (Hershey's) is no longer going to employ in America. Meaning they are moving it to Mexico. Talk about a stab in the eye! LOL! There is so many other things after that but Ill keep them to myself.) Thru everything we have persevered.

This year Ronnie will be going back to school and things will be tight and I'm sure we will run into some obstacles. That's life. I'm determined to get through them. Maybe my word should be determined...LOL!

Ok Maybe Ill think more on it. On to some scrapgoodness. I updated Mojo...Go check it and tell me what you think. Here is another page I did for the dt submission (that I'm sure I will not get so I'm not holding my breath lol)...

Yep that's me...naked! Why do our parents insist on taking these kind of pics? I know I'm not the only one with a pic like this. I had to cut the flower out of the fabric because I didn't want the whole world to see my goods. On that note... Hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a exciting week ahead!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Navy beans navy beans....

So we were doing this the other night at Scrapperie...playing some Hottie Bingo and finding our drag names and porn names...

Here is my Bingo list...
Brad Pitt
Chris Cornell
Ed Norton
Eddie Vedder
Harry Connick Jr
Joaquin Phoenix
Orlando Bloom
John Travolta
Johnny Depp
Lenny Kravitz
Matthew McConaughey
Pierce Brosnan
Taye Diggs
Viggo Mortenson
Vince Vaughn

And here is my drag name.

Your Drag Queen Name Is:

Sugar Snatch

OMG how nasty is that! LOL! And the drag queen looks tore up! Come on! LOL! So funny.We have such fun and it happens every wed night. You all should join us! I actually won a prize for having Eddie Vedder on my list! I totally didnt see Hugh Jackman...He woulda been on there too.

I did this layout for a dt I am submitting for. Tell me what you think of it. I like how it turned out. I don't usually do bright pages like that. That's my daughter and her lil friend.

I started singing that hella old song "If you be my bodyguard" and that's what I decided was going to be my title lol!

A new owl book....Soon will be posted in our Etsy. My cousin and I are going to have a bunch of crafty coolness to share soon hopefully! Stay tuned for that.

Hmmm think that's it for now. Hope you re having a wonderful day!

Long live the King.

Well it's ugly and dark and blah out again. I think that is what my mood is too. I need to scrap or clean the rest of my space up. I was going thru some stuff last night and getting rid of so much. I'm gonna see if I can pawn it off on my Mom's beginner friends lol! Here is my latest page in my paper adventure book.

Ive been playing with Paintshop Pro and trying to make my pics look "cooler". Here is the result of that.

I think the first one is my fav. Those 2 are of my daughter Aria and the last is of my uncle Taco (Alvin). I think I told you all before but when he was born they used the clamps to help him out of the birth canal and it gave him brain damage. He never grows up he stays about 6ish. When I was a kid I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread! (Still do.) He is my real life Peter Pan.

For those that asked Ronnie is going to school for computer networking. Today is the appt with the lady! He is there right now! I know he will do wonderfully and everything will go smoothly! Thanks for all your good lucks!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And start my life a-new...

Ok I finally have some scrappyness to share. I was sooooo excited about our next challenge over at MOJO that I started it right away...In fact I have 2 projects going at once. But then I decided to stop and work on something I could show off lol! When I finish something I get antsy and wanna hurry up and post it. Like at Christmas time when I buy gifts...I get antsy and want the person to open it. Im a nerd. I "cleanned" my desk last night...Ha! It's still kinda messy. At least I have a small white space to scrap on tho! So bad.

We had some big news at Scrap Mojo. Did you see it? Well we are looking for 2 more girls to add to our team and we have a new Mojo girl! She is super cool and talented. We will be having some AMAZING guest designers coming up too. I cant wait!

So about the scrappyness...I am playing along over here. It has really inspired me. I made a whole book for it. I will post the book soon. For now here is the first page.

I watercolored the background page and painted the little people. We are holding hands hehehe! I get to go to Kerry Lynn's class...I cant wait!!! Any Cali girls wanna meet up? Let me know.

Ronnie has his acceptance letter to start school (for those that don't know he worked at Hershey's and they shut down the plant and moved to Mexico). He of course has to meet with tra lady and do some other jumping thru hoops. I'm just glad he is on his way. He is a brilliant person and Ive said before I know that he will do well in whatever he takes on.

So that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by oh and I hope your days aren't as wet and ugly as mine! Yikes!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Steady as she goes...

Its up! The new challenge is up at scrapmojo! It's 3:12 am here and I just finished putting it up so you all can see it bright and early. We have a couple announcements some sad some pretty cool so you wont wanna miss it! I also have some layouts to share...Oh my mojo challenge lo isn't up yet. It was stormin so bad I couldn't take a pic. So tmw (hopefully it will be sunny or at least not wet) I will get it up there. On to the other pages...

My son Rowan when he was about 7 months old! Isn't he a cutie!

I used my Scrappy girl Designs kit to make this one...It's of Ronnie when he was a small boy. Isn't he adorable! Funny story...He use to go around the school playground and snap his fingers like the Fonz and he actually had little girls who would run up to him and hang on his shoulders. He was like 6 his mom said. HA!!!

That completes our program for today! Hope your weather was a lot better then it was here!

ETA: I took a pic today...Blah here it is..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You say I wanted you to be proud

*Ok so I never have a good title for posts so I use whatever is playing on my playlist...hehe just fyi.*

I have been feeling in a slump. I need my new kit from Scrapperie to get me motivated. All in due time...So I decided to do the scrapjacked and use some "old" stuff I had laying around forever!

Here it is..

Some pics of San Fransisco. One of our many trips we take there. My heart really does belong there. I love it. I need to go put the sneak peeks up at Scrapmojo.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

How was yours? We had a ton of snacks and watched "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry". It was cute. Kids all fell asleep before midnight but we managed to get them up to spray silly string about 3 mins before it turned. Hope this year is your best year yet!