Sunday, July 18, 2010

I could really use a wish right now

I really really could or two...Maybe 3. You know how I said that more bad then good seem to happen to me and my family in the previous post? Well for some reason some one or something felt like I didn't realize this and wanted to make that point known this past week in a half. Since that last post my pipes clogged, my ps3 died, and found out someone close had a very sad event happen in their life.

I mean yeah the ps3 isn't something I NEED to survive but those are not cheap. I can NOT afford to replace it so no movie watching or game playing for me or my family. The pipes...well that is something that is very shitty. LOL! I mean it is gonna cost me a few benjamins to fix and I really don't have one let alone a few. Sigh.

I did however start school Tuesday. It has been a crazy ride so far. I am trying my hardest and striving to get all A's we shall see. It is NOT easy by any means. Lots of medical terminology I have to memorize.

Another cool thing is I got my girl cave done-ish. If you know me you know that NOTHING is ever done for good in my house especially when it comes to interior decorating. I still need a new roof and could use a few bricks and a door. Oh and a window or two, paint, and odds and ends I really WANT but don't NEED.

Love my lockers. Hubby gave those up. They were in the man cave for years (garage).Of course we spray painted them. He helped me oh so very much with this project. Such a sweetheart.

We put a ac in (that we had from a while back) and now its easy like Sunday A.M. up in there! Love my girl cave! Brings sunshine to an otherwise dark day.

I made this in there...

Oh oh and I have some super secret news to share soon! Neato girls and neato art. Hmmmm you will have to wait and see!

P.S. Thank you all for the lovely comments on the last post. You all made me feel special :) Love this internet love.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When youre dreaming with a broken heart

Every year seems to be filled with highs and lows. The past few years I feel we have seen more lows then highs. I have hoped that life would look up. Hoped that the highs would out weigh the lows... So far that hope is just that. A hope. I am still hoping. Life seems to kick you. Not just when you're down...but especially when you're down it seems to hurt the most. *sigh* It WILL get better. It HAS to right? I know I am being vague. Just know it's a bunch of little things.

I do however count my blessings. When your husband is almost taken from you and you watch them suffer and there is not a damn thing you can do about it...Well that makes you count your blessings. THAT makes you love life even when it sucks. THAT makes you care for every one and everything around you.

I am human. I get depressed, mad, frustrated. I cry, yell, cuss. But I also love, hug, kiss and laugh. I don't know why I am telling you this. I guess I just need to say it for my self. Maybe I need to reassure me of who I am and that it's ok to be me. I don't know.

This was all brought on (as I stated above) by many little things. A few big things as well. One being I decided to go back to school. Sort of a dream of mine. I mean I wanted to go to college and get a higher education for a long time. Time. Time never allowed. Kids, work, family life, never allowed.

I have been working at this job now for 8 months. 8 months of my life waking up at 430 am going to a job that I felt was (to say the least) a sweat shop. I was making 9.00 a hour (one dollar above minimum wage) doing work that should have at least got me 12.00. I know that doesn't seem like a big difference but believe me it is. I was fed up. Having a hard time just making it. I needed a change. I needed to DO something to alter the way my life was going. I couldn't settle for this. I shouldn't, but I was. I wanted hubby to go back to school.

Then I had a thought. An idea. Why wait for things to come to me. Why let life pass me by one more second. DO SOMETHING! I did. I researched a little online. Read a few things. Then decided I wanted to be a RDA (registered dental assistant). They don't make wicked awesome money. They do however make better then 9.00 a hour. The best part is it's something I can be proud of. Something I worked for. Something I WANTED to do.

It was scary at first. The whole time in the admissions office I was thinking to myself "run! Get out while you still can." but I didn't. I signed up, got my loans (gulp), and quit my job (double gulp)! Yep that's right tmw is my last day. I will miss the lovely people I have got to encounter. I will not however miss the work.

Through all this stress and excitement I have had other things pile up around me. Things that just felt the need to pop up and say oh this ain't gonna be easy missy and we are gonna make it even harder. I have to believe I will prevail. I must. After all I am not fighting and living just for me.

So that is some of what has been weighing on my heart, mind, shoulders. As I said before life is full of highs and lows. I have had lots of lows but there has been a few highs sprinkled in here and there. They were lovely highs. I will share those all with you the next time I post. Thanks for listening (reading).