Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There's a fire burning in my heart

Rowan found a cloud heart in the sky and I had to take a pic of it. Isn't it beautiful!? I love it.

Posts are getting stretched farther apart a little. This month has been super lazy. Now I am sick. Boo! I guess not working and sitting at home really drains the life out of you. I need a job. I mean I thought I would never say that. Something needs to happen anyway.

Had a wonderful weekend tho. My sister in law moved back from Mississippi so we planned a little get together for her on Sunday.

Hubby made some awesome Mexican food. That I didn't get a full picture of.

There were taquitos, enchilada casserole, rice, beans, Mexican corn, salsa and chips.

Towards the end hubby brought out his guitar and fun was had. Just all around lovely day.

I made up my own recipe for her. Big Cherry Cupcakes. I wanted them to taste like a big cherry candy. It did. I would post the recipe but I wasn't in love with the cake. Back to the drawing board with that one. Everyone really loved them and they didn't last till the end of the day but again I just wasn't happy with the cake. Stay tuned for the recipe soon.

BTW the candy stand or cupcake stand I got from the thrift store. I love the thrift store. I have found some awesome stuff there. I will share more of that stuff soon too.

I also have made a few cookies and cupcakes I will share in posts to come. :)

Lastly some crafty stuff.

My friend Kristi and I at a crop. Love croppin with my buddies. Used Crate paper for this layout.

I am in love with pinterest. It is such a time sucker but I love it so. I get all my recipes and inspo from there. Namely this sewn crepe paper streamer idea. LOVE IT! Super easy to make too! I pinned it so if you wanna know how then go follow me on pinterest. hehehe!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I will be back soon with Simply Artistic's prompt and Creative types prompt too!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

All you need is love

I am here today to share a page I made of my mom. The person who gave me life. I wanted to keep this page simple and to the point.

My title is all about what she is to me. She is amazing, authentic and courageous. The soul food line is beautiful just like my mom and goes wonderful with what I wanted to convey.

She is my mom.

I made some simple flowers using the soul food pp. You simply cut circles and then cut pie shapes out of the circles to form your petals. I layered a few on top of each other and viola instant super easy flowers. Make sure to check the blog for more inspo from all the other dt!

I also wanted to share with you my churro cupcakes I made for Cinco De Mayo. They were sooooo yummy!

I loved them! The tiny churro on top was super easy to make too.

Filled with Dulce De Leche. Man Divine!

Next on my cupcake menu...Peach cobbler cupcakes!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The words so sweet

New atc for ya. Have you jumped on this tiny art fun bus yet? You really should. It is a great way to use all those extra scraps you have and a lot less time to make.

I made this a while ago. It was for a dt inspiration page we did at AMM. Love my iPhone and my friend Kristi Lewis snapped this photo of me playing with my phone at a crop. It really should be attached to my hand permanently. Hehe!

I have been so blah last week. Haven't hardly done a darn thing. I say hardly. I did manage to make cupcakes. Big surprise right? HA! These ones are Mint Chocolate chip and I used my sweet Mother's day presents my husband bought me.

I truly am blessed. My hubby listens to me and knows what makes me tick. He is such a sweet man. He made my mom and I bbq and I made her boston cream pie cupcakes.

They turned out delish. I used Martha's cake recipe, this cream recipe and this ganache.

How was your Mother's Day?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks

Trying to get my living room back in order. I seem to be having a hard time. I think my mojo has got up and moved out. Gah! It could be the codeine (teeth issues). I just cant seem to move. I am so sleepy-ish. Blah! This is what I have so far. Not loving it. Think of taking down the fluffy balls, and orange thrift store painting...Hmph. Tell me what you think. Any suggestions?

I sit here slowly checking off things from my to do list, (and I do mean slowly), I realized to myself that I cant rely on luck. I know I have realized this before but it seems to get lost every now and again. I end up coming full circle and snap myself out of the dream land I have pushed myself back into. I mean don't get me wrong dreams are fine and dandy... But when do I wake up? I think that is my problem. I throw myself into said dream land and have a hard time grasping reality. Reality being I am most likely NOT going to win the lottery. I will not be opening my own business (at least no time soon) and I am not magical (hehe).

I know, that sounds sad to come to those realizations and there is nothing wrong with dreaming that one day they will come true. Holding on to those hopes and dreams. I think my plm is I hold on to them to tightly at times. When they don't become a reality I get sad and depressed and wonder to my self why. Why not me? Why cant I have that kind of life?

I was watching something on tv the other night and it was about stars, actors, people, growing up. Most of them said "I wanted to do this ever since I was a child". I thought to myself that's why. They wanted it that bad and here it is. They have it. I never wanted to work that hard for anything in my life. I give up so easily. If it hasn't happened then I feel sorry for myself and move on to something else. I give up. I need to find a way to change that. I WILL find a way to give up less and DO more.

I guess my point is I want, want, want, but I don't work hard at it. I don't know how. I give up and I am not very focused. Why am I telling you all this? I think it is good to get your faults out there. Look at them and try to change them. I could sweep it under the rug like I always do but then I would never learn. I NEED to learn.

This is me doing that. Learning. Who knows maybe one day I will be a better person for it. ♥

*NSD photos coming soon*


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just cant get enough

I had a jam packed fun filled weekend. I met up with Jenny T and Tricia W. Even though it was only a few hours I had a really good time. Went to the mall shopped a bit.

Made some jokes at the poor sales persons expense.

Tried on a few hats.

Ate a Monte Cristo.

Bought a picnic basket at the thrift store for $4.00
(pics will be shown soon)

Laughed and said hella way to much.

Saturday spent the day doing a little creating and a whole lot of nothing. Hehe! Aren't those the best days? I think so. Here is a peek of what I made.
Used more of my 35lb box of fun. This was inspired by my cousin. I cant wait to show it off on NSD.

Sunday we went to a BBQ for one of my husbands old friends. She moved back and he hadn't seen her in at least 18 years. I have never met her before so I was a little worried as to how the day was going to be. A lot of his other old friends were going to be there, ones I have met. Thank goodness I made friends with one of these said old friends wife, Erika. She really made me feel at ease and made the day so fun. I enjoyed myself immensely and I think made a few more friends. That's always a good thing.I cant wait for the next get together/bbq.

Lastly I have some fun and inspiring things to share. New prompt is over at Simply Artistic.
Put a bird on it. I did. *side note~ my last card made it on the Lily bee blog.*

The Creative type has a new fun prompt up.

Inspiring you with their other languages. Ha!

So I know I told you my next cupcake would be a boston cream pie but I forgot about Cinco De Mayo. A little change of plans. We are going to celebrate this year and I am going to make Churro cupcakes. MMMMM! Hubby is going to make Tamales and I am thinking something else (cuz I am not a fan) & seven layer dip. Gotta get some fiesta-ness going on in this house. Hoping to have everything spring cleaned by then. Wish me luck.

Looking at this post I feel so blessed. I don't have everything I want or even need, but what I do have is an abundance of love. I have heard that that is all you need. Yes, blessed.