Thursday, September 24, 2009

When you walked through the door it was clear to me...

Today I thought was gonna be my day I stay home and do NOTHING. By nothing I mean no going out and running around. I was wrong. I had to run down to the scrap store and drop off the glitter and glue for a few ladies who didn't make it to my class. Then I decided to run to big lots and pick up some cracker spread that I really like. Looked at the Halloween stuff for the umpteenth time. Decided ok time to hurry up and get my butt back home and back in my jammies. Here I sit in my jammies typing to you.

Anyway had my class on Saturday. Had a very fun time and I really like how the banner came out with the Eerie line. I have 4 kits I am going to put up in my etsy shop so if ya like what ya see...Well you know.

I also did some scrappin. Remember those pages I said I had found that I did not finish well I did finish one of them. I actually made this one for OLW again and didnt get it up in time AGAIN! LOL! What is new right?

I found some fun halloween crafts I am gonna link up for ya.

Start off with these cute witches hats.
I am going to hang them from a branch along with some other stuff I will make and share.

Wicked cool coffins that my cousin found.

I will be making something like these lil guys.

I really want to make this for every season/holiday there is. Seems like a lot of work tho. I WILL make them.

In case any of you were wondering cousin did not win the papa murphy's challenge. I was super sad but I had so much fun that day. It was neat to be in a tv studio. A lot smaller then I thought. Here are some pics from our adventure.

My cousin signing her name on the wall in the green room.

Me doing the same thing.

Letterman Love

How did I get stuck with Dr.Phil? Where are the supernatural boys? Oh wrong network.

Cousin on stage. They let me take pics while they were filming.

I told her if she didnt win i was going to run up on stage and take the mic and say "I'm gonna let you finish but I got something to say. Crystal's pizza was the best pizza made." Yeah a little ode to Kanye. I am sure I would've been arrested. I do think she should've won but ah well. Like I said we had a great time.

One of our babies are sick (kittens). He just can't seem to get up there and fight to eat so I am now feeding him with a kitten bottle. I hope he makes it.
ETA: Kitty didnt make it. He took his last breath last night. Sniff sniff.

Is this month flying by? Or is it just me? Yeah that's what I thought. EEeeekk! Ok I am off to create some more stuff and spring clean a bit. Hoarders was on and now hubby really wants to go through our shoes lol!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So what I'm still a rock star.

Wanted to first share one of my fav guilty pleasures on tv. If you haven't watched it and you like British humor (Monty python, Benny hill, just to name a few) then you need to check this show out.

Great is all I have to say. Comes on cartoon network Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

Hubs and I went and saw 9... Wonderful! Loved the animation just beautiful. The story was wicked great and my only complaint is that it went by to fast. Must see movie. I am waiting for Where the Wild Things Are. I love Maurice Sendak. My kids grew up on Little Bear. ZombieLand looks wicked cool. I want to see the (not so) horror movies that are coming out...Jennifer's Body, Stepfather, and Sorority Row. Can't forget this movie...Cirque Du Freak: The Vampires Assistant. Looks funny and awesome. One more....I sell the Dead. Not in my neck of the woods so I will have to wait for it on DVD.

I made hubby and I a little book to document all our wonderful little dates we have been going on. Such a beautiful time we have had together. All couples need some time alone and now that ALL our children are in school we go out while they are hard at work.

I'll be sharing the inside as I get it done and documented. I also made a few pages a while back and wanted to share them.

Card that goes with the pages I made but my computer is being so slow so I will have to post those next time.

Used the June Bug line for this. My son Aeden in S.F.

I have been trying to use my stash and clean up and organize and while doing this I found about 6 unfinished pages. Yeah sooo as soon as I find pictures for them they will pretty much be done. Nice surprise.

Speaking of nice surprises I get to go with my freakin WICKED AWESOME cousin Crystal on wed to the tv studio in Sacramento because she is going to be on T.V. She is in the top 5 finalists for a pizza challenge by Papa Murphy's! I mean how cool is that? I am so excited for her! If you are in this area make sure to watch on good a.m. Sacramento to see her do her cook off! EEEeeekkk I am sooo nervous for her but soooo excited for her and for me because I get to go and hang out there hehehehe! I am still in shock about it. I will be taking lots of pictures of course.

Well I was going to share my before and after pics but our computer crashed and I lost my before. Boooooo so sad! I had made a whole little thing and was so proud. Grrrrrr! I shake my fist at computers. Anyway I'll figure out something else soon.

Big brother is soon coming to a end. I am hoping either Jordan or Kevin win. I hate Natalie and I pray she doesn't weasel in there. Biggest Loser is coming up, Survivor, Modern Family, and Community are ones I am looking forward to. Supernatural has started up...One of my very fav shows. Love me some Dean ;) I am watching Americas Got Talent and grandma lee is talking. She is such a wonderful old lady. I love her to bits. I hope she wins.

