Monday, September 17, 2007

Today was a good day

Remember that song by ice cube? Hahaha i love him... well until he started doing those are we there yet movies. Blah! Anyway it's actually been a good week. My cousin came to visit me on friday, she visited gave me some ultra cool paper and we bitched about stuff, watched Napoleon Dynamite (because she had never seen it) and she brought my mom's dress that her sister had borrowed years ago...I thought it was long gone...But nope she had it in her closet!! I was sooooooo exicted u dont even know! This dress is almost as old as me so about 30 yrs old give or take...She wore it in the s.c.a. and made it herself....

I was doing a dance when she brought it. I love it!

She also sent me some pics of us when we were kids...You see my cousins were like my sisters. I was over there ALL the time. I thought my older cousin was ultra cool when we were kids and I wanted to be just like her...hehehehe.

us as wee ones..I'm the fat baby!

Us as pre-teens...When i see this pic it makes me think of the movies "Legend" & "Labyrinth"...Tom and david were so hot in those movies! hahahaha!

This is a horrible pic!! We were about 14 and 16? Man horrible I didnt have my braces yet.Remember those ugly blankets lol!!

And finally around 16ish...

I'll post a pic of the dress on my next post....Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!


Melissa Mann said...

Love, Love, Love the old photos, Marie!!! So fun!

Michelle said...

Those photos are so fun! Thanks for sharing them. Congrats on getting the dress back!

Scrap for a Cure team said...

Hey Marie- Just wanted to let you ladies in Brentwood are hosting a crop on Oct. 20th 10-8 to benefit the Susan G Koman. Thought it would be fun to invite you and your friends to a semi local (30 mins drive?) event.
Thanks, Ginger
Also you should check out the classes being offered at wishfest @ My Daughter's Wish. I'm going to their crop on Sept. 28th

Crystal said...

I cant believe you posted those!! The baby one Im ok with but OMG the ugly blanket one common!! :) oh well we are what we are

Vee said...

love love the old pics :)

Lizee said...

omg how cute are those pics!!!
i love old school pics:)
i wanna see more!