Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her green plastic watering can

Ahh the past few days have been simply lovely. Spring like even. I cant wait for spring. It makes me happy and fills my soul with laughter. Seriously. Sadly it is suppose to rain for 4 days. *insert sniffles*

I took my valentines decorations down. A little sad to see them go. I still would like to make more v-day treats but it is time to move on. Any guesses on what I am moving on to? If you said easter you would be correct! *wink*

I started making easter cards. Tara so kindly agreed to be my permanent swap friend so I had to start thinking of pretty little things to make her. I am so inspired by her. She had these adorable paper cakes on her blog that she made with her daughter. I got the idea of using the same kind of concept but instead making easter eggs.

I used the new Sass Smitten line for this one.

This one I used Sass mix & mend.

Oh and silly me I forgot to post that I wore my DIY sweater for our little v-day party.

& made me a little v-day hair clip.

Last but not least did you know Simply artistic is posting a new challenge March 1st? I have my card already made. Make sure to check them out and we could end up being swap partners! :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

You are the only exception

Before I left on my little getaway I made another page using my AMM kit.

I think it is my fav one so far. I got the Sass flower at the store for 40% off! Love them. The sale is still going on too.

Running away can be really fun. Tell me tho when I know I am going away from all my craft supplies the urge to make something hits. Then when I do get home to create the urge is gone. Boowhoo. I have lots to play with too. Now I just need time. Anyone have some they could give me? No...ok!

After school hubby picked me up and to the room we went.
This was waiting for me. We got ready and went out on the town.

Ate at a place called Valley Brewing. They have my very fav sandwich.
It is called a Monte Cristo. It is 2 pieces of french toast with turkey, ham & swiss. Dusted with powder sugar and served with a side of jam and yam fries. Mmmmm mmm mmm!

We then went to see "Just Go With It".
It's a dark photo of him and myself but we were in the theater. I still love it to bits.

The next day we went out, shopped, and ate yogurt and Nubi and ate at Jollibees.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

& I'm like forget you

Yesterday was the official day of love. I managed to make 3 Valentines day cards for the kids and my cousin.

For my cousin.

For my daughters

For my sons.

I was so very inspired by the valentines I received from Tara. Truly lovely!

My day was filled with so much love, kisses and hugs but I also got some pretty awesome things.

A new sewing machine.From hubby.

A bike basket for my bike filled with lovely lovely things.
sock monkey, chocolate covered strawberries, and daffodils oh my!

Seriously beautiful and fun. I truly have the best husband. We are in no way perfect...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I took my final for this mod. B. Now I have one more mod left and then I go on ex tern. YIKES! Part of me cant wait and another part is a little frightened!

Lastly I will leave you with some cool news. I am now a proud member of the MPTS dt. Anna makes beautiful paper flowers and I get to work with them every month!

Thank you to all the new followers! I am not sure how to get to your blogs so I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to follow it really makes my day to see the nbr grow a little each day! Makes me feel loved. ;)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

You are perfect to me

Valentines is just a hop skip away. Sadly I am not running away with the hubby this weekend. I have a final I have to study for all weekend long sooo we are moving our weekend to next. :(

That is ok tho it is just a day right? Right. We can celebrate next weekend.

Sharing with you today the last bit of my valentines decor.

I wanted to do more but I just kind of fizzled out. School has been taking a lot out of me lately. Almost done though.

Remember when I said I actually FINISHED a page when I went on a crop super bowl Sunday...Well here that page is.
It is me and my mama. I just really love this pic. I used Lillybee design paper. I have never used it and I really liked the collection.

This week has been filled with happy mail. I got the Feb AMM kit on Thursday and dug right in. I already finished two projects.
The quote is from Coco Chanel and it says "woman should be 2 things classy and fabulous." I thought it was fitting for this little plaque.

Page of my hubby. Simple. Love that man.

I have lots and lots more to make. I also have a project due for school. Making some foam teeth. Oh joy! LOL! SO not feeling it. Then I have a final to study for and we have a Valentines get together going on at the house today. Time to shut this computer down and get crackin!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let your words live on far beyond this life

Today I have a little Valentine DIY to share. I have been pinning my little heart out over at Pinterest and found a sweater with heart elbow patches. I also had been to the thrift store and remembered seeing a sweater that would be perfect for some heart elbow patches.

I decided this MUST be something I do. It couldn't be to hard right? Right.

First you need your sweater. Of course it could be any color any type any size. Mine was brand new from target but I only paid 4.00. Yes I am lucky to have a thrift store located right next to our target so they get ALL their clearance stuff and sell it dirt cheap.

Supplies you will need.
Red floss or bakers twine would be cute.
Red felt

My 4.00 sweater and the red felt.

You need to figure out how big you want your hearts to be. I made mine to fit from seam to seam on the sweater. I also free handed my heart but you can find many heart templates on google.

You want to try on your sweater and pin the hearts where your elbows are. I was being lazy and didn't try it on. {My hearts are a little low but you are going to do it the right way...Don't be lazy like me lol!}

Now it is time to begin. Knot your thread and com up inside your sleeve.

Half way through I figured out how to sew it without coming in and out the sleeve. This way is much much easier. :)

Finish it off by knotting it underneath.

Viola! The perfect Valentines outfit or gift!

I also have a valentines day card tutorial over at AMM.
You can make that card if you go check it out. :)

I made this recipe for dinner. Yes it is a appetizer but it worked just as good for a main course. Throw a little green beans on the side and a roll and call it good. The whole family LOVED them. Simple to make. I highly recommend them.

Lastly I spent Superbowl Sunday with my crafty buddies Ginger and Diane. Had a great time.

{pressies the girls gave me.}

We laughed and did a little creating (pic of page FINISHED to come soon). Love those girls. I need to start having a girls day at least once a month. Who is with me?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

She killed it with kisses and from it she fled

Instead of blogging I should be crossing things off my to-do list. Should. Oh well. I will try to make it quick. I would like to share with you all the challenge that is going on over at AMM. I "drew" a sketch up for your enjoyment. Yes go head point and laugh. I didn't use a ruler and I was hoping someone would fix it up for me on the computer because I really have no clue how to...But no one did lol! Here it is, in all its child like glory.

Like I said, go head point and laugh. Play along and you could win a GC.

The Feb kit is up at AMM and it is bright and delightful.
Wouldn't you agree?

Going to share some more valentines bits with you. I made this tiny card to go with Lucille.
Simple but sweet.

I also made a love capsule to fill handmade tiny simple gifts with.
It is made out of wood. I painted it with 3 different colors, sanded & stamped it.

I am filling it with a few different handmade items.

I think the little acorn would look so cute in a tiny frame on a side table, mantel, or wall. I made a few so don't be surprised if you see that popping up in my decor. :)

Have you gotten very far on your valentines? Have you made any?