Saturday, September 22, 2007


Do any of you watch celebrity rap superstar on MTV?? OMG i love that show...Jason Wahler to funny for words!! That white boy gives us a bad name! No wonder they think white ppl cant rap! LMAO! OMG but he is freakin funny as all hell to watch...check it out..

This one wasnt even his funniest! Man that guy splits my side...Anyway great show...The best part is d.m.c. as a can u not love him!?! Legendary.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here is my take on Edleen's work...She is super talented.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today was a good day

Remember that song by ice cube? Hahaha i love him... well until he started doing those are we there yet movies. Blah! Anyway it's actually been a good week. My cousin came to visit me on friday, she visited gave me some ultra cool paper and we bitched about stuff, watched Napoleon Dynamite (because she had never seen it) and she brought my mom's dress that her sister had borrowed years ago...I thought it was long gone...But nope she had it in her closet!! I was sooooooo exicted u dont even know! This dress is almost as old as me so about 30 yrs old give or take...She wore it in the s.c.a. and made it herself....

I was doing a dance when she brought it. I love it!

She also sent me some pics of us when we were kids...You see my cousins were like my sisters. I was over there ALL the time. I thought my older cousin was ultra cool when we were kids and I wanted to be just like her...hehehehe.

us as wee ones..I'm the fat baby!

Us as pre-teens...When i see this pic it makes me think of the movies "Legend" & "Labyrinth"...Tom and david were so hot in those movies! hahahaha!

This is a horrible pic!! We were about 14 and 16? Man horrible I didnt have my braces yet.Remember those ugly blankets lol!!

And finally around 16ish...

I'll post a pic of the dress on my next post....Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

12 things

You may not know about me...

So i was tagged by Mj and Melissa...

1. I was in the system of a down video "chop suey".(You may know that.)

2. Last year I was backstage for ozzfest and got to sit on the tour bus of one of the bands...Interview a hot rocker chick....and have the best time of my life.

3. I love cartoons...I use to watch gummie bears when i was a teen. Scooby was my fav when i was a kid.

4. I want lots and lots of tats...Sadly i only have one..and its total crap...I got it when i was 16...

5. The main 4 tats i want are....A dragon (rowan) A raven (raven) Something to do with music (aria) and aeden i haven't decided yet. I also want a day of the dead skull and a Bettie page tat...

6. I'm a night owl...I hate mornings.

7. I would love to go to a drag show...Still never been..

8. Have been to a gay bar... Good times.

9. I can listen to every genre of music and love it....Course depends on the song.

10. I love hello kitty ...Have since i was a kid. I also ♥ Martha Stewart and was sad when she went to jail...

11. I'm very mellow and a go with the flow kinda girl.

12. I have 2 cats...One named Elvis and one named Priscilla...and i love them dearly.

I m not going to tag anyone because everyone has been tagged...But if u haven't i dare you to do this!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Under 10 mins

So i threw this together in under 10 mins...Its for the poppy ink challenge Heather has got going on...

Had to use 5 diff ribbon, doodle, and staples...

The 2 reds are different colors although its hard to tell on here....

This one was fun because i didn't over think it i just did it...Its not great but its cool in my book.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Felt felt everywhere...

But not a drop to spare....Ok not true. I got in a felt mood all thanks to the lovely MJ. I made these for her swap....

And i made these just because lol!

The all about eve challenge i was telling you about...

and the inside of the book....

I made this file folder out of a hambly transparency and my coluzzle.

In other news...Ronnie went back to work yesterday...It was really rough on him but he made it thru...Looks like he will only be working for 3 weeks then be out of a job around Oct 1st...We did however find out he will get his severance AND unemployment so that is freakin awesome! Now he just needs to decide what he wants to go back to school for. Keep us in your prayers girls!

Friday, September 7, 2007


That's how my life is...Total and complete chaos....But I guess that is to be expected with 4 kids and 2 cats...As I type this my boy kitty Elvis is intently watching the words appear on the screen...waiting for his chance to attack them. Silly kitty...Anyway here are somethings I have completed the past few days...yesterday i took a day to clean, it looks as though that was all undone in 24 hours time. How can something u just cleaned look worse then before u cleaned it 2 hours later? One of the great wonders of the world.

This is my Little sister Janna...She is weird like me. We like to play dress up and pretend to be other people...My mom was that way too...and she wonders where we get it lol! When I was a kid we use to belong to the s.c.a. (The Society for Creative Anachronism) I got to dress up in medieval clothes that my mom would sew. Omg it was sooo fun to basically on the weekends live in a fairytale. They had knights, a Queen and King, jousts the full deal! It was soooooo awesome. That's what I get for having hippies for a Aunt and Uncle. Anyway so that is why I am weird and my sister also. Just thought you might like to know.
(used RVAK for this)

On to other things...A box I made outta the rvak...I ♥ Marilyn!

I also made 2 other pages and a cute book but my stupid card is full and my batteries are low....

Here is the cover....Ill take pics of the inside tmw or so...

Each of my kids have their own section in this book for their artworks. I really really ♥ this book.

As for the pages they will have to wait also...One was for one of the eve's challenges but I didn't do it in time so no biggie. But it was fun non the less. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So I havent done them all but I did do a few and here they are....

This one I actually did on time but didnt post it on time lol! I know I know Im such a nerd. Used the RVAK for this.

ashley wren jack using rvak

Missy jack

amber nichole jack

I had a lot of fun doing these especially the last one!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


So I got a honorable mention I guess you could say on the unpubbed blog...Pretty cool...and I have been a featured artist on I believe all of my layouts have been featured at one point or another. So that's kinda cool too.

I decided to do another unpubbed. If you haven't checked out their blog yet get to it ladies!