Sunday, March 24, 2013

I was enchanted to meet you

I have been so blessed with all the sweet friends who have found me on instagram. Really all the likes and beautiful comments make my day. Even though I haven't met most IRL I feel like we would all get along quite nicely if we did. Do you ever have that feeling?

Instagram...Gotta love it. Here is my week in instagram.

And a few more pages I've completed. I am also trying to complete every page I start. So far so good. I tend to start a few pages and then that's it. Start. Never finish.

Here are a 2 I finished.

This page was one I wanted to quit and come back to. I never would have finished it. I keep plugging away till I came up with this. It took me stopping, watching tv, doing other things and coming back. I like what it came out to be. This is me being silly. Had a wonderful time that weekend with my friend. It truly was one fine day. Using my Silhouette a lot! LOVE it. The title is a cut. Also the little chevron tab and gold glitter tag. Adore that darn machine.

I tried my hand at those washi feathers. Really fun to make and the extra wide washi works perfect! See ^^^ Give it a try! My son, daughter and my feet after playing in the sprinkler. I love that they had such a great time seeing me play in the sprinkler with them. I felt like one of the kids for a moment.

Lastly one of my fav pages. I really like this one. It is more simple but love that I scrapped my beautiful friend and her man. It was a double date. We had a lovely time. More cut files. You can find them in the Silhouette store.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I can count on you like 4, 3, 2

I have had the best time making myself be creative everyday. Trying to use my stuff right after I buy it or within a few weeks has been a challenge but honestly it has been freeing. I have given away so much of things I have bought because I buy so much (or am given) and would only find time to create once a week or so. It was heartbreaking to give away so much of it and honestly I would end up hanging on to it for years. There as a point in time that I thought I needed at least 2 of every paper. No more.

I do still find myself, every once in a while, wanting to pick up 2 of a pp. I talk myself out of it. I just remember all the piles of paper or junk I have given away and it makes me put that extra bit right back. It has taken a good many years to get to this point but I am so happy with myself that I have made this leap. Yes I was a hoarder. Ok, ok, I am still a hoarder. Or some sort of one. LOL!

All this making myself use the things I buy has lead to MANY layouts. Creative bits. The more I create the more I want to create. Seriously. Once felt like a chore now feels like a hobby again. It makes me happy. Makes me feel free. I love making stuff. I have become passionate bout my art again. Yes art. I love finding new ways to use my paper and stuff. I try to change what I do no matter how small. Here are a few of the things I've done.

The new Scrapjacked is up. This ALWAYS gets me wanting to create. I feel like we jack the best of the best. Who wouldnt want a reason to lift the fabulous? Most of the thinking is done for you. You can jack a little of what makes them great or a lot. We scrapjacked the awesome Janna Werner. She is a fab artist and person. I got to work with her on the Hambly dt and she is not only talented but sweet as can be. Come play! Me and the man on valentines day this year. WE had a wonderful date weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it.

The next few are from the March Studio Calico kit and add ons. I must admit I got the kits in the mail and thought to myself, what was I thinking!

Then I started to play and oh man I am really inspired. Even this boyish Hook add on. LOVE it. I rarely do such boyish layouts but I like the way this one came out. This is my sweet aeden tooting the new years horn this year.

Wet feet. Me, Aeden, and Aria had played in the sprinklers and to document that I took a pic of our wet grassy feet. They really enjoyed that mom played in the sprinklers with them just like a big kid. I love memories like this. Aside from using the SC kits for this I also used some washi tape from a past kit. Made the feather with it. Not to mention that adorable foxy flair from Pandaeight. I have "known" Martha since the SIS days and she is a sweet talented lady. We should all buy handmade soo please go support. I also have been using wire on my layouts. I had a lot of it and wanted to use it instead of tossing it. I like it. Yes I have a huge grin on my face. Yes I am pleased with myself. HAHA!

Lastly a page that I love. Not because I think it looks beautiful but because of the pictures. Well actually I guess I should love every page...anyway, this one is of my daughter and I. We always go to see the Twilight movies at midnight. We stand in the cold waiting in a HUGE line for hours, laughing joking and freezing our butts off!! I love it! This page is simple, light and totally showcases these photos. The photos are the star of the page or at least I think so. Oh and I must say thank you Studio Calico because I would have NEVER used those rub-ons. They are super cute but I feel like rub-ons are more trouble then they are worth. I may have changed my mind.

