Monday, May 28, 2007


Well its been a long but short month...Did that make sense? hahaha well I'm sure it did to anyway...I wish i could post some awesome pages or semi awesome or even mediocre but i cant. I haven't done anything. My office is a mess. I totally need to clean. But I'm so darn busy. I wanna play with my scrap stuff....But its so far outta my reach.

Now something pretty cool...I had took a pic of Ronnie's gnarly "wounds" when he first came home... just so he could see them. It really depressed him after he saw how bad it was. Last night he was able to get on the Internet and I had left the memory card in the computer. Well being his nosey self he looked and he saw those pics on our 20" monitor....He was like omg ughhh! I looked over and said...OMG! It looks 100% better then that! I see it everyday and didn't really realize how good its coming along. So i told him i would take a pic of it that night so he could see just what i was talking about.

I did and man the difference is awesome! He has healed so quick its amazing. We have a doc appt tmw and I'm sure he is going to be happy with it also. I wish i could show u guys the pic but its in a place that is very sensitive to a man....Groin and abdomen area.

So anyway things are looking good and I came across thisstory ...It made me really appreciate how blessed we are. It could've been so much worse. I felt for this guy. If u dare click on the post op photos.

Anyway maybe ill be posting something cool or not so cool that I made next time....I doubt it lol!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deep breath...

I've been taking a lot of those lately. I'm trying to hang in there. This has proven to be a test of what my mind and body can take...Trying to take care of 4 kids and keep a house clean, get homework done, and wait on a man hand and foot is really draining. No time for me at all. Not as if i ever did anyway lol! I hope that he heals very quick. It doesn't seem to be showing a whole lot of progress and from what i can tell he has a bladder infection. I gotta call the doc today about that.

On a side note i finally took pics of the pages i did before all this happened. I'm TRYING to work on a mini book...We will see how far i get on that. So here is one of the pages I did before this mess...

I "applied" for something..Not a job but something really wonderful...NSBR but i don't wanna let the cat outta the bag for fear it wont happen. If it happens you all will be the first to know. Keep it in ur prayers and thoughts. My family and I could really use some sunshine in this storm.

I wish you all a wonderful week and that you and yours are healthy and well.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Coming home!

Yes that's right he is coming home tmw!!! YIPEE!! I will be his nurse and he will have a home nurse come every once in a while. I'm just so glad he will be home soon. I'm staying the night tonight so i can get everything ready for him tmw and take him back here. He is soooo happy! I'm gonna have to pack his wounds for him at some point. I don't have a plm with that...the only thing that makes it hard is the pain he is in when its done. My gosh who wouldn't be in pain the wounds are well gnarly. But we are on easy street now. I am going to do everything in my power to keep him healthy and on his way to recovery.

We are gonna have to start to deal with Hershey's soon. I called hr and they said they will get some sort of severance package...But since he wasn't there he didn't get the packet. I asked if she could send it to me and she said she would try. That's been a week ago and I haven't got anything yet. I think he will also get to go back to school and be on unemployment all the while. So he has to decide what he wants to go to school for. I know god has a plan for us and i just need to let it happen and not get so stressed out. It's hard...I hold things inside.

So tmw I am going to try to organize my scrap area a bit more and start to scrap again. Even tho when i think about it i get a blah feeling. I'm gonna have to make myself. I need to make my mom a card for mothers day and maybe something special. I'm late but she understands.

Our family has been so wonderful and have helped us out a lot. Ronnie's aunt Debbie has been here watching the kids for the past 3 weeks almost. Made it possible for me to spend so much time at the hospital with Ronnie. My mom came and made me a lasagna and helped clean my house for me and anything else i ask of her she has done. She is so awesome.

I'm truly blessed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Well...Ronnie came out of the surgery ok...The doc says "I think this will be his last one..." WHAT does "I think" mean? I have no clue but tonight I am sleeping over at the hospital again so i can catch him in the wee hours of the morning to ask if its for sure no more surgeries because they don't see any more infection. He is in great spirits although he is in A LOT of pain. It breaks my heart to see him like that, but i am just sooooooooooooooooooooo happy that this may be the end and he can come home soon. I know i will need to be his personal nurse for some time and I may even have to pack the wound for a while...Not sure...gonna ask the doc that tmw. I don't care. I will do whatever it takes to get him better. I miss him. I miss his arms around me at night. I miss talking to him and watching TV with him. I just miss everything about him. Even when we weren't in the same room together i knew he was here and it made me feel so safe. Now this house feels empty. I cant wait till he comes home. He truly is my best friend and like I've said before my soul mate.

I know im being repetitive but thank you all for ur concerns and prayers and well wishes!! They really keep me going.

