Thursday, September 24, 2009

When you walked through the door it was clear to me...

Today I thought was gonna be my day I stay home and do NOTHING. By nothing I mean no going out and running around. I was wrong. I had to run down to the scrap store and drop off the glitter and glue for a few ladies who didn't make it to my class. Then I decided to run to big lots and pick up some cracker spread that I really like. Looked at the Halloween stuff for the umpteenth time. Decided ok time to hurry up and get my butt back home and back in my jammies. Here I sit in my jammies typing to you.

Anyway had my class on Saturday. Had a very fun time and I really like how the banner came out with the Eerie line. I have 4 kits I am going to put up in my etsy shop so if ya like what ya see...Well you know.

I also did some scrappin. Remember those pages I said I had found that I did not finish well I did finish one of them. I actually made this one for OLW again and didnt get it up in time AGAIN! LOL! What is new right?

I found some fun halloween crafts I am gonna link up for ya.

Start off with these cute witches hats.
I am going to hang them from a branch along with some other stuff I will make and share.

Wicked cool coffins that my cousin found.

I will be making something like these lil guys.

I really want to make this for every season/holiday there is. Seems like a lot of work tho. I WILL make them.

In case any of you were wondering cousin did not win the papa murphy's challenge. I was super sad but I had so much fun that day. It was neat to be in a tv studio. A lot smaller then I thought. Here are some pics from our adventure.

My cousin signing her name on the wall in the green room.

Me doing the same thing.

Letterman Love

How did I get stuck with Dr.Phil? Where are the supernatural boys? Oh wrong network.

Cousin on stage. They let me take pics while they were filming.

I told her if she didnt win i was going to run up on stage and take the mic and say "I'm gonna let you finish but I got something to say. Crystal's pizza was the best pizza made." Yeah a little ode to Kanye. I am sure I would've been arrested. I do think she should've won but ah well. Like I said we had a great time.

One of our babies are sick (kittens). He just can't seem to get up there and fight to eat so I am now feeding him with a kitten bottle. I hope he makes it.
ETA: Kitty didnt make it. He took his last breath last night. Sniff sniff.

Is this month flying by? Or is it just me? Yeah that's what I thought. EEeeekk! Ok I am off to create some more stuff and spring clean a bit. Hoarders was on and now hubby really wants to go through our shoes lol!



Melissa Mann said...

fun photos!!

Anonymous said...

First off, you look AWESOME!! Second, looks like a fun time at Letterman. Third, that BOO banner is way cute!!

Marit said...

LOVE you and dr. Phil together, you do make a cute couple - teehee - !!!