Thursday, February 3, 2011

She killed it with kisses and from it she fled

Instead of blogging I should be crossing things off my to-do list. Should. Oh well. I will try to make it quick. I would like to share with you all the challenge that is going on over at AMM. I "drew" a sketch up for your enjoyment. Yes go head point and laugh. I didn't use a ruler and I was hoping someone would fix it up for me on the computer because I really have no clue how to...But no one did lol! Here it is, in all its child like glory.

Like I said, go head point and laugh. Play along and you could win a GC.

The Feb kit is up at AMM and it is bright and delightful.
Wouldn't you agree?

Going to share some more valentines bits with you. I made this tiny card to go with Lucille.
Simple but sweet.

I also made a love capsule to fill handmade tiny simple gifts with.
It is made out of wood. I painted it with 3 different colors, sanded & stamped it.

I am filling it with a few different handmade items.

I think the little acorn would look so cute in a tiny frame on a side table, mantel, or wall. I made a few so don't be surprised if you see that popping up in my decor. :)

Have you gotten very far on your valentines? Have you made any?


Fauve Design said...

SO cute!Love it all,especially the little card!

The sketch is so much fun.Thats exactly how my sketches look!

Diane B. said...

uh...yeah. that deer and that teenie tiny fabric card must be mine. LOL ....and i am thrilled that you already used that little tart tin! isn't it just the cutest?!?

Unknown said...

haaa! love the sketch! I think it looks classy! :)
cute little valentines creations, i love them!