Went to the crop on Friday. Had a wonderful time with my cousin. Here are pics of the nice mess we made.

I didn't actually make anything besides the mess but hey that is ok! My class is fast approaching and for those of you who can't make it I will be offering kits in my etsy so stay tuned for that. I will post pics of the finished banner as soon as I get my hands on the eerie line.

There is sooo many new sb stuff I want. Lovin all the new papers by Sass (of course) and Prima. Got some rockin Glimmer mists out there I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. In other money related news I have yet to paint my living room. Just can't swing the funds right now with hubs having no job and unemployment soon running out. I did get my curtains (don't remember if I already mentioned that or not). I really like them but can't wait till the walls are painted to see how it all comes together. Soon hopefully.

Did I tell ya'll that my cat had kittens? 7 to be exact. Yes 7! Here are some of the little buggers.

Anyone close by that would like one just let me know lol!

Ohhh and my pumpkins that I had to take off the vine. I got one more out there still growing.

Lastly watched the MTV music awards and was highly disappointed with Kenya West's rudeness. I am not a big fan of Taylor Swift I mean she is more my daughters type music but she won and was totally disrespected by him. I give great kudos to Beyonce for allowing her to finish on Beyonces time to shine. Not a huge fan of Beyonce but she def earned my respect.

P.s. I am in love with that photo site that I made all the polaroids with. It's called Rollip. Check it out my lovelies. Thanks Michelle!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

With a thousand lies and a good disguise

How was your Labor day weekend? Mine seemed to be filled with stuff and it went by fast.

Do any of you watch big brother? Oh man that show is nuts. I never did use to watch it until his aunt came to live with us. Now I am hooked. I really wanted Jeff to win but since he is out I am not sure who I want to win. Right now I am watching the p.o.v. comp. Oh man and so many good shows are coming up. Can't wait for survivor.

As I stated in the last post this is one of my fav times of year. So many horror movies to watch so little time. I have about 4 recorded on the DVR and a few dvds to watch. Tmw I am going to see 9.

Can't wait for that. Looks really cool and my fav director produced it (Tim Burton) so if he is backing it, it must be good right?

Been trying to create every day again. Although it hasnt been every day it has been close. I am currently working on a date book for my hubby and I to keep track of all our wonderful time together. That will be coming soon. In the mean time I created this page.

I sprayed the ghost bird with glimmer mist so it could show up better. Love it.

And this planner.

Check this out. This squash came out of my garden. It is huge! I had to have my son lay next to it so you can see how big it actually is.

In other gardening news I have 3 pumpkins on my vine. I can't wait till Halloween. Only 52 more days till Halloween! Yay!

Cropin Friday. Should be loads of fun. If you are out this way come out and see me!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Without your love I'm lonely deep inside.

Ok time for a new post. Buckle down and do it Marie. LOL! Like how I talk to myself? Anyway I posted the new Mojo. This one I really struggle with. I mean my name not the challenge. Here is my take.

I used lots and lots of glimmer mist. I truly ♥ that stuff!

You see my REAL name is Opal Marie Pease. When I was in 5th grade my mom asked me if I wanted to change my first name to my middle name because we moved around a lot and well Opal isn't the greatest name in the world. Kids would tease me and so I happily said yes pls. She changed my name to Marie with the school and the rest is history. My mom and all my relatives still call me Opal but my hubby and all my friends call me Marie. When one or the other slips up and calls me the name they don't usually call me it sends chills down my spine. Weird huh? Now I am sure some of you will say you like Opal. Yeah it is nice to say but not a nice name to actually have until you are like 80 years old lol! That my friends is my story.

The crop over at My Scrapbook Dreams is fast approaching and I am super excited. I am hoping to get my friends to come out...Ginger Diane come on u can do it lol! My cousin will be there and maybe some new faces. This will be my first crop there so I am a little nervous but excited none the less.

Whew there is so much to say but I just don't know where to start. Oh I went and seen the midnight showing of Halloween 2.

As most of you know I am a huge horror movie fan and well it is that time of year...You know the best time of year for a horror movie fan like me. Anyway back to Halloween 2 one of my favorite horror movies ever was re-done by Rob Zombie whom I love. I must say tho I was not all that happy with his take on these movies. I wasn't sad I seen it because I will watch ANY horror movie but I think the Halloween movies are something you just shouldn't touch unless you really don't change a whole lot to it. Just my opinion.

Man do I need a freakin shopping spree. There is so much cool new stuff that I got to have. I mean come on! No hubby does not have a job yet but he is trying. UGH stupid economy. I am just staying positive that's all i can do right? I think I say that all the time lol!

Well I have a page sitting here waiting for me to stop what I am doing and finish it. My sister is coming over to hang out with the kids and family for a while too. More to come soon!