Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just cant get enough

I had a jam packed fun filled weekend. I met up with Jenny T and Tricia W. Even though it was only a few hours I had a really good time. Went to the mall shopped a bit.

Made some jokes at the poor sales persons expense.

Tried on a few hats.

Ate a Monte Cristo.

Bought a picnic basket at the thrift store for $4.00
(pics will be shown soon)

Laughed and said hella way to much.

Saturday spent the day doing a little creating and a whole lot of nothing. Hehe! Aren't those the best days? I think so. Here is a peek of what I made.
Used more of my 35lb box of fun. This was inspired by my cousin. I cant wait to show it off on NSD.

Sunday we went to a BBQ for one of my husbands old friends. She moved back and he hadn't seen her in at least 18 years. I have never met her before so I was a little worried as to how the day was going to be. A lot of his other old friends were going to be there, ones I have met. Thank goodness I made friends with one of these said old friends wife, Erika. She really made me feel at ease and made the day so fun. I enjoyed myself immensely and I think made a few more friends. That's always a good thing.I cant wait for the next get together/bbq.

Lastly I have some fun and inspiring things to share. New prompt is over at Simply Artistic.
Put a bird on it. I did. *side note~ my last card made it on the Lily bee blog.*

The Creative type has a new fun prompt up.

Inspiring you with their other languages. Ha!

So I know I told you my next cupcake would be a boston cream pie but I forgot about Cinco De Mayo. A little change of plans. We are going to celebrate this year and I am going to make Churro cupcakes. MMMMM! Hubby is going to make Tamales and I am thinking something else (cuz I am not a fan) & seven layer dip. Gotta get some fiesta-ness going on in this house. Hoping to have everything spring cleaned by then. Wish me luck.

Looking at this post I feel so blessed. I don't have everything I want or even need, but what I do have is an abundance of love. I have heard that that is all you need. Yes, blessed.

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