May. hehe!

Well that is all I shall share for now but believe me I have much more!

Thanks for stopping by and if you decide you would like to join me in my creative endeavor leave me a comment letting me know! I will try to leave you love and support you in whatever way I can. 15 mins a day keeps the mojoless away! *wink*


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do the Harlem Shake

Many pages to share. So lets get on with it.

This one is made for the Whisker Graphics blog. Used their goodie bags for the background and but the black and white chevron for the boarder of the photo. I also used divine twine and one of their tags. Love those darn bags and Glitz! LOL!

Lots and lots of Glitz. It has been really cool to give myself a goal of using up my stuff. I mean I am trying really hard to use it all. Yes I can have a little here or there left but I want to use the majority of the things I buy. ESPECIALLY the paper. I mean I have tons of paper sitting in my crafty cottage from years back. I go through it every year and either throw it out or give it to the kids. This does not stop me from buying more. Soooo I have semi learned my lesson and am now on the right path. Or so I hope. I have been doing this a long time and it has taken me a long time to see the light lol! I mean dont get me wrong it is a given to use the crap you buy, right? But actually doing that is a whole nother story!

I am trying to be a good blogger. I like my posts short and sweet. With the new laptop it should be easier. Or so I thought. It isnt. I seem to not wanna lug it out. My phone is simple. Instagram is simple. BLogger is not. SO much thought. Effort. Spelling and grammer. Ah yes, I am a lazy american. Thank you for noticing! HAHA! I will not apologize. It is who I am. I will try to change tho. I will say more... Maybe.

and in other news...The new scrapjacked is posted. I will post my take soon. I really hate windows 8. Anyone else? Oh and we made a few Harlem Shake videos. Check them out and have a laugh. :)

Oh and today's my birthday!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Like the ceiling can't hold us

Been having a pretty good 2013. Ups and downs per usual but nothing really bad. I am thankful for that! I have been trying to create SOMETHING every day. I dont have to complete it but just start or continue keeps my creativity flowing. You really should try it. Even if it is only 10 minutes! As a result I have made many pages. I also have been using up the stuff I buy. That makes me feel super great. So I am sharing these with you.

Made with Studio Calico feb kit. Me and my hubby on valentines day at the movie theater... I scrapped these again...

I have gotten so many nice comments on this page. I really enjoyed playing with the modeling paste. Used it with a stencil and the Heidi swapp Gold Lame mist. Love. My new favorite thing to play with. I have another page coming soon that I used this with... I must say I love it.Oh and I love GLITZ!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

THis page too I got a lot of sweet comments on. That just encourages me to keep making...Of course not for the comments but it puts my inner voices to rest for a bit. Sometimes I look at my pages and feel like they look like poop. Then I get down on myself and my creativity and wanna give up. It is nice to see sometimes those inner voices are wrong...

Another one of my hubby and I. I scrap us a lot. My kids never stay still enough for really great pics. You do see them here and there but I just love taking pictures of me and my man. I know cheese. LOL! Used the Feb studio calico kit for this one also.

Ok so here is one that my hubby isnt in...My sweet beautiful 17 year old. Last easter. Again used the Feb studio calico kit. I try to use most of my kit before the other arrives. I did a pretty good job polishing this one off. I have a bit left but I am pleased with how much I used.

So my valentines day was pretty epic. Well not the actual day. I had to work. THe weekend after was... Well like I said epic. Here are some pics from that weekend.

My hubby and I had an amazing few days. It is always hard to come back to reality. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Watched movies, had lovely dinners, and just enjoyed each others company. WONDERFUL.

I was a cutting fool a few days back. I also figured out how to "make" my own cut files. I will share those with you soon! I love my Cameo.

Lastly a little sneak peek of some Whisker graphics dt work. Did I mention how much I am in love with Glitz? Well I am and this has a lot of it. Not to mention Panda Eight flair. Love Martha's flair! You need to check her etsy out!

SO how often do you create? Do you try to use up your supplies before buying more? How bout your kits? I would love to hear your way of using your stash.

Oh and I am in love with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis...Enjoy.