Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her green plastic watering can

Ahh the past few days have been simply lovely. Spring like even. I cant wait for spring. It makes me happy and fills my soul with laughter. Seriously. Sadly it is suppose to rain for 4 days. *insert sniffles*

I took my valentines decorations down. A little sad to see them go. I still would like to make more v-day treats but it is time to move on. Any guesses on what I am moving on to? If you said easter you would be correct! *wink*

I started making easter cards. Tara so kindly agreed to be my permanent swap friend so I had to start thinking of pretty little things to make her. I am so inspired by her. She had these adorable paper cakes on her blog that she made with her daughter. I got the idea of using the same kind of concept but instead making easter eggs.

I used the new Sass Smitten line for this one.

This one I used Sass mix & mend.

Oh and silly me I forgot to post that I wore my DIY sweater for our little v-day party.

& made me a little v-day hair clip.

Last but not least did you know Simply artistic is posting a new challenge March 1st? I have my card already made. Make sure to check them out and we could end up being swap partners! :)



Micayla said...

Those photos of you and hubby are just the cutest and so are those cards. Gotta love a bit of sassafras!!
We have just dealt with lots of rainy days and more to come...but still I am enjoying the spring like weather.

Andrea Amu said...

Cute start to the Easter cards!
I love the look of the Mix&Mend for that egg design! So shabbily cute!