Im hoping to do some scrapin soon. I have 2 pages that i need to post and a butt load of new stuff. Omg i got these kick ass black wings from Valerie's shop! They are to die for...Ill post pics later!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Well after his surgery the doc came out and said there was more infection he had to remove....I was so frustrated. He already had him scheduled for another surgery for Thursday (tmw). I just wanted to scream! I knew i had to tell Ronnie because for some reason the doc doesn't. I knew how he was gonna feel. I mean 4 surgeries in less then 2 weeks time.....Its really draggin him down. On top of all this he cant eat. He is sooo bloated and feels full. They are gonna take him off the morphine and the iv and see if that helps. This is a roller coaster one min i think he is fine the next i just feel like it falls apart. I want to scream! I'm praying that this is his last surgery...Pls god let it be. I don't know how many more he can take honestly.

His "wound" is looking better the doc said...Of course they don't know what it looks like inside until they get in there. They still have him on the antibiotics. Please everyone pray that this is his last surgery that there is no more infection.

I'm sick of the nurses that wont listen to you when u say he can do stuff on his own or u need to put that thru that hole or it will be closed off or for god sakes get this man some ice water! I'm sick of the 10 docs that come in that have nothing to do with it but wanna look and poke and give advice that you've already heard.

But I'am grateful for the few that care and do take to heart that i care and I've been there all day and all night and have seen certain things. I'm grateful for all the prayers and well wishes...Thank you from all of us.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Some light...

At the end of a very long dark tunnel...Ronnie's doc came in and said it was looking very good. He may not have to take anything out. Just look and see if there's more infection. He says he is doing very well. Honestly it is a miracle. I cant call it anything less. I'm so happy and pray that there is no more infection in his body. They moved him out of I.C.U. and into his own room. He has a phone now so he can call me every hour at night lol! It was buggin him he couldn't talk to me on the phone. You have to understand this man calls me from his work on every break he has since the day we met, like clock work. (Even tho I'm at the hospital from morning till night!) Thank you all for ur prayers I really feel that's what helped him and i get thru this. We have had soooooooo many people praying for us. I appreciate each one of them. Ill be updating after Mondays surgery.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well he came thru the surgery ok. The doc found more infection. Cleaned it out. Has to go back in some more he said...Probably sat. I seen ronnie about 1 hour after the surgery. His spirits werent up like i was hoping. He has been doing so wonderful! But today was really hard for him. The doc said it was really deep where he cut out the dead tissue. Ronnie said he was in a lot of pain. I think he is getting frustrated and tired of the whole mess. I dont blame him. I told him just keep pushing that button for ur pain med and try to relax. Ronnie said he hoped they didnt have to go back again...I unfortuantly had to break the news...I just seen him sink. Of course i told him he will get thru it and i love him very much and how proud i am of how well he is been taking everything. The doc told me this was gonna take a long time...I didnt tell ronnie that.

One good thing the doc did say to me is He believes Ronnie will sail thru this because he is a very strong and healthy man. So i am holding on to that right now. I told ronnie this too. When i left tonight (after we watched lost together) He seemed in much better spirits. I cry all the time. I cant help it. I hate to see him in so much pain. I seen part of where they have cut....Ill just leave it at that.

I really really want u all to know how much i appreciate your comments you leave me. Its kind of theraputic for me to type this out. Of course i am crying the whole time but at least it gets some of what i need to say out. Aimee i thank u for ur kind words and ur hope! Your comment really touched my heart and made me feel better. Thank you again girls!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More surgery

Tmw he has to go in again at 430 to take a black spot out they have seen and open up another part of him that looks swollen and red. I found some things on the internet for those who are wondering like me...

Necrotizing Fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue, which may be caused by streptococcal or other types of infection, an injury, or an autoimmune reaction.

1. Most patients with necrotizing fasciitis have either diabetes or alcoholism, two common problems that can lead to compromised immunity.

2. Necrotizing fasciitis is a severe infection that leads to necrosis of the subcutaneous tissue and adjacent fascia. The usual cause is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic organisms, although group A streptococcus alone may be responsible. The organisms reach the subcutaneous tissue by extension from a contiguous infection or trauma to the area, includings surgery. There is widespread damage to the surrounding tissue, and occlusion of small subcutaneous vessels leads to dermal gangrene.

Extensive surgical incision and debridement is the mainstay of treatment, with concomitant antibiotic therapy. There are various other necrotizing conditions that are clinically very difficult to distinguish from one another and from necrotizing fasciitis.

3. Outcomes are variable. The type of infecting organism, rate of spread, susceptibility to antibiotics, and the timing of diagnosis all contribute to the final outcome.

Scarring and deformity are common with this type of disease. Fatalities are high even with aggressive treatment and powerful antibiotics. Untreated, the infection invariably spreads and causes death